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Yahel - Waves Of Sound


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Guest [Anonymous]

All you people who automatically call a melody cheezy if it

doesn't sound dark or extremely psychedelic are just very, very limited in

your thinking. Also all the people who have some limiting bias as to what

psytrance is, or can be, are really only limiting themselves. If it had been

up to people like you psytrance wouldn't even exist because you would have

been too afraid to move out of your little bubble and experiment with

different sounds from different sources. The part of psytrance that refuses

to reference outside of it's own previously established style will stagnate

and die. The part that is willing to ignore boundries will continue to evolve

and will survive. That is not to say that the older sounds and formulas must

die, but only that new things must be introduced and accepted in order for

this music to evolve and thus continue to thrive. I think it is really in

fashion to say that melodies (or at least uplifting melodies) are cheezy. I

think that is really a stupid thing to fall into. Music is music. Sometimes it

moves us and sometimes it doesn't achieve that. So music isn't all equal.

However the illusionary boundaries that many people set up in their minds

prevents them from enjoying some music that otherwise they would enjoy very

much. As far as Yahel, I think that because his music contains more elements

from standard trance and club music that people are unwilling to accept it as

psytrance. But these people aren't really listening. They hear it and then

shut off their minds before it makes them feel anything or before they really

assess what it is about. Yahels' music definitely contains more standard

trance elements, but is it club trance? Definitely not. Listen again with

fresh ears. There are definitely elements that make it very different from

mainstream trance. So Yahel doesn't make mainstream trance, but it isn't

formulaeic goatrance either. It is a hybrid. Like all psytrance is. So just

open your mind and enjoy it.

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Guest diablo_mxmn[at]hotmail[dot]com

going up: very clubby but nevertheless a good track 9/10

waves of sound: WHAT A CHEESY MELODY!!! but the rest of track is cool so 7.3/10

the only way: love the ending 10/10

sun scream: 9.2/10

deep feelings: 7/10

d.n.a: 9.1/10

strange emotion: 5.4/10

last man in the universe: 9.4/10

intelligent life: great track - best in the cd 10/10

for the people (radio edit): why to ruin such a beautiful thing? 0.5/10


the whole cd: better then the first one 9.7/10

psychedelic teacher/psy-t

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good quality club-trance, but i don't like club-trance. you know what i mean?

another 'i slept with dj tiësto' album. the tracks are cute (for the people

*right*), complaining minimal haters and commercial sluts, you'll like this. (

5.5/10 )

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Guest psycosmo

I like Yahels melodies quite a lot, even though I am generally more into the

trippier side of things. Yahel does have more in common with the 'cheese'

trance sound than the psychedelic undergraound sound, but I have found myself

getting quite emotional to Yahel. The melodies in good cheese trance seem to

somehow unlock emotion the way the more psychedelic music can unlock

'psychedlic' states of consciousness. Music is alot better when you try to

appreciate it based on what it is and not on its similarity to your favorite


I think this music can piss one off if theyre not in the mood to be emotional.

Ever notice how uncofortable cheese trance makes some people? Anyway, just be

open minded. Just because I like Simon Postford, the Spirallianz, Son Kite,

Logic Bomb, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Pleiadians, DnB/jungle like

Technical Itch, Ed Rush, Optical, DJ Crystl, Krome, EZ Rollers, Konflict and

even hardcore like Omar Santana, Rotterdam Terror Corps, some Rob Gee doesn't

mean I cant like emotionally (melo)dramatic stuff like Yahel, and the master

of this effect as far as ive heard, Nostrum.



1 question for everyone: Can something be psychedelic without being at all


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Guest sunflower

ok, the discussion does not seem to end, no wondering, why, the album is lovely

controvers all the time, VERY cheesy, almoust horrible moments sometimes,

music I don't get into it, but the QUALITY of what Yahel does as an artist is

good, is even very good, and all the complaining all the bloody time is

falling on my nerves, in switzerland we eat hot cheese with bread and it's

also nice tasting, and the best moments are in those silent breaks between

melodies, where there's really gonna be flavour and taste.

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Guest [Anonymous]

This is not psy or goa, just only trance, but its very good. None bad track in

the whole cd. 8/10

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Guest allen - THE ANSWER

tell me is the 9th track intelligent life a rip off of muses rapt spiritual

healing? . . did you notice that...

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Guest ttmx[at]ifrance[dot]com

...Yahel make a commercial trance .But I love the way of his melodies

.According to me , it's interresting to Hommega to work on club trance , it

enable the label to be diverse .In fact , yahel is a bit in the same style of

astral projection .All the tracks are good but sometimes , it is very

repetitive ...Of course , it is club trance .But I like the artist because he

plays also on trance goa style , and on euro trance style .(you can see him on

dj tiesto's set and on israel'dj set ).

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Is that all you people are f"*@ed up, the best of yhael is Inteligent life

it has a meaning a feeling in it that i havent found in any other trance house

techno anyting... but i agree it is not the best it does have a comparison of

a ¨trance love song¨ if there is such a thing?

any way im going to my (nana if you live in israel) and my carton.

peace love

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Guest Blue Penguin

ok this album contains the best Yahel's works : "Waves of sound", "intelligent

life" (a remix of "spiritual healing"?)...but i must admit that Yahel's others

albums are far to be good; in fact it's not goa or psytrance but trance with

some psy elements. i give 6/10 for this album; at the beginning i would give

it 8.5/10 but now...

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  • 1 month later...

This is Goa Trance definately but a bit on the very edge of pure cheesy

clubtrance. Yet normal clubtrance hasnt got the many effects, phasers,

filtered 303's and all the stuff you can hear in this album. So dont remove

Yahel from this site because it certainly belongs here, it just doesnt appeal

to some of the die hard psytrance lovers which already hated Astral P. I must

say im not one of those, i rather like a bit of cheesy melody at times, and

Yahel brings it in a very good way. The melodies are almost all very good and

nicely combined with lots of FX and voices. Very decent album to me, i'd give

it a 8.5/10.

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Guest Nalin

This is the only Yahel album worth owning. It's the only album with no cheesy

tracks unlike the other crap albums he's released which is around 50 % cheese

30 % uncategorizable garbage, 20 % amazing tracks (typically 2/3 good tracks

per album).


This album is different though and its the only one that doesn't fall into the

above description. Mind you its still not true psy trance, its something a

little more clubbish maybe but its great.

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It is really hard for me to write about this album because I know i will not be objective, and reviews here are serious. I started to write many times but never posted. I first listened to this album in 2001 and I was pretty euphoric about it. It touched me on a very personal level. I was going around talking people who have not heard this release that this is very special, some people have understood me,but most of psychedelic orientated people have not. I think that lack of psychedelic is easy to recognize here. But it was beautiful album for me. I cried with them so many times. When I first listened to this one I was in really important phase of my life. Overwhelmed with emotions. Everything what I have felt in real life then I discovered in this release. So strong emotions. So I listened -Waves of sound- over and over again searching for that felling again. This is the reason why this is one of the cd's I have listened about thousand times. Maybe more. And now in 2007 I think this is great release. On of the essential emotional non-psychedelic albums.Since I am not psychedelic person that much it suits my taste with no mistake. Going up opens the album in a little prophetic fashion telling what this album is going to sound. Really great track and for me best on the album. Waves of Sound ,The Only Way and Sun Scream are one chapter and are dreamy and hypnotic. Deep Feelings,DNA,Strange Emotion and Last Man in the Universe are more tracks with stories and I consider hem as 2nd chapter of this album. Here melodies are in perfect places to make me feel like some is telling me very emotional full-of-wisdom stories. Intelligent life is happy track, maybe little childish sound here but is still ok. For the People For The End is somethong like an echo from the first album like in the movie director shows important actor from another film only for a afew moments :rolleyes: I give this one subjective 10/10. Thank you for reading all of this.

"Now, try to understand this:

We aren't always meant to understand why things happen the way they do,

Sometimes we just have to accept it as God's will."

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