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When the splendid marks of history are erased by venomous ignorance


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Sure, but it hardly has a monopoly on such a viewpoint. The Christian Bible is just as intolerant and exclusive, and people who follow it literally are equally deplorable. The problem is dogma and unquestioning faith, not the specific flavor chosen.


The proper term is dogmatism which is unquestioning faith. Dogma is a summation of basic ideas, ideals, beliefs, principles, perspectives.

The self questioning of faith is a proof of mental strength when there is a volition for quest.


I don't like to be a judge or a public prosecutor of minds and souls concerning beliefs and faiths about the beyond, the afterlife, the divine, the metaphysical/ontologic quest. And as i stated previously..


And yes, the western perspective has commited ethnocides, destructions and plunders in europe and around the globe, but this wasn't of a different nature of muslim atrocities, although in the later centuries these were driven mostly by greed.

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Oh and regarding those members of so called anti-fascist movement :D :


They are all supporters of Putins politics, RuSSias expansion and aggression, they are also paid by RuSSia to do this every year.

They are also having trouble with each other, some sort of money stealing fight gpoing on in between them :D!

Attention seeking bunch of retards, thats what they are to informed.

Oh, so Putin and Soros are cooperating.. :D Europe unites! and this should be the moral of this thread! :lol:


* Also, reger, be cautious with that kind of "walls raising" because sometimes, or from a point on, it might become superfluous or abit pointless, especially in more "spiritual grounds".

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Unfortunately, this is another episode to the jihadozombies drama the middle-east is suffering.

Although, few days ago the ISIL groups retreated from the area under the heavy fire of the Syrian forces, later huge re-enforcements gave them the advantage to advance and seize the area of Palmyra including both the modern and the ancient city.


Again, the western coalition was absent from this theater of operations.


I'm afraid that it is a matter of hours to become again witnesses to another cruel destruction of monuments of great cultural and historical importance, after of course the excessive massacres that have already taken place.


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First, we dont discriminate russian people here...


... RuSSian

How nice ;)


Yes, I understand that public image of Russia is now worse than ever and I agree that there are valid reasons for that. But it still would be nice if people were able to differentiate between a country's government and regular folks, especially as far as semi-totalitarian states like today's Russia are concerned.


I also understand that the post is one year old ;)

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