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The Psynews Contests files


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In August 2001, Psytrance music had completely switched from melodic to minimal, but motivated by some members, Psynews.org started a "contest", giving 3 months for unknown music artists to submit their tracks before a jury would vote and establish a compilation tracklist, the idea being to release the music as a free online compilation. The results were way beyond his expectations as 185 tracks were submitted and so many were so good that a double-CD tracklist was established:


Posted Image

CD 1

1. 05'51" Etack: For Red (Russia)

2. 08'26" Psychopat : Spiral Landing (France)

3. 07'29" De-Fect : Bouncing Shrooms And Giggleing Gnomes (Sweden)

4. 11'53" Andromeda : Amiga (Poland)

5. 07'42" Synsun : TNC 2001 (Ukraine)

6. 08'42" Asura : System Babel (Code Eternity Rmx) (France)

7. 09'14" Artha : Controlled (Poland)

8. 10'54" Epsilon : Cosmic Vortex (Creepy Mix) (Finland)


CD 2

1. 08'25" Promon : Throbbing Hobbits (Sweden)

2. 08'02" The Bastard : Crispy Crunchy Buffet Beast (USA)

3. 09'26" De-Fect : Germs, Germs, Psychedelic Germs (Sweden)

4. 07'16" Amygdala : Synaptic Misfire (Denmark)

5. 08'15" Synsun : Replycant (Ukraine)

6. 07'45" Vax : Protoplasma (Ukraine)

7. 08'20" Agalactia : Awkward Lightrate (Israel)

8. 07'16" Torakka : Greasy Fingers (Finland)

9. 04'42" Solstice : Ricochet (England)


It was then that a new Italian label called "Inpsyde Media" became interested in starting their releases with this compilation and Valerio, its owner, convinced Children to release a selection of 10 of these tracks under the name "Psychedelic Sparks" in late 2001. The inlay described the idea behind Psynews and the contest. The remaining tracks of the initial selection were offered for free. Artists such as Asura, Synsun/Vax and Promon were later to release full length albums, and many of these artists are still active.


Direct download of the complete selection: Psynews Contest 1: Psychedelic Sparks 2CD version




Between February and May 2002, a second contest was held. A CD called "Another Demention" was scheduled to be released, but Inpsyde Media finally cancelled it.


Posted Image

The tracklist was :

CD 1

1. 08'23" Kinich Ahau : The 3rd Spiral (Luxembourg/Israel/Mexico)

2. 08'11" Agalactia And 5Meo-Geo : Ficus (Israel)

3. 06'41" Sienis : Rubbabong (Sweden)

4. 09'50" Moai : Chimera (France/Sweden)

5. 10'17" Sneila : Flying Objects Always Reach The Ground (Romania)

6. 10'28" Artha : Mahabharta (Poland)

7. 10'15" Ethereal Phaze : Liquid Blue Vision (Sweden)

8. 14'40" Prosect : Invasion (Israel)


CD 2

1. 10'59" Spiralgeist : Mean And Mean (Germany)

2. 06'58" Masada : Bhongo Bhonged (Sweden)

3. 08'14" Amygdala : Proprioception Malfunction (Denmark)

4. 06'41" Spiralix : Spirit Guide (???)

5. 08'22" Alien Noise : 604 Maniacs (Romania/Germany)

6. 09'07" Chiron : Ice Age (???)

7. 10'17" Ethereal : Fireflies (Sweden)

8. 08'47" Khetzal : Narayana (???)

9. 10'15" Vax : Tataria (Ukraine)


Direct download of the selection: Psynews Contest 2: Another Demention 2CD

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Nice work Mars, thanks for sharing. Can anybody tell me why I recognise the opening of the Etack track (maybe it shares a common sample with, or has been sampled by, a darkpsy track)?

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Typical year 2000. Maybe the same sample is on some 3DVision compilation or something? They had their creepy moments then.

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Tnx for sharing this Mars :) i have one old Psynews compilation vol.1 and i think all tracks are here in this 2 compilations but many of this i haven`t heard too , looking forwarth to hear Vax`s track on second compilation(protoplasm is amazing one ) also the Moai track :)

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ethereal phaze was my solo number before moai, wich is a collaboration. the other EP track is called samadhi. it didn't get to psychedelic sparks but you can find it on YouTube. :)


I personally think the chimera track is very messy and weak. :P

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