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The Off-Topic Revolution


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i possibly heard about a secret (psynews) off topic forum which already has been running for a while....


uh uhh uhh ahh ahhhh ahhhhh uuhh uuh --- unconfirmed x-file remix.

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"Daddy...what does regret mean?" :rolleyes:


"Well son...a funny thing about regret is...it's better to regret something you HAVE done than to regret something you haven't done!"

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satan satan satan !!!


what happened?


Comebackkit is monitoring this


There was only one thing I could do, ding a ding dang my dang a long o ling long.


Last thing I heard of @treyu is that he had had to be taken away in a straightjacket.

Witnesses heard him yelling and ranting...something about re-releases.


Hey now digga digga dow dow digga digga cigga cigga son of a gun

Wow wow wigga wigga wow wow wigga wigga I'm on the run

Why why why why why digga digga cigga cigga son of a bitch!!

Wow wow wigga wigga wow wow wigga wigga up on the ritz


Said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO woah woah woah woah woah woah woahhhhh


Some dispute over...T-shirt sales :P

Like this??? gotta a new topic on psynewsofftopic

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Funny thing - i opened General and saw DP has posted something "Deathposture rised from the dead :D" was my first thought and what do i see, hes missing me :wub::D

Yeh, im still around, read this and that once in a while and while i believe offtopic was hillarious place to be i believe it took alot of my internet time and tho i wasnt visiting it that frequently anymore, it was still too much to be into it and know all thats going on and thats hip and cool so i kinda felt its getting boring cause you just cant read everything and there was lots of fun and lots of overcrowded shit as well.

However, i would love to see it as being read-only. Or mars just could give us offtopic db so we/someone could set it up on some other domain, hosting, not sure of only to read it or to revive it.

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Oh and yeah, secret offtopic been offline for quite some time, dont know why.

Also, my own board, that i sort of looked after when RAH quit it, the Blueroom, is very empty too, so thats it, people are not that interested in 100 and 1 offtopic forum, psynews OT was legendary and will remain as such in our souls and hearts :D

However, Nemo offtopic was kinda interesting too, new people, not exactly the exact old core of psynews offtopic, but still manageable community.

People get busy with real life and not online shite, hehe B)

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Stop whining and step thru the looking glass!

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how to make money online[/url]


you got so fast rich of it that now you can't handle all the information in only your second post here. correct?

Or who made a second account for this lame joke?

(edit: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_posts&mid=16356 it's a bot)


I don't own anything out of it. it's freeforums which gains ads money for their hosting service.

when you use something like NoScript plugin for Firefox you won't see an advertisement cause you just disable jasvascript of the ads provider or any other domain.


i'm sure a lot lazy psy heads just come over to read .... but what do you expect from only 30 members? wikipedia has got at least 500 regular authors. :)

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