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what does it take to upload to ektoplasm

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I know, there is a FAQ but I would rather discuss it in "real life" if you will.

Besides, this forum isnt THAT active so I dont see the hurt in a few perhaps 'obsolete' threads.


I have almsot completed a 40ish minute album and I would like to upload it to Ektoplasm.

few questions.


1. Do I supply the mastering or does Ektoplasm?

2. What are the criteria for it being published? Ive heard alot of music on Ektoplasm that sound quite bad so I guess its fairly low?

3. In what way should I contact Ektoplasm in order to upload and share my music?

4. Are there other sites like Ektoplasm in which to freely promote your music?

5. Do I supply my own Album Cover? I.E, do I contact an artist and ask him to make one, or does Ektoplasm do this?



Thank you!

And any other tips and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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You should read FAQ and Requirements because it's essential to understand how the Ektoplazm distribution works. But just in case you don't have time right now to read it, here are the answers:

1) The release should be mastered, by artist or by mastering studio. If the soundquality isn't good enough your release might be rejected.

2) It should be your music, it should be professionally mastered and got the artwork that you got permission to use. The quality-standard also exists on Ektoplazm.

3) Contact form can be found here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/contact

4) Bandcamp, but they don't promote it.

5) Yes, you have to provide the artwork.

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So this guy was just trolling? He's banned:



For anyone surfing in out of curiosity I'd suggest reading the distribution policy on the site:



2. What are the criteria for it being published? Ive heard alot of music on Ektoplasm that sound quite bad so I guess its fairly low?

This is a common charge. Some perspective: Ektoplazm is committed to diversity... this means that not everything is going to be to everyone's taste. My yardstick is "will visitors to the site enjoy this?" There's some guesswork involved, of course, and since I give breaks to new and non-standard projects the quality is not always super high, but I feel that it is my duty to take some chances now and then.


One wrinkle: some labels have come to rely on Ektoplazm for distribution so I have a hard time turning down their applications when the releases are, in my opinion, sub-par. Negotiation behind the scenes to beef up a track list or re-master a release are not uncommon.


Anyway, it's not a perfect system by any means, but I don't want anyone to think that quality standards are low and that you can send in whatever.

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Think he was banned because every single of his posts contained something about how bad others work is (without showing his own) .. so no need to explain and pls keep your current aproach on ektoplazm, I'm one of persons that loves the diversity there :)

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You're wrong Rotwang. Simply because I'm Mike D or The Journey Man Project or Leather Face or the other plethora of names. Whilst my latest trading effort has gone awry I'm over trolling, but it's nice to know I'm not forgotten nor probably forgiven. I troll Isratrance instead. And it's so much more fun there than it ever was here, I actually just enjoy this community for it's musical choice, kind ppl & happy atmosphere.


Isratrance is a filthy hole & has become my whore house. No one cares to ban & getting a certain Danish bloke with a known foul temper in to a lather is fun there.


Anyway I'm sure to be banned again here now. But I've pretty much behaved this time & enjoyed it. Love the new Goa scene

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