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Cosmosis and Ajja Live at the Giger Museum


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I have to say that's a very impressive project. Nice mixture of live painting and live music. I've been to the museem some years ago and it's a very impressive place. At least if you are into that kind of art. Imho Giger's a genious. And besides that a double live album sounds great, this will be a must buy! :wub:

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excellent, thanks for sharing! we'll wait the release!

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Thanks for the positive feedback :)


Stylistically I'd guess the more uptempo tunes I'd describe as like old school funk grooves crossed with wah-wah guitars from a 70's porn movie soundtrack blended with modern sequenced basslines and electronic synth squelch and bleepery...


The more downtempo stuff is on a more recognizably trippy electronic chillout vibe but with the acoustic instruments lending a more bluesy, cinematic flavour...


Any idea when the album will get released?


Ajja and I are mixing the multitracks down currently.


Once that's completed The album should be ready to be queued for release this coming March.



Billy Cosmosis

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Very nice, I like the flow a lot and how the various elements blend together so nicely. The guitar is great, reminds me a bit of Klangstrahler Projekt and the music I listened to back then as I was in the Free Form Records phase...

This sounds like the sound from back then has evolved and turned into something nice :)

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