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NEW Astral Projection album droppin..

n0 fingerprintz

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Uffff that's a rape in open daylight!!!:o


pretty damn terrible!


Where did u read AP is doing a oxygen remix?!


you can say that in some way or another i know avi personally.


i just came back from india 2 days ago. i hope i'll have the chance to meet him and gather more info.

there is no question that the world deserve to know whats going on, but very little info is coming from astral themselves. most of the things are rummors.


as far as i know, astral still have the issue with bne, cause they have the right of the tracks of the original album that was supposed to be released. so now they are working on new music. tracks that you guys probobly know like: "one", "humans will play for robots" and the remix for jean michelle jear (oxygen). what i dont know yet, is if astral are negotiating with a label or will release it under trust in trance. releasing in a labes means that the the album will be released quicker. trust in trance will take longer but i think that with better music.


i realy hope to come back with much more info


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Overall it sounds quite clubby, but

is amazing. It reminds me of the great remix on Faithless in '99.

I wish the would create compositions in that vein combined with their old melodies' creativity.

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Oh my fucking god.....


Posted Image


You gotta be kiddin me :o. This totally drops all of my optimism for this album, I really hope I am wrong... but.. :ph34r:


Ed: tbh, if they used that pic i posted earlier for the cover I'd have more optimism than now :lol:



OMG. That's ridiculous! That cover is a BIG EGO STATEMENT (saying LOOK AT US) from some of the most influential pioneers in electronica.


The only thing missing is an Infected Mushroom cameo with DUVDEV jumping in the background.



Dude, I thought it was going to be a picture of "Leave Britney alone" or something...


Or my intentionally bad LEAVE BARACK ALONE!!! here... :D





So is the album OFFICIALLY OUT yet, finally, after all of this time??

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"Thanks so much for your lovely words !!!

and your unlimited support !!

we love you !!! :-)

a short update (specially for both of u) :

the new album is ready!!

maybe we gonna do a small change in the album :-)

we've started a new Killer!! track yesterday, and we r thinking to add this instated "The Prophecy" ..


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