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Jikooha - Sirius Rising (Panorama)

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Manuser    290

Artist: Jikooha

Title: Sirius Rising

Label: Panorama Records

Catalog No : PAN-0014

Format : CD + Digital download

Release date : December 12th. 2012

Style : Goa Trance





01. Visionaries

02. Mindgate To The Hyperspace

03. Chaos Never Died

04. Survive In Babylon

05. Fukushima Mon Amour ( JIKOOHA & K.U.R.O. )

06. Everything's Spiritual

07. Flying Back To Sirius

08. Tribal Morning ( JIKOOHA & DJ YUTA )

09. Visionaries ( MASA Remix )



Well... no review ? Isn't it an awesome album ? Seriously who does'nt like japanese psychedelic trance ?

Album released right before the end of the world, but we 're still here that's cool, lol. Very very melodic, i don't think there is any single second here which is not melodic !! Lots of acidlines... I thought a few tracks lacked a bit of energy (kickdrum+basslines) but on the whole i can only recommend this.

It is trippy as hell, very weird moments at times with melodies that sound wrong because of dissonance applied on them. But it grew on me, at first i thought "do i like this or not, not sure" but now I like it a lot.

Goa trance lovers get this asap!

Fav track : ''Everything's spiritual''. Track 2 ''Mindgate to the hyperspace'' is one of the best too, very psychedelic and haunting (almost dark actually in a weird way). Very interesting sound.

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johnb820    158

These guys love fucked up dissonance and this album is full of it.

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Trance2MoveU    408

"Everything is spiritual, everything...has a spirit."


Jikooha have always been those Asian guys who make goa trance. Not part of the mainstream group of artists that we all know their sound is a little left of center. Kind of like Japanese game shows.




Seriously, what the f*ck?


They are an acquired taste that is more Kuro than E-mantra. With their fourth album they continue that trend. Sounding old school it's still like nothing out there today. At times it seems discordant (at times, bullsh*t, a lot of the time) where leads compete for dominance. Right off the bat Visionaries sounds like there are two different tracks playing at the same time. But just before it becomes too much for the ear they bring you back and make you realize what a great f*cking ride that was. So now I'm standing here asking myself did that just happen? This sounds like I was dragged into the Tokyo underground, partied all night with hot chicks dressed as school girls, hung out with octopi and dragons with a British accent, only to be escorted back to the surface by anime characters when the sun came up. Relentlessly melodic and trance inducing with screeching leads.


Domo you glorious bastards.





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