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150bpm Goa Trance


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Nice work indeed! I love the track :)


Nice one! Sounds really heavy, like the slow 3/4.. But it would be nice to change to 4/4 in the second part, would be more driving and keep it more interesting :) (In my opinion ofcourse, it's all about taste)

Always nice to see new goa-trance producers come up ;)


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There isn't enough psytrance or goa that is done on a shuffle, instead of straight four. A little while ago I was hoping to do a mix of songs on a shuffled rhythm like this. Thought it would have been fun, but there weren't enough takers :(.

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Thanks all.


Yeah the shuffle rhythm is really cool. A mix of tracks in that style would be great.



Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (the first 1:30)

Conga Fury - Juno Reactor

Swamp Thing - Juno Reactor

Combustion - Dark Soho

Long Way Home - Dark Soho

Triple Nipple -Hux Flux

Disco Mushroom - Infected Mushroom (the first 4:48)


Yeah that's all the ones I can think of that have that rhythm. We need to make more!

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Beyond the Subatomic and Solar Power (both by Space Tribe) are tunes I would count in that mix. I was hoping for it to be all amateur tunes, but no bites. I'm working on something that's on a shuffle rhythm right now...



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