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trippy odd chillout needed


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comments back on beefcake:

got some very nice soundscapes, but it a little too freaky unfriendly breaks to me. Bit too industrial.

Although some tracks are good.

Actually i am looking for something more friendly.

coincidentia oppositorum has some wicked moments.. trippy psychedelic and nice!

liking it

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Divine Soma Experience - Welcome to the land of Dragons



That was my first thought when i read the subject, anyway..


Been looking thru some of the recommendations so far:

Bad Sector was a bit dark for my taste..

Kattoo sounds very interesting but will need a more thorough listen to fully appreciate, i think..

Mnemonic also sounds very promising. We like Melodic IDM, yes we do.


Mnemonic reminded me a bit of The Flashbulb. Is nice.


Thanks for the tips, keep em coming plz! ^^


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Then check Stendeck

np: Stendeck - Faces (2007)


Quite nice!


This kinda combination of emotional ambient and intense intricate rhythms is very nice indeed. :drama: :posford:



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ohh yea....Nord is one of the best albums ever. i dont know if i would call it chill out though, that album gets me fired up.

Well,it's definitely Power Noise or Rhythmic Noise if you prefer.Really good album indeed.
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Some excellent albums:


Alex Smoke - Paradolia (!!)

Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell - Psychonavigation 3

Black Lung - The Coming Dark Age

Clicks & Cuts (Various compilations on Mille Plateaux) Minimal - Rhythmic Noise

Gas - Pop (very organic microvariations)

The Orb - Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

Monolake - Hong Kong

And offcourse FSOL and Biosphere

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^ So far I really liked Beefcake's Drei and Coincidentia Oppositorum. Nice freaky breaky beats with beautiful layers on top of those. I wants the more!


Any place to buy hymen records? On the site itself I couldn't really find a shop ...

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