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Classical music remixed by psytrance artists

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Hello there !

Been away from psytrance for a while and I suddenly found this track on youtube :




seriously, I love it.


at first i did'nt pay attention at the track name, so i thought, just another full on track, then came this melody, i was surprised by its quality, then checked the track name and i got it !!


Sorry if there was a thread about this before but haven't found it.

Anyway, is it common in psytrance to remake classical songs ? don't think so... but if there are a few around i'll definitely check them out ... do you have any names ?


I must say, i'm not a fan of full on, but with this melody it's just much more appealing !

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Wow! Classical music and electronic instruments is a great combination in theory but very unorthodox. I can imagine it's a bit hard to get samples from an orchestra...


These are nice! :)

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I went on a mission to make a mix using only such trax (Psytrance remixes of classical music / Psytrance trax using classical music as theme) ...
Took me a while, but it was a fun project.

In the end I have a collection of many trax - here´s the list (please don´t ask me to link them all) :

100th Monkey & Tristan - Spiritus
4i20 vs Claudinho Brasil - Bach
Amitix - Adagio 4 Strings
AodioiboA - Divertimento in D-major by W.A.Mozart (AodioiboA RMX)
Babalos - Snow Crystal
Backhaze - Matrix
Bart0k - La Cumparsita
Beat Herren & Vito Staedler - Symphony of Angels
Belik Boom - Toccata
Bionix - Requiem of the Fate
Bliss - The Skeleton Dance (Extended Mix)
Blazy - Interlude
Blazy - Interlude (Shapeless Remix)
Cherles Wave - Piano Psy
Chief - Air Line
CPU - Sonata
CtrlZ3ta & Rajasur - Amadeus Mozart
Cyberlord - The Matrix
Deliriant - Ode to Orff
Dr.hoffman - The flight of the green hornet (2013_remix)
Electrypnose - Mocalpo
F.S.G - The Nutcracker
Frequencyless - Animal Carnival
Gaudium - Global Symphony
Hatikwa vs. Necmi and buds - Abstract Symphony 2.0
ID-S - Psyhadelic Piano
ID-S - The Demon Song
ID-S - The House Is On Fire
ID-S - Universe
Impulser - Devil vs Angel
Infected Mushroom - Bust a Move
Infected Mushroom - The Messenger
Infected Mushroom - The Missed Symphony
Infinite Dimensions - Allegero Obscuro B Minor
Interactive Noise - Karma
Interactive Noise - Karma (The Unreleased Live Mix Cut)
Interactive Noise - Orchestra
Interactive Noise - Beethoven
Jaia - Orchestra 2.0 (2.1 rmx)
Jaia - Orchestra 2.0
lokimusic - Is not dead
lokimusic - matter of time (extended_mix)
Mandragora & 4i20 & Slava_(NL) - Faze
Bendy Long Legs - Moonlight Sonata Psytrance remix
morph - Fucking Bach
Morten Granau - Nutz (Audiophonic, Vertigo Remix)
Omiki - Hollyoud
Otherside - Soul Power
Painkiller Vs Lost & Found - Digitalized V2
Phatmatix - Love is tragedy
Phaxe - Leyenda
Principles Of Flight & Phonic Request - Equinox - 4A
Principles of Flight - Barbe Rouge
Principles of Flight - Red Beard
Prometheus - 9th - The Man Who Swam Through A Speaker
Protocol 143 (feat. Una Stanic) - Valse
Psykovsky - Wishful Sinful
Psysomnia - The Guardian
Raz & Morph - Concerto De Piano
Ritmo - Follow Me (Slava Remix)
Simply D - The Fragrance Of Violet
Singa - He's a Pirate
Slava_(nl) - Appassionata
Slava_(nl) - Winter
Slava_(nl) - Beethoven Reloaded
Slava_(nl) - Dancing With The Fairy
Slava_(nl) - Technological Sigularity
Slava_(nl) - Anubis
Slava_(nl) - Kinda freaky
Slava_(nl) - Prelude
Slava_(nl) & 4i20 - Missa Psychedelic
Slava_(nl) & absolem - Choral
Slava_(nl) & xenoben - Classical echoes
Solar Axis - Age of Aquarius
Sonic Elysium - Autumn Waltz
Sonic Elysium - Winter
Sonic Elysium - coraline
Sonic Elysium - Teatro Absurda
Sonic Elysium - Black and White
Space Buddha - Land of the wolves (2006 version)
Space Buddha vs. Toast3d - Land of the wolves (2010 rmx)
Static Movement - Nutcracker (Original mix)
Stepan Grytsay - Eternal consciousness
Supernova - Back To Bach
Synsun - Ave Samael
Synsun - Ceremony
Synsun - Death Machine
Talamasca - Back To Bach
talamasca - Time simulation (Polypheme remix)
Terrafractyl - Allegro con Fuoco
Terrafractyl - Allegro Tranquillo
Terrafractyl - Asturias
Terrafractyl - Finale
Terrafractyl - Scherzoid
Terrafractyl vs Quench - Winter
Terrasun  (feat. Jenny) - Sea of Stars
The Evil Monkey - Infinite Keys
Total Sickness - The Flight Of The Green Hornet
Transdriver - Abstract Music
Transdriver - piano (2005)
Transdriver - piano (2012)
Transdriver - Piano (2019) Remix
Transdriver - The Nutcracker
Vaahu - Haux Sonata Op.1 No.3
Vaahu - Noctune Orquestra Op.1 No.2
Vaahu - Prel£dio Op.1 No.1
Vaahu - Surto Coletivo
Vaahu - Surto Coletivo
Wizzy Noise - O Fortuna


In case anybody wants to enjoy the ready-made mix (only used 20 of these trax):



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