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  1. MixSet of some of my fav progressive trance act's, Names like,Atmos,12 moons,Etnoscpe,Vibrasphere,highpersonic whomen The Track List inside. Enjoy http://www.mixcloud.com/psyluffy/the-tribal-dance/
  2. trying To find some good tech-funk tracks any thing goes minimal,techno,tech house the only factor they gotta have 100% funk feel Tnx
  3. Enigmatik Label party live performence of ETHNO TEKH http://vimeo.com/52997726 what do you think guys ?
  4. my fav is cybernetika ! ops its psydnb XD
  5. Hope u guys can give me some tips http://soundcloud.com/alexyaroslavsky/zed-leave-chihiro-alone 01 Mubali - Organism Funk.wav 02 Zed_s_bad_move_Original.wav 03 Dr.Bops - Pension Politics.wav 04 Electrypnose - 2013 (Cap Fractal Crew Remix).wav 05 SECTIO AUREA - Le Madri.flac 06 Cybernetika - Forged For Battle.wav 07 Existence_VIP_Original_Mix.wav 08 Mergel - Mergedelica.wav 09 Mergel da Gamaliel - Beautiful Alice.wav
  6. http://theshroom.wordpress.com/2011/07/26/harvey-announces-2011-is-final-burning-man/ Is this true ?
  7. I talked to elf music and slum they told they don't have the album in stock ore even a Download link ill like to play some asian psy here in israel
  8. phi - phinalizer WOW hydro genrerator is cool to TNX BROA started dinging
  9. Can some one recomand good japanes labels and artist any genere thanks feel free to post you fav japanes tracks
  10. wow thanks for this dude was looking for some good dnb tunes and labels ^^
  11. track list: 1. Brujo's Bowl - Healing With Sound 2. Easily Embarrassed - Little Match Sister 3. Mindex - Morning Joint 4.Mindex - Crystals 5.Messy Mass - Singing Robots 6.Good_Thymes_(Opiuo_Remix)_-_Ray_Charles 7.Opiuo - Mouse Trap (Full) 8. Electrocado - The Lo-Fi Blues 9.Whitebear - Intangible 10.Electrocado - Insomnia (feat. Blake Galera-Holliss) http://soundcloud.com/dj-luffy-1/funkydelic-illusion
  12. really nice music thank you for shearing
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfnoZqOefy4
  14. some classic tunes and new stuff from different genres 30:20 sorry,and in the end with a nero track gone little bit wrong with the pitch http://soundcloud.com/dj-luffy-1/publik-set track list: College - A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) Kavinsky - Nightcall Kavinsky - Pacific Coast Highway Daft Punk Da Funk Daft punk arond the world Wamdue Project - 03.Are You High Wamdue Project - 01.King Of My Castle (Roy Malone's King Edit ticon_-_in_the_box neelix_-_ask_the_right_questions_(dirtyloud_remix) The Subs - Vomit In Style (Mark Mackenzies 92 remix) Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow (Mackz Bootleg) Electrocado - Insomnia (feat. Blake Galera-Holliss) Nero - Innocence just wanted to experiment with different genres ohh and Wamdue Project are good ! chris brann mus't be a legend in techno and again tips help are welcome ! thanks again !
  15. no yea i meant remove please ohh ok than if you can leave the comments visible that's ok to
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