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Hello friends,


I search for some indian influenced, hypnotic, exotic, psychodelic, electronic songs, with indian vocals by preference, but more downtempo, not hard goa trance

Here are some examples:


Wonky Kong - Zoungla


Ott aka Umberloid - Neon Tetra


Ott - Smoked Glass and Chrome


Kaminanda - Temple of De'Light


Snap - Rame (Slow Version)


Please let me know, if you have further recommendations!

These songs make you high and transfer you into another world!


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Karsh Kale - Letting Go

Ramasutra - Story of O

Alba - Arising & Passing Away

Cell - Zaz / Orange

Ott - Smoked Glass and Chrome

Blackfilm - Mahabharata

Declan Flynn - Hojar / First Transmission

Desert Dwellers - Om Namo / Wandering Sadhu / Bodhi Tree Dub (remix)

Karunesh - Punjab / Flowing Bamboo / Mount Kailash / (many other tracks)

Prem Joshua - Secret Place / Tilang Tantra (remix) / (many other tracks)

Maneesh de Moor - Silent Ganges / Namaste / Jewel in the Lotus

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A Goa, beach shack classic circa 2005...:+1: Shiva Moon - Prem Joshua - one of those track I can loop for ages and never be tired of. You can still buy the original mix. Very evocative of Goa, intense light, crows calling, Nag champa and the smell of simmering spices drifting from the shack kitchen. Heaven !


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