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Dimension 5 - Second Phaze

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Second Phaze probably sounds different thanks to Christer's influence as I hear a strong parallel between this album and To Sirius. But hey, I don't pretend to know how they made this album and who had the most input.

I was going to post about this exact thing but you had already done it. :D

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5 hours ago, AstralSphinx said:

Yeah but atleast Christer Borge-Lunde is still active :) so I mean if he can still make kick-ass goa after all these years l don't see why it couldn't happen.

iirc the people from suntrip said that earthcall was the last uptempo release by ra?

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3 hours ago, AstralSphinx said:

Hope they make some uptempo goa again. :(

I don't know but I wanna keep the dream alive. Third Phaze BELIEVE!

I always wonder how they did produce albums with so many members of the group. Like who did what? So fascinating, who contributed the most to the overall sound? Were they all equally good with the synthesizers, or did one perhaps specialize in the mixing part for example? It must've been very handy back then for sure to have several people doing filter sweeps and manual mixing desk fader automation etc during recording.

me too.

i want to believe :)

no idea here. same with the original etnica lineup. i guess the most efficient way for differentiation of labour, where everyone specialises in one aspect, would be synthesis, writing the parts, sequencing, mixing. but then they wouldn't be working together as much as one after the other. some sort of "you're our 303 player, while i play the 101 and the third guy mans the drum machine" would also be a little strange…

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