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dark/atmospheric low bpm tracks

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so basically, you're looking for good darkpsy? hitech is pretty much dead anyway.

you might want to risk a look in this thread i started a while back (looking for atmospheric dark ) :  https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/74670-recommend-me-some-darkpsy/

you'll find lots of forest in there, which is (with good reason) the most popular style of darkpsy these days.

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21 hours ago, etze said:

hello. i'm looking for some tracks with dark sounds/samples but on low bpms (low as in 150+- bpm, not hi-tech)

the only example i could give is this album from suria.




For 130-140 Bpm Check out Zenon Rec. (Music also called Zenonesque Psy...google it)

Some tracks sound like PsyTech or even are Psytech ubt there is enough slow Dark stuff.

A mix i did lond ago...



If you want music around 150bpm than i would suggest you Russian Dark Psytrance(Suria is from Portugal but he was in the RussPsy Scene with his music)

Penta, Atriohm, Terminator, Parasense, Kindzadza, Osom, Fungus Funk, Ocelot

Check this out...it has Dark psy, Darkish Goa and Twilight Fullon all in it xD


Dark/Ebm/ Industrial like Goa Trance Hybrids

(the Goa Constrictor) mentioned a lot of awesome Dark Goa producers already.

Some other:

Xenomorph, Darshan, Alienated, Hux Flux, The Deviant, Orichalcum, Menis, Four Carry Nuts, Sandman, Dark Soho, Orion


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On 6/25/2019 at 1:24 AM, psytones said:

Try Darkpsy (this us supposed to be funny cause the artist name is a subgenre)

holy shit, Darkpsy's "Fear" album is such a banger. and i noticed it was released from the same label as Suria's "Dark Side Of The Sun"

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Anyway as you already figured, this is/was an amazing label: https://www.discogs.com/label/21522-Deja-Vu-Records


And their equal you could say is/was this label: https://www.discogs.com/label/36426-Vertigo-Records


Like :wub: this classic to mention one: 

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