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Zopmanika - Mysteryland


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  1. 1. How do you feel about nitzhonot?

    • I'm a speed freak and I love cheese so bring it on!
    • It's ok when I'm at a party with chicks!
    • Nitzho what now?
    • Only if that dreamy Agneton is playing it....smooches!
    • Ummm...what's the matter with you?

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Trance2MoveU    395




Artist: Zopmanika

Title: Mysteryland

Label: Sita Records

Date: April, 2016


1. Liquid Dreams

2. Ice Queen

3. Crystalinks

4. Annular Eclipse

5. Fantasy Land

6.Trip To Nowhere

7. As Far As The End of the Sky (Feat. Agneton)

8. Look Into Yourself

9. Lost Touch With Reality





He can't believe he's gonna get another crack at those interns...


I'm a pretty busy guy, so I don't get to review as many albums that I'd like.  Remember when we'd get like...4 goa releases a year in the mid 2000's?  Well those days are gone and it can be difficult to keep up with the amount of new talent that's bursting onto the scene.  Sita is run by Elias Gits and if you're Facebook friends with him you know that he's really busy being handsome and playing parties all over the world.  After a very quiet 2015 Sita Records released the debut album of Bojan Taneski and man it was like...crickets.  Did you hear anything about it?  I sure didn't.


Now Sita is the label that attempts to combine Nitzhonot with goa trance into a sound we can all enjoy and for the most part they've been successful.  Personally I'm not a fan of the nitzhonot genre...too crazy and goofy.  But there have been albums where it when blended with goa trance it has been done well.


This is a bit of a mixed bag.  Ice Queen is a powerful track with racing melodies while the longest track here Crystalinks stumbles with its changes in tempo and those same hyper melodies.  I believe Trip To Nowhere strikes the right balance and even that gets a little cheesy near the end.  Oftentimes it gets a little too Fiddler on the Roof for me.  There are pumping beats throughout, but there are also segments of tracks where it's empty thumping or saturated with fist pumping nitzho craziness.  And all that craziness is getting me tired.  Perhaps nitzhonot is a young man's music, so the kids in Israel and Greece will probably love this.




Yes I realize the irony of saying the music appeals to the young while using a gif from an old movie.  Smart guy.  Bottom line this is heavily nitzho influenced so if that ain't your bag baby, best move on.






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Aspartic    98

I really liked the track on Svemirski Hod so I had some high hopes for the album.

Unfortunately for me, I am one of those guys who find it too goofy and busy.

A shift to more goa influences would have been nice, but it's a shift to the weirder side.

And too many chord changes for my taste as well.


Probably great in its genre, but not for this bloke. ;)

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Richpa    915

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Bojan shift towards more Goa less nitzho sound will happen. This album is something for nitzhogoa folks and as such is worth of having it.

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Anu Katariina    328

Lost Touch With Reality is really great track, no nitzho in that one.

Like "not nitzho" is a virtue. Dammit, bring on my cheese. I today was listening to Eyal Iceman and next stop is I will unwrap Zopmanika's Mysteryland CD and frighten my neighbours :lol: Thanks for the review, MDK!

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Penzoline    350

I edited the cover. For some reason all the promo covers were washed out although I sent them the proper thing.


Anyway album was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I really liked tracks like Ice Queen, As Far As The End Of The Sky and Lost Touch With Reality but a couple of the tracks were a bit fluffy. Really well produced stuff though, the lows are rumbling on this release.

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