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Limited Edition 3xCD V/A - GOAGILDE, Project Norway's Got Goatrance


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Hei hei all, we aim to show that there is quality Goatrance made in Norway as well as Psy. We worked hard for over a year to create the best product possible. Please help us make this a reality, any donation appreciated but those donating 300 NOK or more will receive the 3xCD Digipak; 28 tracks, Artwork by Mariquesart - 3 panel clear plastic trays - no booklet, no extra cardboard unless funds roll in .. 300/500 copies will be printed depending on economy (at least 100 copies will go to the 20 artists involved). All tracks are ready, mastered (Goa Doc), unreleased with production years ranging from 1995 til 2019! V/A - GOAGILDE "Norway's Got Goatrance" with: Maan - Phreak By Nature - Clementz - Excitaxory (ex-Engines Of Creation) - Armakuni (debut) - Microcosm - Phobium - Material Music - Vimana Shastra - Homegrown Lifeform - Angry Dwarf - Strangepork (Drum Pets) - Trold - Psyolopher - Protostar One - Aion - Ra - Goalien - Lemurians ..  + Bonus: digi DL track by Ion Vader.

Have a taste of the compilation here: http://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance


CD1 = Analogue Fjords of Norway

CD2 = Norwegian Aural Borealis

CD3 = Yah-hey Tru Norvegr



>> the fund-raising link https://paypal.me/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D

.. if you wish to donate without using PayPal, please PM me.


As you can see the goal is near. The official release date of both the physical and digital edition has not been set yet, as we're waiting for the original handpainted artwork by Mariques Art to be done before the VA can be pressed (professional glass CDs and quality Digipak). Expected finilizing and official release of the physical product is around Sept.,/Oct. 2019.


Thank you :)(: Namaste ॐ PLUR


PS. All profit from this if any will go to the next level Goatrance V/A on KER named GOAGIMLE. 




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Very cool and heartwarming to see all the supporters by now.  53 % of the small goal is reached :) 

Our first aim if the economy allows it  .. is to make a external slipcase to the Digipak in the design of the temporary artwork you can see on Bandcamp. .. https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-goagilde-project-norways-got-goatrance

Anyway, do not worry the print and sale of the 3xCD Digipak happens anyway, so this fundraiser is a novilty and a gesture

Thank you for your support https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D

V/A - 28 tracks 

CD1 - Analogue Fjords Of Norway 
CD2 - Norwegian Aural Borealis 
CD3 - Yah-hey Tru Norvegr 

+ full digital standard release


Trust in KER & XXPSY ~;~ 

Goagilde erstatter.jpg





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Hump the bump, we reached the goal of 4500 kroners!! So while we wait for the artwork to be done, the amount of the fundraiser / direct pre-order has been raised, and a end-date has been set.


I'd like to underline one important factor about this VA project and its content.. All norwegian Goatrance artists are represented, at least all known and more. Only missing acts are arguably PhasrPhour, and Divinorum. Rest are represented on the VA. And soon we will start the next Goatrance from Norway VA named GOAGIMLE. One CD, or, might just press it on vinyl. Fail safe is CDr + Digital


Peace (& Love)


Thank you for the support. This VA id actually intended to be dedicated to the Last Goatrancers Standing .. 



Tracks are, to remind, made from 1995 til 2019, most in 2018 ..each track on the bandcamp page has info attached, so will the physical release :)

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Thank you:)

Yesterday we had an interesting conversation from a known Goatrance collector and re-seller from Israel.
He wanted to buy multiple copies of the VA but was not able to access the actual PayPal fundraiser because of country restrictions.

So I've written this, please read it:


Yo - People. Physically. Do you want to own the quality made Digipak release? Of course the release will be printed with professional glass CDs.

Pre-order the 3xCD Goagilde V/A here: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8hcO6jnp4D

The well made physical 3xCD Goagilde -goatrance from Norway- Compilation with a total of 28 tracks and 20 artists will be printed in a Limited Edition for sure! So get it while it's still available. Because of the small print amount and its rare unreleased content and production quality of the physical, this release might as well become a valuable item for collectors and re-sellers.

For those not so keen on the physical release but you anyway want to give some financial support before the official release, you can just drop us a dime below 300 norwegian kroners - any amount is felt and appreciated. Even €1 and less is super OK!

*Thank you!*

IF YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY LIKE e.g. ISRAEL, where the Goagilde VA Fundraiser by PayPal for reasons unknown is not possible to access or especially donate/pre-order.. No problem, just use our direct kaliearthrecords@gmail.com PayPal email-address instead and include a message :) or ask for our Bank Account details to avoid using PayPal altogether. We will add your amount to the PayPal-pool through our own KER account (last amount added in this way was 596,96 Norwegian kroner from a Israeli person). The pre-order price of course includes shipping world wide, and digital download of the Goagilde VA in any file-format that you wish for.

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to post it here, or PM, or to write us an email.

Namastê from Norway,

KER ~:;)

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Info: It will take about 3 weeks from VA completion (the Digipak Artwork, it's just about done!:) to it is ready to be shipped out to the ones who pre-ordered it on the the fundraiser*, then another 10 days or so until it's officially released worldwide through Beatspace Publishing/Distribution. 

Sooooo .if you want to preorder it as well or just spit in a cent for support..... We're now only missing 3 kroner & 4 øre to round NOK 7000.

Goahead, make our day (your support is not needed as all finances are in order, but we truly appreciate your support, and preordering if you can afford it)


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Yes it really is :D And it looks like we have enough funds now to order slipcase as well! *image on the VAs prelisten-bandcamp 

No, the e-mail you use as your PayPal is given to us automatically (safe) , so we will contact you there when time is ready to get your post address (also safe, we will not send you brunost, unless you ask us to, he he). Again, if someone does not use PayPal or can not use it because of country restrictions, send us a mail *info in the PayPal pool link.


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:)The artwork is done, all which is missing now is only to put on the text information and logo + barcode. I'd like to ask you who reads, for advice.. Should I not share the final art like here, for extra suprise when the buyer opens ithe VA..? I want to post it now, here for you to see. But also feel respect towards the buyers to not reviel and ruin the (complete cd123 artwork) surprise. 


Inputs are most welcome, im very close to showing it off. 

e. Haha, so inpatient and want you to see it, so here you go, the naked 3xCD VA art! 


and else wells, keep it a secret so the buying people will be more surprised when opening up the VA. 


Namaste from Norway

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Finally. Apologize for the late press, thinking it was supposed to be complete and ready in October at least. Anyhoops, it is done: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/goagilde-norways-got-goatrance The fundraiser is still there but in reality it has ended and the goal of 4500,- (norwegian kroners) got reached a long time ago, which resulted in a (ref. Beatspace) deluxe slipcase. The slipcase was possible because of you the donators, so THANK YOU. If the funding numbers would have reached higher we would have invested them into a even bigger pack ~ booklet. Still it has written words and extra credits inside with the by now known artwork *still with surprise for the ones who receives the physical VA. A reminder is that the tracks are all made from 1995, til 2019 productions, so it's a respectful gatherer of what we got (past, present) and of course a collectors item in it self. ~ Goa Trance. 

Hope you all like something and some tracks of the VA, and hopefully its compilation effort and track / CD arrangements. 

P.L.U.R. *Have a nice winter : )

& a happy xmas + newyear! : )) )


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Hello KER!

I had completely forgotten I had donated to this project (600 NOK 11th of august), I have received no further information about it (300NOK or more is, according to given information, valid for a copy of the release when released)... is the following information given in the preorder/crowdfunding link still current or is it void and I need to purchase a copy through the bandcamp link?

HOW TO PRE-ORDER / SUPPORT: 300 Norwegian Kroner or more includes shipping and Download of the VA. We'll contact you through mail when time is ready. No worries. You can reach us on kaliearthrecords@gmail.com which is also PayPal direct payment. 700kr or more will give you 3 copies. Less than 300,- is considered a pure donation. Thank you: Any amount is cool. Donations given outside this PayPal pool will be added to it by KER The worldwide official release date will be on the end of December 2019.

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Namasté Mergi! Didn't you get the email? All donators recieved a mail (your PayPal connected email) not long ago with a download code and an important message for you to reply on. You will recieve the physicals when you reply to the email sent from kaliearthrecords@gmail.com

PM me. Have a great weekend!

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21 minutes ago, KER said:

Namasté Mergi! Didn't you get the email? All donators recieved a mail (your PayPal connected email) not long ago with a download code and an important message for you to reply on. You will recieve the physicals when you reply to the email sent from kaliearthrecords@gmail.com

PM me. Have a great weekend!

PM sent!

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