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mfg are very mind moving


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Oh and thank you Desysko for the new Aharon track : i find it quite moving as well, and feel relieved MFG and Astral Pro have decided to keep a goa sound and style in their last songs.

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I miss Radi ;(


2 essentials IMO: New kind of world + Project genesis.

yup, the only two albums really anyone needs to hear from MFG.

Classics all over them tbh. But I am leaning more towards Project Genesis. So experimental and twisted, but yet beautiful and perfectly mastered (not as in Mastering, but as in Mastered - their skill level). Nothing is random, yet it almost feel that way. In particular the track Sunshine. FX all over the place in a beautiful mess of sounds and twirls and bubbles.


But in honesty, the whole Project Genesis is one of those albums you can play from start to finish and its a trip each time.

And I LOVE the kickdrums in that whole album..


Emuna ( Guy Zurkel and Eyal Yankovich ) have released a great album called "3rd World" : check it, it really has MFG vibes ! I'm only discovering it and i dearly love the first 2 tracks for sure. :):)


damn, i hadnt heard that track in yeeears and forgot it even existed!! Thanks for bringing back into my attention!!! I have been dreaming about those melodies and didnt have a clue where they were from until now. Thanks!

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I miss Radi ;(


--> Since the time you have become member of the psynews, he hasn't been online (if I am not wrong!)


How do you know him? (If I may)

Yeah, thats why I miss him. Havent seen him on here for a LONG time.


How do I know him? Well, ive been browsing psynews for years now. And Ive seen him being bullied, laughed at, and stuff like that, and I like the dude once I saw passed the obnoxious exterior of his posts, and saw the true gentle soul behind them.

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Ah huh!


With your name , I had all the reasons to beleive you are an alter ego of our good friend Radi. Of course with a fluent English :D


You are hitting all the right spots AP, MFG. If you would've posted something about Boris, then I would be 100% sure :P


Yeah Radi is cool. Sometimes a bit arrogant (coz of his strong views) otherwise pretty cool.

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Radi is still active in PC hardware forums, but doesn't seem to bother about Struma highways, steep mountains, skinny girls or :o goa tance right now. I always respected his passion about "the" music. Passion about anything is rarely to be found with my peeps. So yeah, I kinda miss him :)

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i found a few mfg videos from the zna gathering 2015 :)


this user here https://www.youtube.com/user/MATTKBAN/videoshave some great clips from the zna gathering 2015. all my old favorit artist like







Blue Planet Corporation

Slinky Wizard


Crop Circles


and so on.... :)

Wow!this year have been a fantastic trance-year so far :)

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Just now listening to The Creation. Such amazing goatrance!

Definately top notch quality production from MFG.

SO many classics :)

I dont consider them a competetor to Astral as many tend to do.

I just consider them awesome, and in no relation to anything in particular just like I dont compare astral with blue planet or something.

You get it.


Btw, my fav will probably always be either Deep Relaxation or the genesis Album; possibly Why?.

But I dont think Ive heard one single BAD track from MFG yet, from their entire old school period. (And I say "yet" because Ive not explored all MFG tracks fully yet, in all shapes and forms to experience goatrance - that Ive done with so many other of my favorite artists. For example - riding train, using drugs, dancing, playing games, you get the idea.

Most MFG Ive only heard "in passing" or "in the background" unfortunately - except for a few that struck out extra - during the time I was completely mindblown by stuff by AP and Hallucinogen, sadly MFG became overshadowed and underrated.

Luckily though, Music never dies and its never too late to explore an artist, and MFG is one - Chi-A.D the other.


Incoming Starkraver comment regarding Chi-A.D ":O WHAAAT?!?! OMG YOU MUST LISTEN" :)

^_ ^


Btw, thats my next musical project.

To emulate (to TRY to emulate) the sound of Genesis.

The approach and the trying part - is of course the fun.

And whatever comes out of it, will be interesting and will probably not sound like Genesis, but will instead have that feel that it is greatly inspired by it.

Ah, nice. I just gave myself fuel on the currently put out fire that is music producing.

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