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Yahel - Waves Of Sound


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Guest stelium[at]infonie[dot]fr

It's an excellent album from Yahel.

Beautiful melodies ,more trance than goa.

The track 2 is fantastic. all tracks are good .

track 1, 6, 9, 10. BUY IT / rating : 8.8/10

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Guest Oblivion

A very good album. Psychedelic beats mixed with beautiful melodies. All songs

are well done and special in one way or another. 80 minutes of the greatest

trance you can possibly imagine or dance to.

Rating: 98%

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Guest ragnarko[at]saunalahti[dot]fi

Best music by Yahel.

Great Album of my favourite music!

And tracks number 1,2,4,5,8 and 9 are the best.

Nice tracks to play in the "trance" parties!

Incredible, fantastic sound!!


By: Trance Freak

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AMAZING... What make uplifiting trance cheesey...? I think this

is far from cheesey. He starts of with good psychedelic beatz and ends up

progressive "early morning style" track 6 DNA is outstanding... I wish I

could hear more trance like this at parties.. I would dance all night! I

think its more psychedelic than a lot of this other stuff Im hearing lately...

Cant wait till he comes to NYC. Ill be there with a huge *smile* and dance

all night!

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Guest kandikidd[at]chickmail[dot]com

i think yahel is an awesome artist. in fact waves of sound is like one of my

favourite cd's ever. anyone i have had listen to him loves him... why compare

him w/ astral projection or anyone else for that matter. he is whatever he is

and you have to respect talent for what it is... right??

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It's not right to compare Astral Projection with Yahel. AP is totally seperate

from this, Israel or not. I classify this as progressive, psychedelic, club

trance. Tracks 2, 8, 9, and 10 are all awesome! Track 4: Sun Scream, is

amazing! This album is excellent for both listening to and the dance floor.

This guy is very talented. Just listen to the melody and the climax breaks

throughout just about every track! This is awesome trance and it's really


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Guest Diepeveen

This album is splitted in two genres... Cheeze and Very good morning style! -

Track 1 is very cheezy but nice melodies... Gets boring though! Track 2 is one

of the best here, very nice layers! Track 3 is just weird... Not good at all!

Track 4 is cheezy again, but has some very cool effects! - Nice... Track 5 is

very nice... A kind of morning chill that wants to be slow, but still rocks

some feets! Track 6... Kinda weird, but this time it's a positive weirdness,

nice melodies! Track 7 and 8 are very nice both of them! Track 9 is to cheezy

for me, and track 10 is just laughable! - Radio edits, come on! - 7/10

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Guest diablo_mxmn[at]hotmail[dot]com

chill out guys,

ill explain to you what the hell yahel was doing in this 2 albums.... HE WAS


the first cd wasnt melodic enough & this is why he turned to club. now you dont

even wanna know what is this guy doing: he is teaching youth how to DJ, and

dont even think he is doing it for charity.... he charges about 750$ for his


but dont get me wrong, i like his music.

but what about you guys? just because it is commercial & made solely for money

dose'nt means it is not good.

you should all listen to this.

respect. PSY-T

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Guest bruno[at]e-bruno.com[dot]br

Yahel is great in my opinion - yeah, it might be "cheezy", but what's wrong

with uplifting songs like Going Up(track one) and Intelligent Life (track

nine)? They are AMAZING songs IMHO, and so are many of the songs on this CD.


All I can say is that I always keep an eye on Yahel, because he'll be releasing

some more stuff soon!

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Guest kiss my ass

YAHEL is fucking awesome. Period. So what if his sound is more on the trancier

side?!?!?!? Yahel sucks???? Thats why you can find guys like Armin and Tiesto

putting his stuff on their albums. Yahel rules!!! And I hope he doesnt turn

into some shitty and boring infected mushroom acidtrance.

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Guest rondrigo[at]vtr[dot]net

I think this is one of the best albums ever created. Yahel has something that

almost nobody does, the intelligent of looking the world in different ways. I

highly recommend this album to any VOYAGER.

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Guest rx7style

I am really confused here because I liked Yahel's last album... it showed real

promise of future fantastic melodic psytrance releases. Then this album came

along, and I don't think it's psychedelic at all! It sounds like progressive

trance to me, hardly psychedelic. I'm usually one to stick up for melodic

albums, even if most people call them cheesy. But this album isn't

psychedelic trance, and it really bores me. Old old old style dreamy

progressive trance... "I think that the music is going back to it's roots.

It's recycling. It seems that every generation wants to enjoy the same music

but with modern standards and an updated sound production." I don't remember

old goa sounding like this... 6/10

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Guest FreeTrance4All

I just dont know about goa-trance style, cause never

faced it. But Yahel's music sounded very cool, uplifting!

Not bad. Just freely downloaded it from web. Free album,

why not own it? Heh... freely.

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Guest djunsane[at]goatrance[dot]com

Kick ass album.This guy is a god as far as morning psychadelic goes. This is

some of the best morning trance ive ever heard.Its not just chilled out but

tweaky as hell which drives you wild. Anyway i enjoyed every track especially

2,4,6,7,8,9,10. This is a 10/10

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Guest Pzzt - Neo

Israelis will understand this review: Ze trekim le shimonim al extot......

With such groups as Infected, Sandman, Oforia, Astral, Psysex, Dark Soho, MFG,

Space Cat etc. coming out of Israel comes this shimon and ruins it all...

2/10....... 6/10 if you are in the mood

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Guest koirraaah

Brilliant. Melodic and peaceful mindlesness with some infected-style samples...

not one bad track. Not one bad vocal sample. Not one extraordinary track to

emboss itself into ones memory... Recommended. 8/10. I enjoy this one.

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Call it what you want (cheese, trance, goa, or whatever). I think it's great.

One of the few albums I have that can be listened to start to finish. It's got

a light happy feel to it. Not for every moment, but great for a sunny

afternoon. If you're strictly into cutting edge minmal sounds, then run as

fast as you can, because you will hate this. If you like happy morning trance

in the style of AP, then get it. Check him out on mp3.com to preview it.

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Guest baltazar_dr[at]hotmail[dot]com

CHEEEEEEESUS! Why is everyone going for the clubshit or the minimalfuck? If you

want to do it with melodies do it with GOA! Handclaps sucks bigtime! Waves of

sound is the best track here, the others are far too cheesy and predictable!


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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

This release, I agree is a bit predictable and melodic (cheesy) as everyone

above has said, but this CD also is very special and beautiful in many ways. I

think his melodies are very Psychadelic and beats are fat dancefloor shakers.

This is a great CD to throw in a couple melodic songs here and there. All

great tracks. When I saw him in LA, I couldn't get the smile off of my face

for a week.

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