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  1. ben

    MFG - The Message

    Finally, I've received this album...I've already listened to "Wonderland" and "Dark Waters" (Trance Memory 2). The cd begins with "Have A Nice Day", a perfect track with typical MFG power. Then you have to dance like a mad with "Wonderland", perhaps a little to repetitive but I love this track, we can heard "Have You Ever Had A Dream?". My answer is "Yes" with this track and all the tracks of the album! "Brainwaves : not my favourite here, however the sounds have gone to my brain and I feel even better than before! This kind of music allows me to forget my worries! "Walking On Ice": MFG = Message For God, so you may have understand the meaning of this title..., marvellous track. "Feel Like God", I don't know this sensation (not yet!!), just listen to and fly. "Rise & Fall": beautiful , a fantastic atmosphere is given off. "Welcome To The Edge": the final would have been more worked! "Dark Waters": the reference, certainly the best track from this album. I remember when they played it last year near Paris, it was absolutely fabulous. "The Message": ambiant track, the title that you have to listen to! I give it 8/10! Bye it! PLUR ! Bom Shankar !
  2. ben

    Yahel - Waves Of Sound

    Yahel Sherman, the new king of Melodies ? Probably ... !! I'm really impressed by this new artist. My favourite tracks are : 1-2-7-8. I've noticed that the track 2 is also present on Full On 4 but here it's not exactly the same version. I prefer the other version ! All the tracks have almost the same sounds :-( To my mind, he must evolve and his tracks can be better, something is lacking. Sometimes, it's a bit too cheesy. But : 7,5/10 !!
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