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Artist: Various

Title: Gamayun Tale

Label: Lookinglook Records

Date: 2014


1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise

2. Magic Science - Atman

3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy

4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix)

5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden

6. Prok - Gliese

7. Ufomatka - Asteroid

8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks

9. Shizolizer Gin - Skygravity Trance Mission

10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination


Bonus Track: Rexuss - Chakra



Gamayun is a prophetic bird that signifies wisdom and knowledge in Slavic folklore. The title speaks of mysticism, but the cover art screams "Check out this vagina!"


And I'm cool with that. I like vaginas


Just like Spacedock Lookinglook is one of those outlier labels that doesn't release a lot, but still demands attention. Probably most famous for their first release Dancing Mavka, their latest compilation was put together by Sky Technology. According to Discogs the CD is being distributed by Saikosounds. Yes that one. Didn't they go outta business?


Anyway what a screamer this is. The melodies can be long and twisting backed up with power to drive the point home. The leads growl and grow in intensity sucking you in like a tornado. Track after track of unrelenting melodic goa madness and mostly from lesser known artists. That's great news as you always need to stock the farm system with new and promising talent. Never know when one of these guys is gonna leave the scene.




*Wipes tear from eye as Lonely Man Theme plays for PharaOm*


Artists like Roof Raiser (ugh, that name) who drops a constantly evolving bomb or Magic Science whose track bristles with cactus like spineage. The majority of the album is of the dark sort that goa heads will lap up, but a track by Prok is really deliciously acidic. Think Kiriyama with some Psy-H Project. The more well known guys put in some work also like PharaOm and UFOmatka. His track should end with sound of a dropping microphone.


There are some dimmer areas of course, but definitely not deal breakers Sky Technology's remix felt a bit mess like a bull in a china shop and the lead by Wanderlust on Square of the Cardboard Clock (cool title) annoyed me like a paper cut. Actually after Asteroid the darkness seemed to dissipate until Jyotish closed things out with a track that attempted to reclaim some of that back. The biggest gripe I have is why the hell is the bonus track not available for those that want to purchase the CD? Doesn't make sense. Do you not want to move any product? As a label wouldn't you like to sell CDs? Please tell me if I'm missing the point.


So as I've said before 2014 has been a great year for goa with some of the labels with a lesser presence delivering some storming music. This is one of those albums and I recommend you give it a listen.








Bandcamp Digital Purchase




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Gamayun is a prophetic bird that signifies wisdom and knowledge in Slavic folklore. The title speaks of mysticism, but the cover art screams "Check out this vagina!"


And I'm cool with that. I like vaginas



I really like how artist presented Gamayun on this one, it doesn't have to be mythological female-like creature, thoose blue feathers and yellow/red dots are actually enough :) I also liked this compilation, got couple of really nice tracks :) Nice review Mike!

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V/A - Gamayun Tale

Goa Trance (Compilation)




1. Celestial Consciousness - Rise is a cosmic ride. The song is rich with textures, soundscapes, and melodies! Its less intense approach opens the album up to a vast and intangible world that doesn't feel forceful, where anything is possible. The song feels like a journey, a fully fleshed out, story-driven chapter, immersing the listener with great sounds and evolution. This is a strong opening track. A-


2. Magic Science - Atman comes equipped with more energy and drive. The melodies are juicy and engaging; they stand out. The rhythm is exciting, and the layers run smoothly together. The song has character and the barely coherent voice samples compliment. The track is fast and fluid from start to finish, with tasty soundscapes and rhythm. Great work and execution. Awesome track! A


3. PharaOm - White Lotus Energy is an even more energetic gem with tribal influence. The vocal work adds character to the barely containable energy. The more peaceful transitions are arresting too! This number is more musical in addition to having zesty progression and development. The more Earthy vehicle (here) enters different terrain remaining mysterious and immersive throughout thanks to a strong Eastern/Indian approach on top of creative sequences with climax and mixing. The melodies are great. The final act really stands out. It's exceptionally well done, combining sheer adrenaline with heart. Excellent work. A


4. Nova Fractal - Through Our Senses (Sky Technology Remix) is the first climax heavy treat, not that the previous ones weren't energetic. The artist(s) here cleverly manipulate the juicy synth lead(s) as they bubble, infectiously screech, and support one another to infectious degree. The first four minutes are ridiculously catchy! I'm completely hooked. Unfortunately, the layered arrangement (4:15 to 4:48) is pretty sloppy and distracting, suspect and questionable, regardless of intention. What happened there? This is my first gripe on the album. The song's raw energy, sound, and rhythm is super with exception to this part. The last third (from 5:46 forward) is more refined, though a bit plodding, less riveting (7:40 to 7:55). This is an exciting, adrenalized blast, though the forth minute could have been improved. Nice work! A-


5. Roof Raiser - Stone Garden is another high octane number, albeit a more refined one compared to the previous track. The song's energy is intense, determined, and aggressive. Naturally, it grows more animated, layered, and well blended/catchier as it moves forward. The direction is fairly straight forward, and while nothing earth shattering, the song achieves what it sets out to do and will likely raise the roof on the dance floor. I'm not a fan of the artist name, but never judge a book by its cover. This is a great track packed with terrific mixing and sound/melody work. A-


6. Prok - Gleise is the black sheep here, and that's a very good thing. The song isn't fast, zippy, or climatic. It's interesting, atmospheric, cerebral, dark, and arresting. The tone stands out among the rich textures. Gleise is like a descent into a deep, dark abyss. One could relate it to traveling through Draconian (Reptilian) sections of the cosmos, their planetary star systems where they (alleged darker entities) have come from. The song is infectiously orchestrated. It took several listens for me to appreciate. The dark ambient is effective too. The artist has really created a rich, storytelling world here. The song is immersive, imaginative, innovative, and appreciated, very well done. A-


7. Ufomatka - Asteriod barrels through the galaxy like an asteroid astray off of Saturn's belt. The first half is fairly dark and rhythmic. But to be honest, I expected more in the first third. My attention was arrested from 4:20 forward. It's here that the tempo slows down, arrested my attention. It's here that acid oozes out the crunchy textures like a piece of space toast floating by the sun's rays. The atmosphere grows darker, more ominous. This segment's gripping and leads to a delectably evolved final, uptempo act with memorable sound/melody work. Now I see other reviewers mean. This is the first time I've heard a Ufomatka track and it's well done. A-


8. Wanderlust - Square of the Cardboard Clocks starts off great and mysterious, with the effect of a ticking, Grandfather clock. Suddenly, a tinny (beady) synth lead arrives (from 0:16 to 1:30 and again from 1:43 to 2:21, etc.). This melody reminds me of Omegahertz's Goa tracks in that it's cheesy, weak in sound, and formulaic in arrangement. Its repetitive nature distracts from the other elements that are well done. There are numerous other synth ingredients and elements that enhance the song, which is why I don't understand why the artist(s) chose such a weak lead and arrangement. Can we just stick to what works best please, I mean for future tracks? The transition at around 5:40 is intriguing! The returning music with the echoed effect is fantastic! Even the way the tinny lead is utilized I enjoyed (in the climactic part) from 6:08 to 7:00. It's the part from 7:00 to 7:51 (and yet another segment past it) that I find less riveting. Overall this is a good song with some great parts or vice-versa. B+


9. Skygravity Trance Mission is different from the others in that it's more melodic trance influenced, yet (thankfully) retains Goa presence. The sound is friendly, and variety to a compilation that's generally darker, more intricate, and ambitious in comparison. I can't deny the positive vibes here, and how each acts over the previous one, thanks to solid development. The song feels shorter the others, but it's pacing is tight. It knows when to end. It's not super memorable, and seems a little bit out-of-place relative to the overall feel (and other tracks) on this more cosmic, provocative Goa comp. But I don't mind. Good work. B+


10. Jyotish - Purple Imagination is pretty good too. It continuously varies up the melodies and flows well. It's far more Goa oriented whereas the previous one bordered on Trance. I would have liked more evolution, but the mixing is good; there is some great layering. Sounds selected are catchy and rich. Overall I found the first 7 tracks the strongest on the compilation, but this is a pretty solid number too. B+



Gamayun Tale is one of the best Goa compilations of 2014. It exceeded my expectations. The first 7 tracks are really great. The last three are pretty good too. Nitpicks include part of the album's last third; it isn't as strong as the first two thirds, but it's still well done and showcases some great work. Time and positive word-of-mouth, good promotion, etc., will help get this noticed, especially strong future follow ups where listeners will go back and find this compilation. The artists did a great job! 2014 has been a healthy year for Goa compilation and Gamayun Tale is one of the very best. Highly recommended.


Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10

I like 7, 8, 9, and 10 regardless of my constructive criticism. But the first 7 (and to some degree 10) are noticeably strongest IMO.




Some of the BEST compilations of 2014 via GOA TRANCE include:


Moon Ritual

Gamayun Tale

Analog Dreams

Tens Spins Around the Sun

Colors of Goa

Future Architect 2

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The title speaks of mysticism, but the cover art screams "Check out this vagina!"


What is THIS mentioned vagina? Have you dissected a female bird's vagina to come up with a conclusion like this :lol: I have dissected many animals at school biology/later in university but gotta say no bird ;)

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