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Mr Rogers - Ooze System


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Well I must say I am surprised this one has not made it onto this site because its one of the most interesting cd's I have heard in a long time.


I don't have the time nor inclination to review each track, I just wanted to get it up here so that some of you check it out.


It's a perfect soundscape when you don't want trance nor the fairyness of shpongle et al. Very twisted sounds, off beats, casual psychedelic mayhem, deliciously created and produced.


Psyshop have it, go check out some samples, maybe someone else could write a full review.... Mr Rogers also on myspace of course.


He's huge on the west coast....never been to europe as far as I can see......when is the next psynews event?

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Glad to see him getting recognition! Great stuff indeed. A killer DJ too B).

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listening to it at work now. sounded pretty cool and less layery tripy .. but bit slow for Friday and the sample about DMT on 3rd/4th track, just turned me off about the music. Kind of like disrespect to the entheogen.


But waiting to go home today and listen on a good sound system.




Edit: listening to it at home and it is good music. its been playing on for a while now.

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This is absolutely wonderful, except track 5 which I do not care for at all. It contains some kind of rapping. Also track 4 gets old since it has a very long sample with Joe Rogan, or whatever that guy's name is. Other tracks are great though, highly recommended.

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Apparently Mr. Rogers is doing some big things within the Psy and Breaks scene located on the West Coast of the USofA. His funky psychedelic break-beat sets have gained the attention of fellow artists and producers across, and have earned him respect of being an artist that likes to push the boundaries and not swallow fear in making something sound strange and extraterrestrial with funky sunglasses.


Mr. Rogers - Ooze System (BasSTAR Records, Geomagnetic.TV) 2007 (BASSCD001, GOCD030)


Posted Image


01. Gangsta' Goose

02. Mr. Lemurian

03. Space Vagina

04. The DMT Factor

05. Sparkplug (Mc - Agustus Thelefant)

06. Spookey Kabluey

07. Bahroo! (Vocals - Doramey Fossilotti , Jacinda)

08. A Boy And His Blob

09. Tameron's Cube

10. Life


The album starts out (T1) with quirky and funny builds that takes the sound into a space based dub juice. And as the second track (T2) bubbles away it gets deeper in aggression and motion, more mystiques to the atmosphere like being down in a cellar with strange pipes. The shpongly vibe is present with that nice TIP alien approach. UFO’s n’stuff you know, in metallic scenery. The third track (T3) is somewhat a resolution in the phrase; ‘strange stuff floats better’. It’s like taking a trip in a spaceship, a Space Vagina that has the power to reborn you into a new dimension full of possibilities. After the trip in a moist and pleasent vagina, (T4) goofy stuff spins the mind, and plays a longer sample about the DMT experience according to Joe Rogan, better known from the Fear Factor USA television show, and sugarcoats itself in a strange take on DJ Jeans Euro-dance hit, The Launch. The fifth track (T5) introduces a fusion between hip-hop rapping and Space-Breaks. Now it’s time for TripHop goes into TripSpace with rhymes (MC) and a rough Flat-Erik bassline. This is some seriously groovy stuff if you’re into Ninja Tunes and its experimentations – Maybe a bit of a nag, but still good.


Spookey Kabluey (T6) turns the mood to a more serious stage than before and let’s star glitter with funk-guitars playing in the close background. And after this display a man with a hat (T7) steps inside with some 50’s feel that break-beats the jazz. Not as impressive as the other tracks around, but ends good though with voices in space. The Boy and his Blob (T8) is unsettling the beat flow to wobble the sound and pling the plong - Pretty strange and sort of good. As the album spins you get a craving for more but a feeling of enough sneaks up and scrape things up (T9) booms the bass. Tromps the walk. Funky is back with samples of cocksucking dreams, which is very strange. It’s All Gone Pete Tong? After a long journey through funk and dunk, Mr. Rogers serves us a very nice ending to an album of strange play of sounds and Ooze. (T10) Bump bump hump with soul music now. Lounge dub. .. Some eerie mocking voices softly breaks up the track to introduce more uplifting and cute melodies that seem to be a good ending to a varieties and imaginative album. Chilled funk dub to end it all.


Recommendation: Mr. Rogers quirky fun’funky attribution to the Ooze was released on BasSTAR Records who sprung out of the Geomagnetic Records label group in the summer of 2007. They are focusing primarily on breaks, dub-step, electro house and down-tempo grooves from the other side. From them you should expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts. Mr. Rogers came to many as an interesting and fun surprise where he takes inspiration from the trip and his brothers from Finland and New Zealand. If you’re a fan of the more tripped based sounds of a strange psychedelic experience with a lot of funk, break-beats and intergalactic sound patterns without trance, this one will please your grease. It might not reek the quality of the releases from labels such as PSY-Harmonics and Demon Tea Records, but it does deserve just as much attention for its heart and soul. It has a fine balance between strange and straight where it at one moment is swimming in star sprinkles only to be swept inside a distorted mind-tricksters beach of headspace. … Unfortunately though, this release comes pale against other releases in the same spirit. The album seems to lack something in its overall quality and can get boring and sort of uninspiring as the tracks roll through your player. I’m not saying it sucks ostrich balls, but I am saying it has a lot of room for improvements and sonic experimentations.


I think if you’re a person on the lookout for music that can add something out of the ordinary to your tripped experience without being boxed into trance, chill-out or dub. You should defiantly take a shot at Ooze System. I’m very happy to have it in my collection and can’t wait to see its presents from another angel of space and face. Mr Rogers take on the Psychedelic breaks’n’hop is most of all fun and quirky in the range of 110 to 115 BPM. And Inside it can have an aggressive attitude as it reveals a body full of movement and variation. Most of all, this is funny Psy-Breaks with some mushroom funk from the West Cost. Yo!


Favorite Tracks: 1(!!), 2(!!), 3(!), 4, 5(!), 6, 10(!).


Score: 7.8/10



Where to buy and other links:

Ooze System: http://www.myspace.com/oozesystem

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Mr.+Rogers

Record Label: http://www.geomagnetic.tv

Psyshop.com: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/geo/geo1cd030.html

Saikosounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=6942

Beatspace: http://beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=3837

Play.com: http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/3511127/-/...;searchsource=0

More Weird Reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic

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Posted Image


Artist: Mr. Rogers

Title: Ooze System

Label: BasSTAR, Geomagnetic.TV

Released: 2007

Style: Breaks, Downtempo, Trip Hop




1 Gangsta' Goose (7:48)

2 Mr. Lemurian (6:07)

3 Space Vagina (8:17)

4 The DMT Factor (6:58)

5 Sparkplug (7:44)

6 Spookey Kabluey (7:08)

7 Bahroo! (8:48)

8 A Boy And His Blob (8:33)

9 Tameron's Cube (8:01)

10 Life (7:17)


Ooze System by Mr. Rogers is to be honest nothing like I was expecting. I had only read the description given at Psyshop merely calling this Psytrance. From the cover I was expecting this to be either some hard as nails Suomi or cheesy ass fullon. It might be time for Psyshop to come out of the dark ages and update their 3 styles of Psytrance, progress trance and ambient. This release squarely falls into none of those categories. It is psychedelic for sure, oozing with trippy sounds indeed but it really untrancey! It is too upbeat to be called ambient but the beats are too sporadic and breaky to conform to trance. It is heavy on the bass that reverberates from side to side in headphones and surround systems and for me has a feeling of psychedelic funky hip hop come chilled breakbeat.


The first three tracks are decidedly underwhelming, the second having an annoying sample halfway through that makes me cringe when I hear it. After the sample in the third track though things pick up with some great wet synth work lying under some funky beats. There are some nice dark bass synths, trippy samples and light melodic sounds that coalesce into a pretty decent track.


The DMT Factor can also be found on the compilation Chilldren Of The Blue Ray - 13 Moons and is where I think my whole feeling of this album being psy hop or psychedelic hip hop started. The bass, the beats and the long vocal sample all make me feel like I am in some funky underground hip hop club. If you think of hip hop as just hip pop rap crap don't get the wrong idea, I think of hip hop as funky and chilled dance music without any caps in the ass. Also even though I usually shy away from drug samples in tracks, this one is just fucked up enough for me to enjoy. The description of DMT is so far from my own experience while being just the same, it's cool.


Sparkplug sounds like some pretty regular hip hop with a bassline that moves a little more and a few psychedelic noises in the background. But the beats, lyrics and overall feeling is a little too "normal" for my liking.


Spookey Kabluey starts with a funky beat and a reverberating bassline. More sounds come in throughout and it ends up as a busy but fairly average track.


Bahroo! is a much more bouncy track with lots of melody but for me som of the melodies are a little on the cheesy side which is a shame as the others are really nice.


A Boy And His Blob is a very glitchy track that when in the right mood can really hit the right spot. However the rest of the album does not create this mood and this seems out of place. One for a mix set.


Tameron's Cube starts off glitchy too but finds some order more quickly and gets the balance just right to leave the track as some cool funky glitchy danceable chillout.


Life is more of a moody lounge track than anything else. It has the odd psychedelic touch here and there but more of an urban atmosphere for late night/early morning reverie. It’s a nice comedown to the album.


Recommendation: This album is pretty nice, it is nothing special in terms of quality but the mix of hip hop elements with the psy and electronica is pretty cool. It's interesting to listen to and I found myself listening to it quite a lot at the beginning but it's not a classic and in a relatively short time it gets old and tired. Most of the tracks don't have enough progression so end up sounding too long and I feel the urge to skip them. This album could be cool for chillout DJs though as there are definitely some nice moments here that could go well in a variety of sets.

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People should be on the outlook for his EP's, this is one track.

He's getting much more heavily focused on DUBstep now it seems compared to his Ooze System album which has some.


Bird Box (Original Mix) - The Parallel Neighborhood EP




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