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Life is competition

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How did I achieve this? Direct cause and effect to what's relevant in human life. The answer to the human riddle. The prey meet their doom. The stupid doom the majority, and greed leads to your downfall. The simple idea that the stupidest mistake determines who wins and who loses. Afterall if you don't achieve the simplest idea, it is so stupid that you are in potential downfall. So this means it ends up being that one person wins, and one person leaves Earth. The rest disappear. I don't know if due to judgement the downfall judgement would apply as part of it. I doubt that. So you should consider yourselves lucky...or not.

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I see myself as the 'Monumental Man'. This means I eliminate all the other males so that I am the only Man for the beautiful women. Call me unsuccessful? Well, if I did not achieve this status the chance might pass me by and others keep getting added on to Life. So I believe I have done the right thing and won. It is naturally a part of me. I'm a competitive edge man etc. I have achieved the Ultimate. The end of this planet will come soon.... too bad. You did not beat me.....

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You gonna pass that blunt or what?


Jokes aside, I am competitive. Even though I don't want to "feel superior" to anyone, I like to win. There is always a bigger fish in the sea, so if the kind of fish does something I'm into and does it better, it only gives me motivation to best him/her. The sad thing is I often make it look like I don't care.

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