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Aavepyörä Appreciation Thread


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I literally just found out about this artist! I was looking for tracks conducive to meditation, came across the thread about tracks that make you cry, and 2 about artists that don't use drugs. After reading his comment, I had to look into his music, and found that it already heard it on the form of Aavepyörä!

I have a serious fondness for Lo-Fi/Minimalist music, whether it be shoegaze like Jesus & Mary Chain, industrial like Suicide Commando, or trance like Chi-A.D. and Juggeling Alchemists Under the Black Light.

With this new discovery, I seem to have opened a Pandora's Box of new material to get into. I haven't listened to much, but already I'm inspired to embrace my musical habit again, which I can only describe as Fatboy Slim if it were performed by Daft Punk. I especially like Taika-Kim's naturalist/collective commons ethic.

I'm about to listen to a lot mote of this.

I guess my purpose in starting this topic is in finding some direction in my newfound passion for this particular brand of minimalist trance. Other than Texas Faggott and early Ubar Tmar, do you all have any recommendations for other artists I can check out and eventually scrape together some $$ to support?

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Oh, wow, thanks :D !


It always makes me a bit warm inside to realize that people actually listen to and like my music. 


... But. Miminalist? Oh, god, what is maximalist music then, I tend to run out of frequency range to fit more elements in my songs :D ?


If you want to know whas has been my inspiration for years, check out my folk selections: https://www.mixcloud.com/Taikakim/

It might not be evident what the connection to my music is, but I just love the spirit of the music of those times, especially the ultra fragile folk songs. 


Oh, and stuff like this: https://youtu.be/DaPAqPFX9Tk

That I was listening to in my childhood... 


And old Amiga/PC tracker music some years later was a big influence on me: https://youtu.be/thnXzUFJnfQ

It's really an interesting "genre", since it's got bits of italo and 90s dance, but still the music often sounds like nothing that came before and after.


Then if you add some Tangerine Dream, you pretty much have the recipe for my musical stew :) And of course old goa & progressive trance, 80s synthpop...


I think closest to my music from old Finnish trance are Huopatossu Mononen, OOK and Speedhawk vs Riktronik... Maybe Luomuhappo too, but that was mentioned already.

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Nothing but love and respect for Aavepyörä. :)


For the last couple of months, his music has been dominating my playlists everywhere. 





Can't really confine a spirit like him into any predefined socially accepted "boxes". Be it music or life in general. - I've not met him, but that's what I feel. 

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Thanks for the recommendations, all. It gives me somewhere to take this newfound passion in categories of goa-psy.

And I guess I should clarify when I say "minimalist," as listening further has shown me the rather more "polished" sound of your later releases.  I use genre- and style-specific terms loosely.  I would say your sound is "Ubar Tmar as played by [early] Koxbox" or something like that.  I should say it's "lo-fi" for lack of a better term (organic/analog is another utilitarian description in my lexicon) whereas other artists such as the Suntrip family (idk, I'm listening to Crossing Mind) are more "wet"  ' :lol: ' or crafted for big festival sound systems.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly love the mainstream sound these days, but I really prefer the *hardcore underground* whether it's trance, industrial, or what have you.


But isn't all goa-psy underground?  I don't even know what mainstream psy is like anymore.  For that, I am grateful we have people like Suntrip, Neogoa, and Ektoplazm carrying on the oldschool tradition faithfully.


Not trying to stray off topic... but here I am not even responding until a month after.   :blink:

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