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Recommendations for Goa Trance


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I initially discovered psy, and then when I heard Goa, I found Goa to be much better, and truer to trance than psy. I'm looking for some GoaTrance recommendations. I know this is a very general request, but well I like almost all the Goa I've come across till now except a bit of GNOR.


Actually while trying to learn about Goa Trance, I trawled and trawled the internet, but didn't find a single source on good Goa tracks and albums. Its very difficult to find out more about Goa if you weren't on the scene in the 90s, and I began listening to Goa only a year ago. So I decided to create a list here and I'm trying to make it as comprehensive as possible, and give a complete introduction to the genre from the perspective of someone who wants to know more about Goa but is new to the genre.


Any feedback on it would be much appreciated :)


Also, if you felt the list was a decent effort, what about this?

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I would definitely recommend Jaïa - Blue Energy. It succeeds in combining melodies, psychedelia, tribal feeling, fast and low pace tracks. One of the few complete albums to me.

Check also Transwave/Total Eclipse early albums.


And as a final loved album: Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings. Quite downtempo, but with awesome melodies and a subtle tribal vibe. Also combines ambient feeling.


EDIT: and yes, your list looks good to me. Perhaps add Asia 2001 - Live also?

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Since I only got into GOA the last few months heres what Ive found useful:


Suntrip - This label produces now-a-days GOA, popular stuff.

Avatar - Many re-issues of classic GOA albums.

Trust in Trance - Lots of great compilations still obtainable.


Saikosounds still carries a fair amount & ebay is your next best.




Really the thing I want to know is more about the lesser talked about artists. Everyone mentions Astral, Hallucinogen, MFG, Pleiadians, Doof, Etnica, Total Eclipse, X-Dream (list can go on, theres a few). Other possible brilliant albums that dont get as much exposure and took the back seat to the bigger well known guys.

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Thanks, I'll check out the recommendations.


Really the thing I want to know is more about the lesser talked about artists. Everyone mentions Astral, Hallucinogen, MFG, Pleiadians, Doof, Etnica, Total Eclipse, X-Dream (list can go on, theres a few). Other possible brilliant albums that dont get as much exposure and took the back seat to the bigger well known guys.

Well, in my list, if you look at the tracks section (comes after the albums) then you might find some tracks you haven't heard before.

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First of all, check out the search. Secondly, check the reviews from 1994 till about 1999 + count in Suntrip releases from 2004 till 12 November, 2007 :)


It's really more interesting to explore by yourself, if you've got time, of course.

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Nice list


You must include the most important compilations to kick of the scene

Project II Trance

Order Odonata Vol. 1


and a great mix, that showcases some of the best Goatrance & is pretty easily accessible ;)

Dragonfly Presents : A Voyage Into Trance (Mixed By Paul Oakenfold)

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Thanks for the recommendations, I've added them.


Don't forget Ominus and Chi-A.D.

Could you name their best works?
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Thanks for the recommendations, I've added them.



Could you name their best works?

I'd say Chi-AD - Virtual Spirit is the best. I also like Anno Domini but not really Infinitism. For atmospheric Trance with Goa elements + ambient + psychedelia, try Virtual Spirit.


And I only know Ominus - Ominus but it roxxx!

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I'd say Chi-AD - Virtual Spirit is the best. I also like Anno Domini but not really Infinitism. For atmospheric Trance with Goa elements + ambient + psychedelia, try Virtual Spirit.


And I only know Ominus - Ominus but it roxxx!

Thanks, added them.


Wow! How could I have missed this out!! Honestly :blink:


And which is the best Goa Gil compilation out there? Forest of the Saints? Non-Stop Trance Party? Ceiba?

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Many of the best Old-School Goa-Trance albums



1. Pleiadians - I.F.O. - A

2. Hallucinogen - Twisted - A

3. Astral Projection - Trust in Trance - A

4. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional (Re-Mastered) - A

5. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger - A

6. Transwave - Backfire - A

7. Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy - A-

8. Chi A.D. - Earth Crossing - A-

9. Cosmosis - Cosmology - A-

10. Astral Projection - Another World - A-



11. X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness - A-

12. Etnica - Alien Protein - A-

13. Jaia - Blue Energy - A-

14. Tandu - Multimoods - A-

15. Transwave - Helium - A-

16. Miranda - Phenomena - A-

17, Transwave - Phototropic - A-

18. Green Nuns - Rock Bitch Mafia - A-

19. MFG - New Kind of World - A-

20. Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet - A-



21. Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under the Black Light - A-

22. Doof - Let's Turn On - A-

23. Ra - To Sirius - A-

24. Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins - A-

25. MFG - Project Genesis - A-

26. Mystica - Age of Innocence - A- / B+

27. Fractal Glider - Parasite - B+

28. Xenomorph - Cassandra's Nightmare - B+

29. California Sunshine - Nasha - B+

30. MFG - The Prophecy - B+



31. Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation

32. Asia 2001 - Ama Zone

33. Space Cat - Beam Me Up

34. Mind Warped - Fluorolizard

35. Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet

36. Darshan - Awakaning

37. Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini

38. Chi-A.D. - Virtual Spirit

39. Talamasca - Beyond the Mask

40. Electric Universe - One Love



41. Electric Universe - Cosmic Experience

42. Electric Universe - Unify

43. Electric Universe - Blue Planet

44. Shakta - Silicon Trip

45. Shakta - The Enlightened Ape

46. Transwave - Hypnorhythm - N/A

47. Digital Sun - Re-Collection

48. M.W.N.N. - Earth Moving the Sun



Many of the best New-School Goa-Trance albums to date


1. Filteria - Sky Input - A-

2. Khetzal- Corelle - B+ / A-

3. Filteria- Heliopolis - B+

4. Mindsphere - Inner Cyclone - B+

5. Torakka - Far Out Express - B+

6. Goasia - From Other Spaces - B+

7. Ethereal - Anima Mundi - B+

8. V/A - Apsara - B+

9. V/A - Peace Therapy Vol. 2 - B+

10. V/A - Twist Dreams - B+



11. Ypsilon5 - Binary Sky - B+


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Okay I gotta list some known and less known stuff here (since noone has done it yet for obscure reasons, or i've overlooked it) that you must check out:


Technossomy - V.T.O.L. (must have classic. check out whole "synthetic flesh" album)


Koxbox - Fuel On (must have classic. check out about everything from 94-98)


Unconscious Collective - Fluorostani Transcendance (very unique track. The very track that made me interested in goatrance and, for that matter, still the best track ever made in the genre imo)


Psychopod - Dreampod and Psychopod (Koxbox' sidepoject. check out Headlines e.p. as well)


Etnica - Trip Tonite (must have classic. laid back track. lot to check out as you probably already know)


Phreaky - Over The Moon (check out the comp. V.A. - ordor odonata 3 if you like this)


Encens - Infinite Image (nice oldschool. made several very good tracks imo.)


Sundog - Touch The Sun (very unique, played in arabian 'harmonic minor' scale)


Psychaos - Dense Dawn and Keyboard Widow (and more. classy stuff)


Subcouds - On Red and Greenflow (melodic and energetic)


Shakatura - All Hallows Morning (not very hard but very very beautiful)


Section X - Galaxian (high energy track, very repetative. all-time fav for me)



Much more ofc but that's it for now

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Awesome recommendations! They've gone a long way towards completing this list :) This is how it looks like now....I was wondering is it worthy enough and is there space to put it up here?


Goa Trance


Trance in its Purest Form



This is a collation of the best tracks and albums of my favourite genre Goatrance! Its a great introduction to the genre. There don't seem to be any Goa Trance specific lists despite the "Goa sound" being distinct from mainstream trance. So I came up with this. All feedback is welcome though I warn you I'm totally biased in favour of Goatrance as the best musical genre ever :P


If you feel I've missed out any noteworthy tracks, or have any other feedback in mind, don't hesitate to drop a reply. And if you've found any other lists of the best Goa Trance albums and tracks please leave a reply with the link. Thanks.


First some QnAs on Goatrance and this guide.


Q. Aaaaargh! I'm not going to download all this. Give me the 3 top albums! Why can't you put them in best to least best order so I know what I should download first?!!

A. Firstly, its too much to arrange all this stuff in order. I ask you, which is best, Twisted, Trust in Trance or Alien Protein? Or maybe Lets Turn On, or Cosmology? Because I haven't the faintest idea. However, I have included some album descriptions which will help you decide what you want to check out first.


Ok, 3 albums you must get before anything else:

Hallucinogen - Twisted

Astral Projection - Trust in Trance

Etnica - Alien Protein


For a general flavour of Goa you can try getting Dragonfly presents: A Voyage into Trance mixed by Paul Oakenfold


Q. What is Goatrance and where did it come from?

A. Goatrance is a subgenre of trance that originated in Goa, India because of the hippie influence. It had its roots in psyrock. Goatrance was also called "Trance Dance", hence the names of the Astral Projection and Cosmosis tracks.


Goa is a small (by Indian standards) state halfway down India's western coastline which was a Portugese colony for hundreds of years. It still retains signs of Portugese influence, evident in the beautiful churches you'll find there, which makes it distinct from the rest of India in general. Perhaps this made the locals more tolerant of hippies. Till the mid-70s hashish was legal and this coupled with the beautiful beaches attracted hippies. Anyway, till the early 90s, you could get away with drugs if you paid baksheesh (bribe). Then the police started cracking down and Goa lost out.


Two albums which kicked the scene off were:

Project II Trance from way back in '93.

Order Odonata Volume 1 from '94.


The entire scene was managed by foreigners, mostly Europeans and Israelis. The only thing Indian about the scene was the location. You'll find that all the major Goa artists are from Israel, France, England and Italy. A major reason for the spreading of Goa in Israel was the visits paid to India by Israeli soldiers after thier compulsory military service. For playback, in the late 80s, casette disks were predominately used, replaced by DAT tapes in the 90s. (Vinyl warped in Goa's heat).


The "Goa" sound is acid-filled, with the base comprising of a thumping kick, very melliflous, mysterious and ecstatic and manages all of the above without sounding cheesy (!). Goa trance tracks are melodious, but the harmonics are very important too. The acid used in Goa Trance is a kind of booming acid, the same way rave is booming base. The tracks generally mimic the effect of a drug. They start off slowly with a plain melody. Then the kick is added, then synths and the melody becomes faster and faster with the acid notes becoming quicker and closely spaced. The track then rises to a entrancing climax, and the dénoument is rather short compared to the track's length. Goa tracks are generally 8 minutes long and can stretch to 11 minutes in length. Goa tracks may also have vocal samples referring to aliens, space travel and other "New Agey" themes. For example, Identified Flying Object had theories on space travel on the inside cover.


Goa Gil drew a link between Goatrance and ancient tribal ceremonies. Goa trance wasn't just music to get you high, it was supposed to be a mind-altering experience.


Ofcourse for this mind altering experience the hippies had to be on drugs and their drug of choice was LSD, commonly referred to as acid. To know the hows and whys simply listen to the vocal sample in Hallucinogen - LSD or read them here. A sample from the track is

"You're introduced to LSD, an' it's not like taking some other drug for instance like marijuana or something, hm, well, you know, it's altogether a new thing, and you actually can have a religious experience, and, hm, and it can be even more important than reading the bible six times or becoming a pope or something like that, you know... "


Goatrance parties generally started in the late evening and went on all night, ending the next morning, although parties in Goa could go on for days. This gave rise to a phenomenon singular to Goa, a track is sometimes sub-genrefied by the time of the day it is most suitable for. For example, some tracks will be called "morning".


Major Goa labels include Dragonfly (UK), Perfecto Fluoro (UK), Flying Rhino (UK), Blue Room Released (UK), Matsuri Productions (Japan), TIP Records (UK). The record label responsible for single handedly keeping Goa alive today is Suntrip Records (France/Belgium).


NOTE: Acid, as in referring to LSD the drug , and acid as in referring to music are two different things. For LSD click on the link. Acid in music refers to the high frequency, high pitched tweerps, bells, whistles, squeeks, squeals, whooshes etc which generally warp your mind, give you the feeling that your brain is 20 light years away in space and depending on your imagination make you think of -

1. Alien invasions of Earth

2. Star Wars-esque space battles with lasers and pulses

3. Ancient Tribal ceremonies

4. The last war betweeen humans and robots

etc...etc..you get the general idea.


Q. What happened to Goa?

A. Well, essentially all Goa has been produced in 6 all too short years, 1993-1998 after which the sound became psychedelic. Psychedelic trance is much less melodic, has sharper distinct sounds instead of melodies which flow into each other and is darker. Goatrance is more organic while psytrance is more mechanical.


Thankfully Goa never lost its integrity as all the commercial stuff produced 99 and after was called psychedelic trance and Goa remained untouched, a time capsule of musical genius between 93-98.


A good illustration of the transition of Goa into psychedelic trance is Koxbox's Dragon Tales album.

Or, quoting sljiva for this,

"For a real contrast between goa and psy I would recommend checking Raja Ram's two labels: TIP Records and TIP.World. TIP Records were releasing melodic, organic and eastern influenced trance prior to 1998 from artists such as The Infinity Project, Doof and Psychopod, while on the other hand TIP.World is some kind of psy successor of TIP Records and they release this metallic, cold and mechanical type of trance from artists such as Alien Project, 1200 Mics and Logic Bomb."


Another case in point is Etnica. By 2000, it lost 2 members and went the psychedelic way, totally abandoning Goa :(


This is not to say psytrance is bad. There is a lot of good psytrance out there too. If you prefer trance with a bassline, then you will like psytrance.


Q. All Goa sounds the same, with the same acid TB303 sounds!

A. It takes time to develop a liking for Goa. Give the tracks a couple of listens and some patience. The sounds will be the same to a new listener but with time you'll appreciate the different melodies and the acid. Goa Trance is not "fluffy" or "cheesy" so if you've started off by listening to that kind of trance, it will take some time to appreciate Goa Trance.

Recommended Reading: Why "fluffy" trance sucks


If you're new to Goa Trance or Acid Trance you could these tracks first:

The Light - Dusk - Make sure you get the 8:46 version, not the 3:46 NE one.

Blue Planet Coporation - Overbloody Flood

They are easier to get used to. These following tracks are frequently featured on "Best of Trance" lists so you could try them out first too:

Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis

Astral Projection - Mahadeva

Doof - Double Dragons

Hallucinogen - LSD

Man With No Name - Teleport

Shakta - Lepton Head III

This should get you started. Enjoy~


Q. Where can I get these tracks and the artist discographies?

A. Discographies at www.discogs.com .

Tracks at www.psyshop.com or Soulseek .


Q. Are there any free Goa releases I can check out?

A. Few I've come across:

Golden Vibes I

Golden Vibes II

Finnish trance aka Suomisandi, its kind of different. Try it! You never know what you'll like, and besides its free.


Q. I wanna know more!

A. Alright, here are some external links

In-depth article on Goatrance

Site which chronicles the origin of Goa Trance till its transition into Psytrance

Another article on Goatrance, shorter and easier read then the other links

Meet other people who are into goa/psy at Psynews


First, the best Goa albums.

Format is [Artist] - [Album] - [Year] - [Notable Tracks] followed by remarks if any on the following lines.


Analog Pussy - Psycho Bitch From Hell

Yeah, weird name but its a fair album.


Asia 2001 - Live - 1996

Good stuff, and the 2 remixes from MFG round if off well.

Asia 2001 - Ra - 1996


Astral Projection - Trust in Trance - 1996 - Kabalah, People Can Fly, Aurora Borealis

Well to be honest, there isn't any point in listing notable tracks, the whole album is a work of art. If you don't like this, don't bother going any further. The wonderful acid notes, the beautiful buildups and ecstatic melodies will give you a real high.

Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy - 1997

Astral Projection - Another World - 1999 - Another World

--->Isratrance at its best, Astral Projection is arguably the best known Goatrance project with its joyful, morning sound. Their unique style - uplifting and light Goa Trance - takes what is already a beautiful genre and makes it so uplifting that you actually feel like you're flying.


Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet - 1999


Chi-a.d. - Virtual Spirit - 1997

Chi-a.d. - Earth Crossing


Cosmosis - Cosmology - 1996 - the entire album

Afterglow is great ambient goa and Key to the Innerverse is the best Symphonic Goatrance track you'll find. It really screams at the end. And the rest is very fast, trippy music, no track will disappoint, its guaranteed to give you that epic feeling.

However Cosmosis can be rather psychedelic instead of goa at times. For example, from 2:00 to 3:50 of Gift of the Gods the acid line is reminiscent of Higher State of Conciousness .


Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet - 1999 - Haunted World

Dark Goa release.


Dimension 5 - Transdimensional


Doof - Lets Turn On - 1996 - Lets Turn On, Double Dragons

Enchanting and fantasical music, this was released in Goa Trance's most fertile year. This album will carry you away, especially Double Dragons.


Electric Universe - One Love


Etnica - The Juggling Alchemists Under The Black Light - 1995 - Moon Concept, Spheric Influence

Etnica - Alien Protein - 1996 - Starship 101, Chakra Active 8

This is one of the best Goa albums of all time, its transcends the whole sensation of listening to music and makes turns it into an entirely different experience all together.

Etnica - Equator - 1999 - Be On Go, History

If you're looking for downbeat, ambient and slower Goa which stil retains all its elements, this is for you.

---> Etnica is my favorite Goa project. Their music is on a deeper level, profound and full of meaning. It is try transcendent. It takes a lot of listening to appreciate it, but its more than worth it :D. To be honest, you can't go wrong with any pre-2000 Etnica track. They are just so good. And this isn't my opinion, ask anyone who's into Goa.


Filteria - Sky Input - 2004

This album is at the forefront of the new school of Goa Trance.


Genetic - We Are Genetic - 1998


Goa Gil - Forest of the Saints - 1998 - Bamboo Forest - Sadhu

Goa Gil - Ceiba - 1998

When it comes to Goa, you're going to bump into Goa Gil sooner or later, he was huge in the initial Goa Trance scene. So I thought I'd put down a few of his mixes over here.


Goasia - From Other Spaces

New school Goa Trance.


Green Nuns of the Revolution - Rock Bitch Mafia

--->GNOR are a kind of "funky" Goa.


Hallucinogen - Twisted - the entire album

The most famous Goa album ever. Hynotic, fluid, trippy, twisting...the definitive Goa album and "LSD" the definitive Goa track. If I had to pick one Goa album everyone on Earth must hear, I'd pick this. This album will overwhelm your senses, LSD is beautiful, lilting and the layers all meld together to make it a journey though sound. Shamanix has a very recognisable vocal sample,

"The way I feel, I don't expect to go to sleep for a year, I'm on f... fire!!" Exactly the way you would feel if you were on LSD and were listening to it.

When you hear Solstice, keep listening after it ends, after about 5 minutes or so of silence, you hear some ambient Goa sounds, this is the ambient version of a track called "Angelic Particles". I highly recommend getting the original too.

Jaïa - Blue Energy - 1998 - Sommeil Paradox,After the Rain


Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite - 1995 - Samurai, Guardian Angel

Juno Reactor - Shango - 2002 - Pistolero

The Pistolero (Man with No Name Remix) is so, so good. It was stuck in my head for the whole day the first time I heard it. Great stuff!

Juno Reactor - Labyrinth - 2004 - the entire album

--->Firstly, that all of Juno Reactor's work fits into Goa is debatable. They incorporate a whole lot of tribal influences and drumming making for very "heavy" tracks.

Juno Reactor is also known for its work on the Matrix soundtracks.


Khetzal - Corolle - 2005

New school Goa trance.


Man With No Name - Moment of Truth - 1996 - Evolution, Low Commotion, Floor Essence

A Goa Trance classic 'nuff said.


Message from God - The Prophecy - 1996 - Hynotized

Message from God - New Kind of World - 1997

Message from God - Project Genesis - 1998 - Intelligent Machine, On Mars, Project Genesis

On Mars is a beautiful track, there is not discernible rhythm because MFG has managed to blend together the different tonal layers so well, that is appears to be a continous stream of rhythm.

--->Commonly abbreviated as MFG. Project Genesis is dark and may be considered psychedelic.


Oforia - Delirious - 1997


Ominus - Ominus - 1997


(The) Pleiadians - Identified Flying Object - 1997 - the entire album

The album is great. I particularly liked Maia. It has such an eerie ending with a sinister choir that it makes you think you're at the climax of an ancient shamanic tribal ritual.

--->The Pleidians are a project formed by Etnica with the same band members and the same sound. These tracks are extremely fast and trippy. The only difference between Etnica and Pleiadians is the name. Pleiadians released on a different label and hence couldn't release under Etnica.


Shakta - Silicon Trip - 1997 - Neuromancer, Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies

High quality Goa throughout, none of the tracks will dissapoint. There are an incredible variety of sounds in this album, keeping each track fresh with repeat listens.

Shakta - The Enlightened Ape - 1999

--->Shakta is one of the lesser known Goa artists bus has a very distinctive sound and is one of my favourites. The range of the psychdelic sounds he dishes you will have you marvelling.


Shpongle - Are you Shpongled? - 1998 - Shpongle Falls, Divine Moments of Truth

--->Again, Simon Posford at his best, this time collaborating with Raja Ram to produce some great ambient Goa. Shpongle is really the gold standard for ambient Goa.


Talpa - The Art of Being Non - 2004

This album is up there with the greats.


Total Eclipse - Delta Acquarids - 1995

Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation - 1996


Transwave - Backfire - 2007 - Hypersphere, Cycles of Life

Yes! You're probably wondering how a 2007 release is Goa. Well not only is it Oldskool Goa, its very good at that!


X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness

X-Dream - Trip to Trancesylvania



Now the best Goa tracks which have not been covered in the above albums.


Astral Projection - Mahadeva

This tracks needs no introduction, its on every top trance tracks list you'll find. Etymological note: Maha means Great or Mighty and Deva means God in Sanskrit. This is one example of the India influence in Goatrance.

Astral Projection - Liquid Sun

Astral Projection - Solid Electronics

This is one of my faves, and exemplifies how a light, euphoric Goa track should start.

Ayahuasca - Ayahuascan Chant

Now, this track may be personal preference but I love this! The notes hit just the right chord with me and will take you away, as if through a cosmic journey.

Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (8 minute version)

Blue Planet Corporation - Juno Satellite

Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land

Charm - Brain Structure

Cydonia - Animals

Edi Mis - The Big Glory

Nothing too complicated, a simple track with aesthetically placed notes.

Etnica - Tribute

Genetic - Transmission

Hallucinogen - Angelic Particles

Juno Reactor - High Energy Protons

Juno Reactor - Acid Moon

Juno Reactor - Conga Fury

Ra - Gates of Tiptareth

Ra is an ex-Dimension 5 member and this track is a lilting, carry-you-away ambient trancer.

Man With No Name - Teleport

This track is one of the most famous Goa Trance tracks ever produced. Man With No Name at this best!

N.D.M.A. - Vitan

On the surface there is nothing special about this track, but at the end of it, you feel so good.

Noma - Another Time

An entrancing 10 minute long ambient tracks that gives you a real release.

The Nommos - Amma

The Nommos is a project by Goa Gil and his wife Ariane which fuses tribal drumming and Goa. Amma really evokes a kind of New-Age tribal atmosphere and will send chills up your spine.

Prana - Voyager III (Voodoo Remix)

Prana - Message for Eastedge

Prana - Boundless

Prana - Future Space Travellers

Shakta & Moonweed - Micronesia

Sheyba - Into the 4th Dimension

Sound Pollution - Where

After you hear this, you'll feel that as far as trance goes, this track is "just right"

Space Tribe vs Electric Universe - Rabbit Hole

This is the perfect mix of Goatrance and Psytrance, taking the best of both. Be warned, its not 100% Goa though.

Tandu - New Aura

Technossomy - High Density

The Light - Dusk

Make sure you get the 8:46 long version, now the shorter 3:46 version on NE. The first half of the track is ok, but the second half is really good.

Total Eclipse - Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse- Sound Is Solid (both Original and Simon Posford's Remix)

Total Eclipse - Transparent Mind

Total Eclipse - Can't Do That

Total Eclipse - Far Beyond Speech

Transwave - Rezwalker - Takes a bit to get started but its good after that

Unconscious Collective - Flourostani Trancedance

If tracks if rather funky, so if you like GNOR, you should like this one

Underhead - Orojuna

Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Future (Voodoo People Remix)

This track has some nice TB303 acid goa sounds.


Artists I still need to check out. All these guys are good and if you've run through the above and liked the stuff you might as well get these artists too:

Talamasca - Beyond the Mask

Ethereal - Anima Mundi



In conclusion, I've written this from the point of view of introducing someone unfamiliar with Goa Trance to the genre. I hope you liked it, and it helped you get to know the genre.

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