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beatless trance


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was wondering if there were some artists-tracks-albums that released "beatless" trance...more like kickless. i mean normal goa (good trance aka) with all the characteristics of trance , but without the kick...kinda like the big breaks one can find in some goa tracks(ap used to do this a lot)


in other words, melodic,powerful and not necessarily 60bpm trance but without the 4/4 kick....


i know its weird, i just wanna see if any such tracks exist! :)

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You know a great track that could of been beatless is Astral Projection - 12,000 Suns , however that one has a kick so it ain't. But I'm guessing this is the type of sound you are looking for. I'm not familiar with any music that features such melodies but without beats. Most of the beatless ambient out there is just dark and drone-like, without the melodies 'leading' anywhere.. I would appreciate some beatless trance tho.. If anyone knows of any please do tell.

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Dunno if Humate counts as 'powerful Goa' but it's certainly melodic and break-ish... Check "3.1 Bedrock Ambient Mix", it's old as hell, but really good.


If you are just looking for something interesting without a beat, find "Subsonic Park", AFAIK "Inner City Codes" is the only album thing out there. Dubby, IDM-ish, trancey type of stuff, top notch.

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ok guys thanks 4 the recs ill check them out when i get some time...


to make it easier 4 ppl that dont really understand what i mean....imagine the breaks in the old goa-psy trax...when the kick disappears and theres only the synths and fx (percussion as well, no prb)


. are there any tracks that are entirely like that? hope i made clear what i mean! :)

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the ones i mentioned are totally percussion-free



one with only some percussion, no kicks: Earth Nation - Transfiguration

i havent checked that one out but am not looking for beatless ambient(if it is ambient)...i have tonns of that (steve roach- vidna obmana etc)..i even make beatless ambient when i get some time off... what am looking would be considered completely experimental....a normal track full of synts, spirals, fx etc but without the 4-4 kick...i just wanna see what that would be like...cz sometimes a 10sec break is better than the whole track...i remember darshan- tranceformation with the EPIC break killing me...but ap's breaks are more like what am looking for... i dont have the track names infront of me right now, ill write them down 2morrow and post them so ppl have some material to work on.


but i will check out the links u gave me. am always happy to discover some new soundz :clapping:

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i havent checked that one out but am not looking for beatless ambient(if it is ambient)


the line in between is thin, and vague (when searching for beatless trance)


but compared to steve roach or vidna obmana, it's definately trance

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2020 and theres still only random tracks available. I know exactly what you mean by beatless trance, or even beatless house. Just the layering of pads and synth melodies without sounding too industrial or machine like and no beat! Almost psychadelic.

Carbon based lifeforms is the closest artist ive found but even then only a few tracks. Ive recently found an album by shylo love called ancient solfeggio healing - that is close. And a track by j.s epperson called 'embrace' that im liking.

Any luck for you? Id luv to find more.

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Oh well I've got something for you you damn suckers,



Haven't listened to the entire piece, a friend just put me onto it now, but some or atleast all so far seem like they may satisfy a beatless craving.

It's still slow and dreamy, but there are moments that go by with basslines and leads, instruments layering and all while carrying an overall trancey atmosphere, like it could break any moment but it doesn't (So far). I'm on shuffle with 12 second crossover on spotify and it's pretty good. 

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