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X-Dream - Panic In Paradise


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Hey guess what... I tried to put this review on discogs and the reply was something like, "This is too long and the readers will lose their interest reading it" I was really WTFing at that point! I added the same comment again and really told that mod few chosen words. If you can't focuse 5 minutes to read a detailed review then it's not my problem k!  :angry:




Did you read the guidelines? They were updated lately:

Try to keep the length sensible. While pointless one-liners and "this is the best record ever" Comments should be avoided, extremely thorough track-by-track reviews tend to clutter the page and make readers lose interest.


I'm personally all for long reviews (well duh - that's what I do) but I haven't added any of mine to Discogs lately because I stated getting no-votes... But yeah, I don't see why this is different than you ISAN review... Strange... Oh, and while we're offtopic - why don't you list your collection on Discogs!?



Yeah - this is a pretty good X-Dream album... Some real gems among these tracks... My ancient review can be found here... :)



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here it is!

Nicey nice!  :)

I don't take 'no' for an answer hehé!  :D


No one should take no for an answer :angry:


This is my review on discogs but they haven't accepted it yet. Wonder if it's gonna go through. At least it's going through here B)

This is just about one of the best cd's I have ever heard. Even if I had kinda quite ridiculously high hopes for this album X-dream somehow ended up delivering. How do these guys do it? Is it the uncanny moove between corny strangeweird? Is it their never ending innovation when you sometimes think that they're going downhill? No, it's just their relentness when they do it! Whow, I am almost stopping sometimes when I hear this, but I am always waiting for what is following!

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Not a must-have if you're just interested in studio albums... this is a CD that collects their b-sides, remixes and side project tracks that Tunnel owned the rights to. My guess is they did this completely on their own (X-Dream themselves probably had nothing to do with the release) to cash in on X-Dream's success after Radio in 1998. It worked. I for one find this release a must simply because X-Dream is my favorite trance act ever. A nice collection of their older style work. (mostly along the lines of Trip To Trancesylvania and We Created Our Own Happiness sound)

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Total false advertising. My X-dreams usually result in immediate shame and an increase in laundry. This duo has achieved legendary status in the goa realm and rightly so. Panic In Paradise is billed as a collection of B-sides, but when your b-sides are better than a lot of artists a-sides, then...well you're doing something right.


On this album Rough and Rush showcase the progressive side of goa trance. Lacking in blistering power it more than makes up for it by easing the listener into their universe. Once there the hypnotic layering and mostly dark vibe make escape impossible. The tracks are juicy and bubbly and at times perhaps a bit overlong. You might not remember the names of some of the tracks, but the melodies will bring it all back. People seem to get their panties in a twist over Rain, but even though I don't care for its cheesiness, its sum is greater than its parts and becomes a very deep excursion into trance and goa. There are some misses like that of Eleven (make it stop) and the annoying vocal whispers on Parent Plant which kinda destroys an otherwise devious alien sounding track.


This album is definitely a solid effort and belongs in your collection. Their sound is distinctly goa and recognizable before they got all We Interfacey.

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