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2015 in general


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It's been a busy spring. I think I haven't bought or downloaded a thing since January or so*. Now I could place a couple of orders so any ideas of stuff I've missed, up- or downtempo, would be welcome. Free downloads also count. Titles and quick blurb, please, not vids.



*OK, I got Nervasystem 3 & 4, The World Beyond and Kolovrat. Etnica in Dub, Doof and the Suntrip stuff I happen to like are already on the shopping list, but what else?

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Some stuff worth downloading:


Fuzzonaut - Fictional Grooves. Goa-ish stuff with a funny twist.

Limiti - Information Is Creation. Goa-ish foresty stuff, quite interesting.

Nibana - Ask The Universe. Downtempo with a steady beat (deep trance). Haven't listened to this in a while but I remember it as being quite nice.

JaraLuca - Perpetuum Mobile. Another fine recent Neogoa release.

Atman Construct - Weaver's Dreams. Glitchy nice downtempo.

Hinkstep - My Forest Queen. Marvellous downtempo goodness.


Not much CD recommendations beyond what you already posted. Maybe the new comp from Goa Madness Records, and Skizologic - Robotized.

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VA-Suomi Warrior (download)


Hutti Heita - Hutti Heita (if you are into forest)


VA - Nu Goa Vol2 by (Matsuri Digital) you might wanna go through the tracks and then order the CD. Mixed feelings on this one.

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Some recommendations since my last post:


Suns Of Arqa - All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It?. Basically SoA + Youth doing what they know best.

Ocean Star Empire - The Purest Form. Morning-ish goa-ish fullon-ish something. Yes it's a re-release (originally from 2014) but worth a mention.

Banco de Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa 20th Anniversary Edition. Do I even need to tell you how great this is?

VA - Aurora Sidera. One of the better Suntrip VAs.

Proxeeus - At The Mountains Of Madness. Oldschool newschool goa goodness.

Sysyphe - The Cities Of Silver Trees. Murky downtempo that also ventures into deep trance, very good.

Psychowave - Dancefloor Metadata. Well this was a nice surprise. More goa-ish fullon-ish something.

Lowering Ipnose - The Root Of Fear. More murky downtempo. This is fantastic.

GoaTree - Akasha Connection. Goa with a more fullon-ish touch.

Eat Static - Dead Planet. Whatever anyone says, a great album that goes just about everywhere. Double CD.

Master Margherita - Afro Dots. Dub techno and stuff like that. Double CD.

Reflection - Mechanical Puzzle. Breaks-y downtempo goodness.

Omni Vu Deity - Vuunayatu and Nuiemu Rift. Matt Hillier doing his thing again as he best knows it.

Ott - Fairchildren. Well, it's a new Ott album, what did you expect?

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There's lots of stuff from Filipe; more than enough to keep track maybe, but to pick up the best one imo (everyone as far as I know who has listened to it has liked it): https://submoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/angels-trumpets

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Thanks for the ideas. I'll update my shopping list as I go through everything. Random comments:

  • Banco De Gaia - Yeah, it was an instant classic in the 90s. I only had a crappy mp3 copy back then as there was no money nor distribution in the middle of nowhere. Well, ordered it now. Better late than never... Already got Maya 3CD last year. This will complement it nicely.
  • Proxeeus - That one is refreshingly oldschool. No frills or gimmicks, just good old rave party sound.
  • Eat Static - I have mixed feelings about it. I guess it has something for everyone. For me, probably less than one CDful of stuff I'd like to hear again. I'll think about it.
  • Master Margherita - There surely was a lot of techno (or whatever they call it) on this one, compared to his previous albums. (Is everyone doing 2CDs now?)
  • Ultimae vinyls - I'm slightly unsure about the combination of ambient and vinyl, even though I like them both separately. Maybe, just because it's a nice move from them.
  • Ott - He's nowadays a victim of his own success, that is, setting the bar so high. I don't remember much about the samples right now, because they sounded "nice but not wow-nice" (on the Ott scale, of course, which still means very good on the general scale).
  • Suns of Arqa - At some point I thought that they've been releasing the same album over and over again for 30 years. Nevertheless, I've grabbed a few iterations anyway as it's not a bad album... This sounds alright. Will listen more carefully later. (As a side note, there's a new compilation from LSD, which appears to have potential too.)

Well, I'll keep browsing. There's you-know-what coming from Suntrip and DAT, some good downtempo releases (Dubmission, Disco Gecko etc.), loads of free stuff and whatnot. Still plenty of catching up to do. Please keep posting if you find or remember anything interesting. All appreciated.

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