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4 hours ago, astralprojection said:

not if its already lost :P

"Remember your name and address
And telephone number too
Then if some day you lose your way
You'll know just what to do

Walk up to that kind policeman
The very first one you meet
And simply say I've lost my way
I cannot find my street"

Infernal Machine - The Loin Sleeps Tonight

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I tried to buy Youth & Gaudi's 2063: A Dub Odyssey EP after getting an "insider" message about 15 extra copies being found. I had missed it until now so this was good news.

I was on the Bandcamp page on the very minute it was made available. First the page didn't load. Then it took me half a minute to notice that the release appeared at the bottom of the catalogue page, out of sight. Then I typed one friendly sentence to the comment box. However, at the end of payment I suddenly got a "sorry, sold out" message. About five minutes had passed all in all.

Oh well, maybe some day, somehow. I just bugs me that I was both informed and prepared, yet not even that was enough. Races to buy gone a bit too far to my liking. :mellow:


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