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Organic minimal techno


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I am looking for some organic minimal techno similar to these tracks






I know Cadenza have some, but they have quite the back-catalog... but love this trippy low-key'ish style with long and warm tracks :wub:

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I really couldn't find any similar topic, so my appologies if this one doesn't really fit here, you decide. Friend of mine few days ago recorded new DJ mix and I really liked it so why not share it here with fellow psynewsers ;) Here is link for listen/download with tracklist:




01.Tim Xavier - String Theory Ambient Tool (Original Mix)

02.Click Box-Match 5 (Original mix)

03.Alex Costa - Fender (Original Mix)

04.Itamar Sagi - HPF (Original Mix)

05.Chris Fortier - Fantastic Diversion (Maetrik Remix)

06.Christian Smith - House This House (Original Mix)

07.Uner - Lapan To

08.Paul C And Paolo Martini - 48 Crash

09.Pirupa & Hollen - The Gang (Original Mix)

10.Fabier - Strange (Original Mix)

11.Alex Piccini - Nite Park (Original Mix)

12.Darlyn Vlys - Loco Channel (Pig & Dan Remix)

13.Mark Reeve - Fabula (Original Mix)

14.Anil Chawla - Tandrum (Tony Dee Remix)

15.Mikel_E & Soulrack, Danny Serrano - Objects (Original Mix)


Let me know what do you guys think :)

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The mix Richpa posted, was really nice, got around to listen to it now.... a few years later

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