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Yahel - Waves Of Sound


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Yahel - Waves Of Sound


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Artist: Yahel

Title: Waves Of Sound

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'42" Going Up (Trance Mix)

02. 09'38" Waves Of Sound

03. 10'09" The Only Way

04. 07'31" Sun Scream

05. 07'46" Deep Feelings

06. 08'19" DNA

07. 08'31" Strange Emotion

08. 08'05" Last Man In The Universe

09. 06'56" Intelligent Life

10. 04'11" For The People (Radio Edit)




This is the second album of Yahel Sherman, this time on Hom Mega records.

Yahel has improved in some ways and is the same in others, when you compare

this album with the former one.

-There are very good ideas everywhere. Really good vibes on some tracks.

-The collaborations with Goblin and Erez Aizen are successful (tracks 1, 2, 10)

-The tracks 2 And 10 have been modified but are still ok

-The melodies are very good, but still a bit cheesy and repetitive...and some

tracks look a bit the same. too bad.

-The instruments are exactly the same as in "For the People"...

In fact this is a very good album, and some tracks would be pure killers if

they were a bit less cheesy...indeed, sometimes we have karahana sounds, a bit

like Astral Projection ones, you know (that's especially for track 1. Sorry

for the comparison).

If yahel releases a 3rd album, i think it will be really excellent as he's

improved, and i'm sure he'll improve again.

My favourite tracks: 2,4,5,7,8.

Overall, the music is here - that's the most important. 7/10 - like his brother.

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I love this album but as much as I hate to say it, I still prefer the last

album For the people. Sure it's got swirling and zaping sounds, but something

is lacking. I think it's the energy associated with the first release of every

artist's album. Still nothing matches the playfullness of Angel Jonathan but

we must move on and accept Yahel's great output. Certainly a talented

individual whose CD deserves to be purchased immediately.

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Yahel Sherman, the new king of Melodies ?

Probably ... !!

I'm really impressed by this new artist.

My favourite tracks are : 1-2-7-8.

I've noticed that the track 2 is also present on Full On

4 but here it's not exactly the same version.

I prefer the other version !

All the tracks have almost the same sounds :-(

To my mind, he must evolve and his tracks can be

better, something is lacking.

Sometimes, it's a bit too cheesy.

But : 7,5/10 !!

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Guest Vystril[at]aol[dot]com

beautiful!! after i heard waves of sound off of full on vol 4, i knew it was

going to be good:) often it sounds a bit like plain old rave music, but i

love the cd anyways, the melodies are great and the music is great ;) full of

emotion, probably will be one of the best, if not the best album of the year,

esp. if you like melodic trance

DEFINATELY worth buying


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umm...whats wrong with you people?! this is a psy-trance music page, and there

is no way this new album from yahel can be called psychedelic (or even goa)

trance! he has degraded soo much from his last album. "for the people" had

promise: lot's of interesting and innovative (even if underdeveloped) ideas,

and very creative GOA melodies. i was expecting this album to continue what he

started with his last; instead he goes and makes club-trance?! new kind of

melodies? new kind of trance? come on! this is typical paul-oakenfold-wannabe

eurotrash! track 2 was quite good (even if a bit cheesy) the way it was

originally released on "full on 4"; here he cramed an extremely cheesy part

right smack in the middle of it. this new part doesn't work well with the rest

of the track, and is by itself very lame: the melody is soo uncreative, just

plain boring and annoying! when with his last album i thought yahel was

actually trying to do something musically good, with this one he is just

trying to sell more records! i hear this kind of lame victory-trance has

become very popular in israel, so yahel (and hommega for that matter) are just

trying to jump on the boat! hommega please get back to your roots: you're

killing the essence of true psychedelic trance music. but i don't suppose you

care, anyway. a lame 2/10

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Guest LaGoaTrance

Very very good stuff !! maybe better than the previous one !! when you'are

bored with hard minimalist stuff, hear this one and you will smile...Yahel is

a great artist, no bad or average tracks and some killer tracks (Waves of

sound, Last man in the universe)...only a robot (sorry alexg1029 :-) wouldn't

like this sound !! don't miss it...9,5/10

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NOOOOOOOOOoooo! Don't tell me that you like this sh... !!

The only great thing in Yahel's style is the beginning of his tracks, but

that's all.

Who is Yahel ? Astral Projection's son or cousin, who tries to 'imitate' them

with a lot of difficulties ? Same sounds, exactly the same sounds with poor

and ridiculous techno melodies.

By listening this cd, you learn nothing, you discover nothing, so you like nothing.

After that, the first thing I did was listening Malaka Dance and selling these

waves of sound.

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Good Album ! Ok that sounds very israeli, but we can't say all the melodies

here are cheese ! Yahel is talented, you can't say he's an Eyal Barkan-like !

But his sound is very particular ? you either love it or hate it ? The 2 best

Yahel Tracks are on this album : Tracks 2&8 ? they're, according to me, far

better than the rest of the album ? All Tracks are typical " For The People "

Tracks ? I don't think there's any Bad Track but we can't say all these Tracks

are unforgettable (Track 4 is very close to cheese for me), except Tracks 2&8

? Track 9 is pretty good too ? in conclusion, buy it if you liked his first

album, don't buy it if you didn't like his first album, cause this album is

EXACTLY the same style as " For The People " ? however this album is slightly

better than For The People cause there's 2 great Tracks on it, Tracks 2&8,

whereas there was only 1 great Track on " For The People " (Track 1), and

Tracks here are generally better than the ones in " For The People " ? Track

10 is too short for me ? Rating : 7/10

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sorry, i'm gonna jump in here again, because i see people are comparing yahel

with astral projection, and that, in my opinion, is a crime that should be

punishable by law! =) never, i mean NEVER, has yahel achieved the same level

of music that astral projection once had. ok, their brand new tracks are shit,

but "dancing galaxy" and "another world" are some of the best trance there

ever was! if you don't like astral projection, fine, whatever, but please

don't compare yahel's club-trance bullshit to that classic group.

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Guest [Anonymous]

Well i think Yahel's new album is an improvement from his old one but he has

still not hit the mark. What one can gauge from this album is that the guy has

talent.. Too much cheese in the album for a true psy trancer to like

(specially the first 2 tracks) picks up after track 3.. I wouldn't cuss him

out, because in a few years time this kid is going to be on top of his game...

(some parts of this album are really nice full on melody style)

hear shiva chandra's new album and see how much an artist can evolve. (simply


For those of you who are unhappy with israeli trance, hear the new release of

Jaïa.. it will restore your faith in it. remember the israeli style is the

heart of goa and will always be good.

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Guest who[at]wanna[dot]test

Well, alexg is pretty much right in my opinion, just wanted to emphasize to all

of you who say track 2 is the best one (except for the cheesy part in the

middle... baaaaaaa....) well - guess why... OF COURSE! It's the god again, and

his name is Erez Aizen... you can hear exactly in what parts he entered the

balagan, and THOSE are the genius parts... Except for that, must give respect

for the first track, it's pretty nicely laid, although this is like the 100th

remix to this track, I think it's pretty insulting... they just sold us a

'trance' mix ... The music should be trance, not the remix...

Peace all...

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Guest Goa Spirit

Yahel's new album is........ well decent but there is still a lot of room for

improvement. The cd is actually quite nice after the first 3 tracks. TOO MUCH

CHEESE though...

but i do agree with the guys above, who mention that this guy is going to be

big in the future.. I think Yahel has a bright future, and i did really enjoy

tracks 4, 5, 6 and 8.. the last one has the light club tunes but doesn't come

off as cheesy.. infact it was quite trippy. I think he is on the right track

but hasn't fully evolved yet... i give this album a 7/10.


BTW - Jaïa is not israeli, but i know what the guy above means though, they

truely are amazing!!! :-)

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

First off, whoever says ANY of the tracks on here are euro-trash club trance is

FUCKING WRONG!!!!!! While it is true that Yahel errs on the side of

cheesiness in almost all of the tracks on this album (WHY did he have to put

that melody in the middle of track 2?!?!?!), every track definitely qualifies

as GOA TRANCE, having a definite psychedelic layering of sounds. I agree with

everyone above who says that Yahel has a really bright future (provided he

doesn't get corrupted from all his work with Eyal Barkan; in fact, I think it

is due to Barkan's indirect influence that this album is so cheesy). Despite

the cheesy elements that pervade the album, I still think it is so much better

than most of the emotionless, minimalistic tech-trance that is in fashion

today. Favorite tracks are 2, 7, 8. 1 and 9 are also pretty good. Really

uplifting stuff :)

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Guest Jonathan

Experimental. He wants tough. He got the guts to do it Alexg. Notice that

sometime he's got a lack, yeah u notice too. But be patient. Thats how i

found Yahel Style. I'm sure he will lauch something new in the future. Alexg,

everybody got to start somewhere...

I'm a listener, not a artist. And this is not trash. Just one more msg to

approuve thoses who like him.

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Guest russianguy[at]russia[dot]ru

A VERY GOOD melodic album, but it's more progressive(club) trance, than

psychedelic, and that's a pity:(((. The influence of Paul Van Dyk is massive

on Yahel, and it kills his unique creativness:((

I expected a lot more from Yahel..., his first album is much, much better than

second. 'FOR THE PEOPLE' - is a legend and it remains the best track from him

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Great album by Yahel , way better than For The People. Yahel's style is a

Club-Trance-Psychedelic , which is very uplifting and dancable. his melodies

are very good but sometimes they sound cheesy. Yahel is going to be a great

psy-artist in the next years!!!!

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I haven't herad all of this album, but a bunch of it, and i think it's great, i

think people saying "it's not goa trance" who cares? putting everything into 1

genre destroys it(what i believe actually happened to the decline of goa, and

the psy trance emergance)...accept it for what it is, music...but it's

definately goa, the layering is very nice, I actually think he's a lot better

than astral projection. I don't think they're that good, very overrated, so

what, the made some melodies with minor chord proggressions...that's it... but

maybe it's jsut that i've heard lots of AP tracks over n over again, but

anyway on the yahel tip, i really love his stuff, and i think most goa/psy

people hate me cuz i love his music, i get bored of the dark music, it's

easier to make upsetting music than uplifting music...

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Guest itsi_bitsi[at]goatrance[dot]com

This album is no.1 on my trance list! sharing the no.1 place with Astral

Projection's Dancing Galaxy... This is one of the most complete trance albums

i've ever heard. it's definitely at least 9.5/10 tracks 1,2 & 10 are the best,

THE BEST! c ya

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  • 3 weeks later...

Very good Israeli morning music - in my opinion, what good trance should be! I

far prefer this sort of trance that evokes emotions not like the dark,

minimalitic stuff that seems to be everywhere these days. Maybe a bit more

"commercial" goa, but still goa I think and I would never say its cheezy,

although I'm sure some people would disagree :-)

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Guest tranquilityallstar[at]yahoo[dot]

I am a big fan of Yahel, and morning trance. I LOVE For the People, and I

wasn't expecting very much out of this one by reading the above reviews. But

what I have found is that this album just takes some listening to get into it.

I had to listen to it all the way through about 5 times before I started to

"feel" it. And then I had to smoke a little weeb before I really understood

what it is all about. This is the only real problem, is that it takes time.

You can't really jump right in and dig the music like you can do on other


The melodies are very nice, and every song has a at least decent synth melody

in it. I think the only different between the melodies in this one and the

ones in For The People is that the ones in FTP just had more emotion. For

some reason I don't feel as strong of an emotional connection with this CD.

Of course it has its powerful moments (specifically tracks 2,3,4,8). And when

some of those melodies hit and you are "out of your mind" on a little weed,

your emotions will run sky-high and your spine will tingle until the melody

becomes your conciousness. This is what I love about Yahel. Unfortunatly

this doesn't happen on every song - but no one can be perfect all of the time.


So overall, this is a very very good melodic release, although I would be

hard-pressed to put it above For the People. If only Yahel had stayed with


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Guest tranceline21[at]hotmail[dot]com

I love Yahel and Eyal Barkan, and I have no reasons at all to change my

opinion.Especially not after hearing this beautiful album.


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Really Israeli trance, sometimes even too soft. But still my favourite album.

Not all the tracks are good, I espacially dislike The Only Way and Sun Scream.

They are not very inovative and sound a little boring, but the rest is great!

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