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Dimension 5 - Second Phaze

Guest filip[at]att[dot]net

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Yep, I have this CD since yesterday and I have to agree, it's very nice!! It's

the typical D5-style!! :o)))

The only bad point is that all the songs sound almost the same... I won't say

it's bad cuz I like his style, but still... It's maybe not véry good to listen

to this CD at once!! Anyway, the véry best songs are 1,3,6,9

Especially 6 is a killer but like I said, good Cd overall!! I'll give it 9/10!!

(héhé from now on I'll give ratings too!!)

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Guest filip[at]att[dot]net

Dimension 5 - Second Phaze


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Artist: Dimension 5

Title: Second Phaze

Label: Bluemoon

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'17" Moon Cake

02. 07'39" Limitless Dimension (Gate 3 Mix)

03. 08'28" Beyond the Stars

04. 07'48" Bombed Out

05. 08'48" Transformation (Rmx)

06. 07'33" The Z Principle

07. 08'35" Polaris 1

08. 07'57" Polaris 2

09. 08'16" Mind To Mind




This is without a doubt a brilliant full on cyber-melodic album. Dimension

5 has picked up exactly where they left off with even thicker and more

evolved sounds. This is without a doubt one of the hottest albums to ever

come out. Each track is beautifully developed with multiple cyber melodic

elements that were carried on from their previous album. Consistency is

definetly visible here. If you liked their first one then you are in for a

triple treat! Perhaps the nicest thing is that the whole album is told

like a continous story. A 10/10

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It looks like the older album they did in 97. It is quite cheesy in some parts,

and the tracks look the same...

I love the Z principle (track 6).

Ok for you if you like melodic trance that is not ptzatzot. 6/10

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Guest alerkohman[at]freezone[dot]net

Smokin' smokin' and more smokin' Its definetly them but I think its lacking

that extra melodic step their previous baby had. Regardless its a super

keeper. All their melodies and all their layers are so well intricately

developed. Its super good but if they could only put a bit more melodies on

top of it, that would really make it a super sequel to their first one.


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Guest mrsyed

Thank god for D5 not changing their style. It's quite the sequel to their last

album. And in this time of minimalism and cold, emotionless trance dominated

by beats here comes a wonderful thick, dense melodic album. It is by no means

free of cheese, but it's quite forgivable. Still reeling from Beyond the Stars


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Guest Goa Spirit

Very , very nice... full on melodies from d5.. I personally love their music.

One of the better releases in the early part of 2000... I really enjoyed this

album . great for the mornings at parties and even to just listen to at home..

d5 have their own great style and I am hooked.. buy this album and welcome to

the world of d5...

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This album is the nicest I've heard for a long time. I'm very impressed and am

scouring the CD stores looking for Transdimensional. I think D5 have that

'magic' touch. Thanks Dimension 5 for bringing me back; before Second phase I

was becoming a little tired of Goadelic music. But now I', inspired. Track 8

is the greatest.

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

Yeah its quite the same style as Transdimensional, but it's a good style. It's

almost cheesy in some parts, but nevertheless its good. A lot of sounds are

really similar to those in Astral Projection and Hallucinogen albums, nothing

really new here, but the music as a whole has a unique style. The dense,

uplifting melodies really take you to another planet. D5 really know what

they're doing. I love oldschool music that don't sound dated, like this and

Toi Doi's album "Technological."

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

As I listen to this more and more, its definitely beginning to sound worse.

The melody at the beginning of track 1 is ripped off of Cosmosis' Howling at

the Moon, but at least its a well-done rip-off in the vien of the Beatles'

rip-offs of Presley. Despite the fact that D5 relied too heavily on those

that went before them for inspiration, somehow they managed to avoid making a

totally derivative piece of crap. Despite my disappointment at their lack of

originality, I somehow still can not help liking this album, and this is meant

as a qualification rather than a refutation of the above review.

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Guest kerry[at]trance[dot]net

I would say and I am not one for beating around the bush is its

not as good as the first album Transdimensional but its not too bad and has

one or two moments that made the first album magic.

I have complete confidence the next one will surpass

the quality of the two previous albums.

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Guest eden.solaris

Finally, a Y2K release that doesn't make me sick!!!! In fact, it's very good,

very melodic (too melodic???), but slower than Transdimensional, and has less

psychedellic sounds... But, a very good album, nonetheless!!!!!!!!! 9/10 for

being the ONLY year 2000 release I know of that I could actually listen to!!!!

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Guest [Anonymous]

Those flute synth orchestrations create the the flow from the heart and those

fun lazer gun symbol replacements make me cum. I fucking love this one.

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Guest simonjenkins2000[at]hotmail[dot]

The version of the album released on Novatekk ( after the sad collapse of the

Blue Moonies ) has better artwork. If the site webmaster would like a version

of it for this page just get in touch!


Simon a.k.a. Psyman

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Guest salton[at]goatrance[dot]com

Superb Album One of the best in the last years !!!

Full-On uplifiting mooring goa trance


(10/10, I give only to the kings - Astral Projection)


Bom Shankar, Elad Salton, Israel

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I don't consider any of this cheesy at all. I wouldn't consider it dated, as this does
have a fresh, unique sound.

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Guest Diepeveen

There are good tracks, but there is also some forgetable stuff. But it is for

sure a good release, and there are some killers! Best tracks are: 1,3,5,6 and

8! - Rest is still okay, but not really good - a solid 7/10

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Moon Cake is beautiful. That is real night time melodic stuff. There is
something very interesting about the rhythm in this song. I can't explain
really, but I have great thoughts when hearing it. The Z Principle is
great too, but I expected more after reading the reviews above with the
overall album. This album took me years to find so if
you have the opportunity to buy this, I would do it before
someone else does. 7.5/10

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Guest rx7style

Great album. I'm a meleodic psytrance nut, so this is my cup of tea. I would

most closely compare this album to that of Ra - To Sirius; unfortunately this

album has a little less direction than To Sirius, and the harmonies don't

always go in the "best" direction, but all tracks are good on this CD. I also

think the production could have been a little better, as in track 6 I believe

the beats become slightly synchopated with the rhythm of the high-hat. A few

samples seem a bit oldschool in sound, but that's alright -- it gave this

album flavor. Anyway, it's very high energy, melodic, and well done

psytrance. Scoop this one up while you can, crank it up, and you're going to

smile. Isn't that what it's all about? 8.5/10

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

I heard RA is a side project of Dimension 5. Is that true? I haven't heard the

RA album yet, but heard it's great.

I'm not really into the melodic morning stuff too much any more, but I have to

say this one takes me back. One of my favorite melodic songs is Antidote. This

CD doesn't have a song that stands out like that one did to me, but all in all

is a great album. The melodies flow together nicely. I give this one a 9/10

for melodic trance.

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Guest mushi77 - Oslo :-)

RA is the one half of Dimension 5. This album is great (7/10) but RA's is a

little bit better (7.5/10). Best song on this album: #1: Moon Cake

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