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googling disgusting music genres

goa pride

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OMG you're right !!!


I don't understand. Even the shittiest psyprog doesn't match the worst genres of electronic music !


Anyone knows extratone ?




Delicious isn't it ?


I also think in crap like horrorcore, and other offshoots of techno with corrosive sounds.


And sincerly, if I had to choose betwenn generic psy and generic dubstep, I'd chosse generic psy. It's boring, but at least it's not harmful.


Beyond EDM, there are so much crap in this world. I don't understand why psytrance appear to be the first result.


PS : WTF man are you asking Google for disgusting music genres ? :o

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That's a wonder, the wikipedia page doesn't even contain the word "disgusting".

It's even weirder as Psytrance is very popular in the californian hipster hitech circles.

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And there's also people immediately trolling over that. Maybe that's the reason too (no offense :P )

Scandinasia posts here because he likes psytrance like all of us, and it's natural to ddefend what you stand for.

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first thing i get is this thread, and nothing psy related, second is a band called beartooth, which is, disgusting music as such

the most disgusting music genre is called grindcore if anyone cares lol, no examples pls

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