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Let's go to the Bulgarian mountains, very steep mountains


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haha Radi, am I a racist because I don't like your mountains?

You might think they are brilliant. But I don't. I can't be wrong about my own opinion..


There are loads and loads of mountains that are nice. Also in Bulgaria I am sure.




The mountains on the pictures, on the first 3 at least are almost vertical rockwalls with trees hanging on them, what you do not like about them is not clear to me, the peaks in the distance have big rocks on them but the image quality is not the best, so the mountians are in fact great.


There are ofcourse many other incredible mountains.


Frozem Dream, unfortunately I am in germany at the moment but that might change in near future. The adress in Bulgaria is Blagoevgrad, there you can start your trip with steep mountains in any direction. You can google on google earth and streetview, however the quality is not great and wont reveal the real appreance of the mountains.

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I wanted to give you some coordinates or google earth and google streetview, open them and you will see the Bulgarian mountains.



Open streetview on the yellow marked road at N 41 22 30 E 23 07 48. If you opent he streetview picture and see the mighty rockwalls, I think that will be enough evidence for Bulgarian mountains.


Than open N 41 52 30 E 23 21 00 and brose that area at the bottom, also try to open the streetview at the roads it is available.


Than go N 41 53 00 E 23 18 00


And N 41 49 00 E 23 16 12 and go to the bottom and look at the mountain horizontally as if you were there, try google streetview at the roads there.


Then open N 42 09 00 E 23 23 24, biggest rockwalls in whole Bulgaria.


Than open N 42 15 00 E 22 33 00, Osogovo mountain

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A few steep mountains outside of the high Rila and Pirin mountains, taken from Google Streetview, I have not been there yet, Bulgaria has so many mountains, you can not visit any of them.

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And according to you the second one does not? The second pic looks like a grass hill, especially the part behind the power line tower is so flat and gentle, that it does not remind of a mountain at all.

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Yes, here you are, you see the Belazica mountain and the other fammous mountains in Bulgaria, Rila and Pirin.















if you question it is in Bulgaria, there are the coordinates at the bottom of each pic which show it's position.


You can go very close to all peaks and see them bigger in reality.

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Great pics Radi, keep the coming. Btw, I tought you gonna post only images of mountains that you visited, it's not cool just to paste pictures of each hill or mountain in Bulgaria via GE.

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I did not want to post pics which I have posted here earlier, that is why. I do not post pics of any hill in Bulgaria, because if I would do Richpa, I would have to post at least 1000 pages. I post pics of the big and steep mountains, but there are so many places. If you would copy a pic of any steep hill in south western Bulgaria and of any mountain slope, a lot of pics would exist.


Vitosha, 30 - 30 km

Osogovo 100 km 40 km

Rila, 80 km 40 km

Pirin 50 km 30 km

Slavianka 20 km - 20 km

Belazica 40 km long (shared with Greece on the south side.


That is only southwestern Bulgaria.

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Well Manuzer, Bulgaria can not compare with France and I would like to come to France some day, maybe when I have soem spare money. I also love going to Austria, where I have been several times, Swizerland, italia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, I like going to many countries, it is not that I praise only Bulgaria. I just wish some people would go to Bulgaria and see the mountains so Bulgaria gets a few tourists more.

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My dream is and has been for a long time to take a German girl to Bulgaria. Not because German girls are necessarily more beautiful, but because after the Serbian border at Kalotine impressive nature and a beautiful mountain valley starts which introduces Bulgaria in such a great light, as if it is a mountain country. And also because after entering the Bulgarian border a raod starts, so smooth and even that you forget at all that you are driving, the road is so smooth and soft that anyone who enters it first time holds his mouth open and enters a state of deep trance because he is relaxing and experiencing a journey on a road, he did not experience a lot of times in his life. I ahve observed in buses I travelled that after passing the Bulgaria border people in the buses remain quiet, only the music plays and anyone is in such a trance mode, because the road is so smooth and even and so shiny, that the people sense things on that road, which get recorded directly to the brain and stay in their brains. You only hear the music and the engine of the vehicle, you do not hear your tires at the noise cancellating asphalt and it is a quiet and smooth journey that has to be experienced, that is why I would like a girl to be impressed with Bulgaria and say, "it's so beautiful".


Look at the steep mountains, see the old pine trees, feel the extremly beautifu smooth road! And after Sofia enter the motorway where you can drive 300 and not feel any tiny bump, only the shiny crashbarriers that mirror the bright and hot southern sun.

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I also got lucky with a stunning chick thanks to the spannish asphalt. At the time I got her into a state of trance, not the asphalt, but you can not compare Spannish asphalt to bulgarian......


Talking about visiting Bulgaria, I would not mind paying a visit to the house of the bulgarian communist party.




Looks like a cool place to party!!

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You can get lucky with a chick thanks to the Spanish asphalt, since it is very good as far as I have seen, but everything must be perfect, the right music playing in the car, the right scenery, the right words, the road with smoothest asphalt, big romance. haha


Teh thing is only it has to be a girl from a different country than yours, so she can identify the country with you. "I did not think this country is so beautiful" "Ofcourse it is my baby", or something like that.

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