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Borgore sounds good.



This track sounds very goa/more melodic darkish psyey. Could definitely open up a psy set with this.



Ladies and gentlemen, this is a huge moment in psytrance history: the birth of PSYstep!!!! Great find Darkarbiter, I definately hope to hear more tracks like this :wub::wub::wub: I haven't felt so excited about a track since the mid 90s!!!

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here's some stuff i like, but unfortunately it's not that typical...


Sub Scape - Artificial Dreamer



ital Tek - Cyclical



ital Tek - Octa



Data - Doors of Perception



Kryptic Minds - Stepping Stone



Kryptic Minds - Organic


Burial - Archangel (ok, thats a classic)



Kryptic Minds - Distant Dawn (sounds like this guy played Mirror's Edge...)



Scuba - Klinik



Martyn - Vancouver (2562's Puur Natuur Remix)


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Dubstep, darkstep, or whatever sometimes makes me feel :wacko:


Much more so than psytrance for sure.


Completely agree... dubstep is a mind fuck when hearing it spun live and on any kind of psychotropics... for me it has a very very tangible feel to it. Unfortunately it reminds me of a bad trip so I can't really get into it... kinda over the top for me anyway.

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@Pigs: Not a bad tune.



Also, I heard from a little blue bird that Joker has finished his new album. Though, the little birdy didn't tell me a release date.


Can't wait to get it, though.

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