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Imba LIVE @ Balkan Goa Fanatics - Suntrip Records 10 years anniversary


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Hi there!


I have uploaded set i played on Balkan Goa Fanatics - Suntrip 10 years anniversary festival in Zagreb, Croatia. Hope that you enjoyed it back then and i hope you will enjoy it again, and those who missed it there, here is chance to listen to it now.






[00:00] Imba & Ethereal - Solar Resonance (Live Mix) [Colors Of Goa - Ovnimoon Records 2014]
[08:20] Lunar Dawn - Blessing From Irij (Imba Remix) [Epoch Of The Terrans - Suntrip Records 2014]
[18:05] Imba & Jagoa - Unidentified Flying Spores [unreleased]
[25:20] Imba & OXI - Astral Dive [unreleased]
[33:30] E-Rection - Out Here We Are Stoned (Imba Remix) [Ten Spins Around The Sun - Suntrip Records 2014]
[43:12] Ephedra & Imba - From Star To Star [unreleased]
[51:02] Imba feat Phargua - Unknown Vibrations (Tribute To Dimension 5) [unreleased]
[59:22] Imba & Ephedra - Cosmic Harmony [unreleased]
[70:14] Ephedra & Imba - Emergency Acid System [shaltu - Suntrip Records 2012]
[77:40] Imba & Nova Fractal - Sevilla In Trance [Ten Spins Around The Sun - Suntrip Records 2014]
[84:50] Imba - First Encounter [unreleased]






For download (320 kbit):


Hope you will enjoy! :)

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great, thanks!

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imba your a freak........ in every way....... your music no exception......... keep the vibe alive my friend


am hearing all the reports from croatia... sounds and looks like was a wild time


Best experience ever!!! :)

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oho!! for some whatever reasons I only listened to 1 track from you until today and it was the one that was selected to be in Sideffect's tribute compilation. I liked the track I thought it was good. But this! Man your music is awesome! I love the spirit of it, it has a kind of "simplicity" in a good way, it doesn't try to sound "original", "different" or whatever but I feel like it is very "genuine" and made with lots of passion. Some of the tracks are bombs! Keep it up and thanks for sharing, will be in my playlist for a while i think :)

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