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PAR-2 Special For Psynews Members Only


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I have been listening to the albums, but mainly Mainspring Motion all day today. It is some seriously pystrance...


For this price you are really losing money if do not buy it!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like them. :posford:


Packages going out to Mexico and Turkey right now (sorry, losing track of the member names and actual addresses :lol: )

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I got mine as well. Thanks Jikkenteki.


People, you should indeed check out Mainspring Motion. There are some apsolute cracy tracks on there. Especially the ProSect tracks, I'm just listening to them over and over again.

And of course, The Long Walk Home is great. I haven't heard Neptune's Garden yet (too many listens of MM).

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i think you guys should extend this until Oct 20 so i can get mine


Actually a couple of people have mentioned payday issue so we are extending it through Oct 31st. We just one of the mods to edit the date in the thread title for us (hint hint) :)

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dude that opinion about price=performance was quite sucky :P:D

Sorry I really said it wrong, I just had no expectation for these CDs and thought that if I don't like them at least I didn't spend much money. That's what I really meant.

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