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Talpa - The Path

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Release Notes:


Artist: Talpa

Release Title: The Path

Label: SunDance

Catalogue No.: SUNDCD0043

Release Date: December 21, 2011




01. J

02. The Path

03. You

04. Distraction

05. Lenjivac (Feat. Merlin)

06. Instinct

07. Hidden Smile

08. Shall We Dance

09. An Accident In Talpania

10. Away








Where to buy:




Out tomorrow !!! It's gonna be epic ;)

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Yes ,yes ,yes this sounds great. Like his second LP. This funky, carnival psy style is unique. I think the holy classical mushroom spirit :) was bored of the infected guys because of the music they producing today and he decided to inspire the only one who has the ability to create something equal and unique, Talpa. That is the result pure ,intelligent funky psy trance.


Happy Christmas time to all.

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wow!! number 1 at saiko sounds in 2 days




amazing album from an amazing artist.


more brooding and deeper than When Somberness Becomes A Game and more control than Art of Being Non.

more flow to this album than his previous releases, has more of a trance feel to it.

best album of the 3 imo.


quality work again, Talpa keeps getting better.

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i for 1 absolutely love this album, by far for me the stand out release of 2011.


what is every1 elses thoughts on this album, still fresh as only 2 months old.


saw Talpa play at rainbow serpent festival to about 7000 people on the dancefloor and was trully amazing, i am lucky enough to be able to see him again this weekend at another festival in australia (Earth Freq) so excited

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