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"V/A - Goa Overdose 2"

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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Overdose 2

Label: UAF

Date: November, 2011


My daughter is just 3 months old and is starting to sleep through the night.


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"So what."


So what? Really, so what? Ok, obviously you either a) don't have kids b)had kids so long ago that you don't remember what the first months of their lives were like (which I doubt) or c) you don't give a f*ck.


Getting your child to sleep through the night is like getting to third base with the head cheerleader. If I gave a sh*t about twitter, I could've given you status updates every hour and a half @f*ckagainyoujustateanhourago #it'syourturntogetup.


The first few months are like a nazi war era experiment on sleep deprivation. Zombies training for the apocalypse looked at me and shook their heads in empathy. Sure, we have to straight jacket her when we put her in the crib for night time....what? Oh I see. The "technical" term is swaddling. I don't care what you call it, kid goes to bed looking like this.


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Minus the shiny pleather, green pants and Cask of Amontillado Oh God I just shat myself mask.


*reaches for pocket tape recorder*


"New idea for a movie...Saw 7...the Swaddling."


So when I tell you she is sleeping through the night, it is a joyous experience. Leaves me some time to do some things around the house.


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some light vacuuming...


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getting rid of that rat problem in the basement



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trying to keep the ol love life spicy


But of course mainly I get to really sit down with some great music and give it the time it deserves. This is another free release from Imba and his UAF label. The quality has been getting better and better and after giving this some quality alone time, methinks we have reached a high point.



The Last Breath- Remember when that treasure trove of tracks was uncovered by Stéphane Bèze?


Posted Image

It was like Christmas in this b*tch. Since then he released the awesome Holographic Paradigm in 2010 and here he gives you...breakbeat goa! Chunky rhythms, twirling melodies, and echoing synths are the order of the day as this truly entrances. The leads vary between sunshine and the kind that would leave a smear on the windshield. Thick and enjoyable. You go Stefan. You go.


Space Flight- No idea who this is, but he brought his hi-hats to play. They sound really crisp, but it's the leads that really will get you. Goa through and through with it's 4 on the floor drive. Very aggressive and puts all its cards on the table.


Endorphin- Paul Yelland in the mix and he's made a few good tracks, but they've been hit or miss for me. He's got a nitzho kick and a lead that sounds like he let a squeaker fart. Only unlike you, he can modulate his. Man has talent, gotta give him that. This also has drive and an undercurrent of constantly added synths to fill it out and keep it fresh. There are two breaks in this track...one has sitar (nice) and the other tells me to feel the rush. Like Black Friday at a Wal-mart?


Posted Image

Actual footage of an Arkansas Wal-Mart. No X-box is worth dying over.



The Power of Mind- "Well I think that all of these techniques...mantra, tantra and yantra work incredibly well in the presence of psychedelics."


These two guys just know how to make the good music. Their only other track was on the first Goa Overdose as far as I know. So many layers it's like diving into a German chocolate cake 7 stories high. Full of sunshine and swirling melodies it's so euphoric that you get the spirit in you.


Posted Image

See this is what I'm talking about...their kids just slept through the night.


Fantastic and about to start a run of truly mindblowing tracks.



The Run- Churning, layered goa trance here with a nod toward the dancing aspect. The synths echo off all surfaces and the massive lead kicks off at 2 and a half minutes. Strapped in? Good. There are twisting leads that sneak up on you and add to the melodic solar flare as this one morphs and evolves. F*ck it's good...like riding a sunbeam.


Free Space- Imba where do you find these artists that make such powerful goa trance? This lead dances like it's feet are on fire, joining seamlessly with other similar synths. Whoa, whoa, whoa...a ripping 303 too?? F*cking hell it is engaging and I find myself spinning involulntarily. This was on repeat I don't know how many times. Love it, a track that shines and growls is a winner in my book.


Posted Image

Umm...somebody? Anybody? Help me I uh...can't stop. Promise I won't make any more movies...



Acid Rain- This Alexandre Cohen that was on the Project DIY Belgians comp and is another good one. It gurgles with melody but it isn't a sheer wall of force like the previous three tracks. It gives and takes, with gentle pads and pinpoint squirts. At times it erupts with some screaming 303's but never overwhelming giving you just enough and then switching it's crosshairs to another spot. Love that.


Consequences- See Luis, there are consequences to making good tracks. We will soon be expecting an album from you. At first I thought you were taking the piss with that Shpongle vocoded vocal in the beginning, and what the f*ck dude, did you strangle a cat with that sound? But it was just a set up. You distracted me.


Posted Image

"Think that's funny?? Bet that's not the first time some balls hit your nose!"


It's gettin' sticky up in here and I feel like I just stepped into an acidic puddle. Waves of sound start to cascade over me and the break begins to heighten the tension. The bass fills things out as it puts the accelerator to the floor and then he gets all 303y on you.


Posted Image

A screeching, twisting good time that finishes strong. You've outdone yourself sir.



Teonanacatl- Teno...teona...f*ck Christoph, six syllables? And then almost 11 minutes? I can't be mad at you. Your album Turning Point was very good and this is along the same type of style. Slowly evolving, shimmery and pumping...kinda like the thinking man's goa trance. Yeah you got sunshine coming out of your ass, but it's spiritual, mystic ass sunshine. Oh I know, you can bring the gurgle too. The flow is really good in a smooth transcendant way. Wow, this compilation has all the makings of awesome.


Spiral Dive (2011 mix)- I don't like Toï Doï. There I said it. Maybe it's those dots above the letters always looking at me. Nothing personal of course, but his brand of chaotic goa trance never appealed to me. I realize that may not make me cool with the kids, but f*ck it I have kids. I'm sure there's gonna be a long list of uncool things I will do. Sure I liked your Mother Pitch EP but most of your music...I just didn't get. But hey, I don't hold grudges, and the more people making the beautiful goa music the better I say.


Holy. F*ck that's a deep voice. I don't think a didjeridoo could get that low. Maybe it's the sounds you use, but it grates on my ears. There is very little change as he distorts the lead. Yeah he adds to it with another synth that rides shotgun underneath, but it just...goes. It's like his car doesn't have a steering wheel. Straight ahead and if you're in the way you 're gonna get hit. Turn signal? You'd have to be able to change direction for that. Still it was different and that has to be appreciated.


Wow, that was impressive. Melodic to the bone with power and twists and turns....you can't ask for more than that. I know the trend is for the darker, edgier goa trance, but this was just flat out good. Good for you Imba your 25th free release is the zenith of your work.





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Thanks a lot mate for such a great review!


About Ezcape, i found him on reverbnation/myspace feeeew years ago, he is from Egypt but also have some roots in Croatia. At the moment he is in Croatia because problems in his Egypt... hope to release some more from him soon! :)

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It wasn't a cat I was murdering, I sampled my creaky bathroom door this one time I had run out of shampoo labels to read, I knew it'd come in handy at some point. Glad to be part of this and to see UAF as strong as ever!


lol @ the green man

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I cannot stress enough how surprised I was with this release. There's variety - we range Crossing Mind's beauty to Ezcapes space warps to ToïDoï's wondrous dark spirals, there's fresh ideas and a spirit from old school days to some degree. The sound work is not only the superfluous melody after melody. There's also injections of psychedelia and tribalism you also find on old school comps. Case to the point - ToïDoï, Ezcape, SETI Project, Ephedra.


Now it is not all perfect, I found Celestial Intelligence, Lunar Dawn and BlackStarFinale to be on the generic side whilst still outputting good ideas, but 7/10 on the very good side and from that 4 on the awesome side is a feat on it's own.


UAF's strongest release yet.

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Big thanks!



I am hoping to make third part this year, and me and Chakras considered to put it on Dimensional records on CD. We will see :)

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