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X-Dream - Panic In Paradise


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I don't have it yet, but it's just to say, that the label "tunnel" is not odd,

because it's the one that released the first two X-Dream albums. Also I have

the second track from the phosphorescent comp and I must it's a pure killer :)

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X-Dream - Panic In Paradise


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Artist: X-Dream

Title: Panic In Paradise

Label: Tunnel

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'42" Psychoactivity

02. 10'09" Panic In Paradise

03. 07'18" Protoplasm

04. 07'23" Do You Believe (Sync Mix)

05. 08'11" The Offender

06. 07'55" Rain

07. 08'33" Eleven (PM Mix)

08. 06'36" The Pollinator : Parent Plant

09. 08'22" The Pollinator : Clone III




Yeah, I just got this today. X-Dream has always been one of my fav'e

psy-acts and their back-catalogue is fantastic, so I've was very excited

when I got this today. But as always, the first listen tends to leave you

slightly disappointed, and this is no exception.. The first thing that

stroke me as odd was the new label Tunnel Records. One of Germany's best

know club-trance labels (The Tunnel Trance Force Series, etc.). Hmm!?!.

Could be a bad sign!. This is not a new "Radio" but sure has it's cooler

moments.. Also there are lots of previously released tracks on this CD...

But I guess that's the standard for a psyact that hasn't released a full

album since 1998! The first 3 tracks on this CD is kinda. Ehh. Let me just

say, that tracks 1+2+3 are the weakest on this CD. Without really being

weak!. Ehh?!:. .Do I make sense! :o) . Sure the production is nice and it's

typically X-dream, but somehow I just don't REALLY dig on the first 3

tracks. Track 4 is better and track 5 - The Offender - is simple a really

good, full-on SMASHING track. Really, really good. Tracks 6 + 7 are also

good and gives us - once again - the well-known X-dream sound. The there's

the "surprise" on this CD. The last two tracks are - quote: X-Dream

presents The Pollinator. I believe that the Pollinator is a X-Dream

side-project by Marcus!?. And let me start the review of the last two tracks

by saying one word: WOOOOOW!!. That shit is good. Almost as good as track 5,

but definitely some really good shit.. The style of the two tracks fits in

perfectly with the others!!.. As I said in the beginning I've only just got

this CD today, so I've only listened to it a couple of times, so perhaps my

feelings about this album will be different when I've listened to it some

more, but for now I'll give it 8.1/10. Good album in the typical X-dream

style, though there has been evolution since "Radio". Cool. Bom shankar!!

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i haven't heard this cd, but i must say it's not really an album, but a

compilation. "Psycho Activity", "Panic In Paradise", "Protoplasm", "The

Offender", and "Rain" are all old tracks, and have been released before. Kinda

makes you wonder, what's the point of releasing such a CD?

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All tracks are released long ago, Tunnel rec., that holds the right to these

tracks are trying to cash in on X-Dream probably after they left them- or

maybe not? And I'm just being negative here?

I don't know about these two remixes though, and how diffrent they are from the


Still if u don't have the old X-Dream albums, there are some great trax here.

Favs: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8.

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Guest asshopper

i agree what alex says above, i tried to listen to "Panic In Paradise" and

"Offender" over & over agian, i still couldnt find any thing better than any

track on "Radio"...um, if its like what deathposture says...

most of tracks almost as good as "Offender", then dont expect too much if you

really like their previous release.

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I don't have the album yet, but i listened to Panic in Paradise, and it seems

like old X-Dream, the songs before Radio came out, although it is desgined

very well... i thought X-Dream would go into more Psychedelic Techno/ Hard

Dark style that everyone loves which Radio is full of!

If all the tracks on the cd are like Panic In Paradise, i think i would be


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Guest globalsteez

I've ordered mines from tunnel's web site and will give a review as soon as it

arrives...Panic In Paradise is a early psy-trance classic and all X-Dream is

at least worth a listen in my opinion.

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This new x-dream album starts off quite nice. I'm not too

familiar with all X-dreams oldest stuff, but of what I hear from

thier older tracks on compilations etc. it sounds good. This one

is starting of quite nice with Psycho Activity. This sound

sounds a little old school in a way and sometimes a little

technoish. I love the basslines these guys generate. Most of the

sounds are very proffesional. These guys are one step ahead.

Nice work ... 9/10! My fav is track 9 (The Pollinator Clone 3)

Some off the tracks have been released on various compilations

etc. like the Organic Noise album. Even though this is still

some great compositions. They deliver to us some cutting edge

work. Supposedly made in 1995??? please confirm...

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Guest Ravemail10

OK album. Nothing really special. I heard 4 of these tracks before. I think

that all this is is tunnel trying to cash in on some old X-Dream tracks they

have the rights for. Sounds very much like old (pre-Radio) X-Dream albums,

which are nice but nothing special. This is only my opinion, I know some

people who will beat me up for saying this :-) As an album I give this release

a 6.5/10 cause it is nice sometimes but too boring to listen to often. As a

compilation of really old tracks I give this 3/10 cause whats the point? I

think all of these tracks are 1995 and below... - Raven

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Guest Tunnelthieves

Becareful people if you order this or any other Cds from Tunnel-they will

seriously overcharge you for the paostage-not put a stamp on the packet (one

of those little postage paid stamps) so you will never be able to see the real

price-$50 Dmarks to Japan for postage was fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Puncherello

Hey! If the labels don't work, a good place to find a lot of psy trance and

quality service is...Amazon. This album and other X-dream productions (The

Delta, C.O.P.) are available on www.amazon.de . Also, www.amazon.co.uk has a

very good selection (from Psychaos to Squaremeat). Finally, www.amazon.com is

something good to get US releases or cds not available in Europe.

I ordered a cd from Flying Rhino more than one month ago, I still haven't

received it yet though it's in stock... - Hungama!

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Guest Arthur

The trax on that cd are VERY old and CLASSIC trax put together so all those ppl

here that think this is X-dreams new work ur wrong,,,,,, As for my self

X-DREAM are my favourite trance act and I just cant wait till their new album

be releaseed, which i am sure will be DARK and ubelivably MASSIVE !!!!!!!

X-DREAM = THA BEST !!!!!! peace to y;aaaaal :)

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Tunnel records cashes in here on their salad days, when the label mattered to

anyone. They could have still been with us, but chose long ago their path to

commercial overproduced garbage. This record is worth getting for any fanatic

X-Dream collector, but otherwise you can skip it. Overall a nice collection

of old-school stuff, top-drawer back in the days (1994-97ish) It doesn't

sound fresh anymore, but makes sense to those who were then, way back then.

It's also nice to get Clone III unmixed; I can't believe I'd never made the

X-Dream connection. When you play the Pollinator next to old X-Dream, it's

obvious. 10/10 in 1995, minus half a point for every year that follows. By

2005 this will expire, even for grumpy old trancers.

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Panic in Paradise is my favorite trance track of all time. Wow. This cd is

impossible to get here in Los Angeles. Does anyone know where I can get a


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So what's this one like? It's the older X-Dream sound, more in line with their

work on We Created Our Own Happiness & Trip to Trancesylvania. It's got an

oldschool sound that I like. This is not like Radio (which is good too, just

different). If you strictly like the post Radio sound then you won't like

this. Protoplasm is unreal, wicked deep pounding track, can't believe I'd

never heard this one before. Other very good tracks: 1, 2, 4, & 6. I can't

listen to the Offender. The last three are decent but nothing special in my

books. Overall, I'd say this album is well worth the money if you like older

X-dream and you don't already have most of it on compilations.

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Guest contact[at]digital808[dot]com

OK some people are offended cause X-Dream has recycled several tracks on this.

I personally am okay with this. Lets face it kids, artists of this calliber

should be allowed to occasionaly make a recomp of their stuff. All in all its

an excellent album showing off some of the stuff that you have never heard, if

u r a cd junkie like me and dont have access to vinyl. I personally go nuts

on "The Offender" as it uses a bit more of a traditional goa make and still

comes off like an atomic missile. Its a fantastic cd worth getting.

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Guest Norbi from Hungary

I think this CD is very-very gooooood. My first album from X-Dream was Radio,

which I liked very much, then I had The Delta which was little different but

excellent and dark. This group is one of the best I know. I give it 10/10. And

so, Irritant is quite good.

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nice review... i never got the fuzz about RAIN , i totally dislike that happy hardcore'ish song... ;)

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