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What do you think about total Eclipse


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I am interested in your opinions about total Eclipse. My opinion about him is very high, while I didn´t listen too often to his tracks all the years, it was always a great time when i did listen to them. then I somehow forgot about them, altough they are really magical. In my opinion total Eclipse is very geniune goa trance that sounds very energetic and magical, yet hypnotical. His music isn´t as emotional as the music of other bands, but it is more powerful, and it sounds very springlike. Many of his tracks sound very fresh and springlike, as if you are walking outside at early spring and the sun shines the whole day. When the sun in early spring, just like now, shines all day long, you recieve positive energy from it because of the vitamin D that your body produces. For me total Eclipse somehow feels that way. Also the music of Total eclipse sounds very analogue and classical. While not all his tracks are great, some of his tracks are overwhelming and unique, and belong in the list of best goa trance songs. Some of my favourites are The Crunible, Waiting for a new life, Aliens, Hit and run, Transparent Mind, Blade runner, Bad Data, Espanolizer, and more. With his fresh, sunny and very deep sound his music is definatly something that can make me trip.

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*them/their/they (not him)


unless you're talking about the post-Total Eclipse, not-Total Eclipse solo project stuff.




Violent Relaxation will always hold a special place in my heart and Delta Aquarids was pretty decent too

That was 20 years ago and required 3 people.



But sure, I'll give them a pass as one from The Golden Age

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