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  1. Gaia Sophia is a true gem Very emotional stuff... Yes reminds me of their earlier albums, about time to !
  2. happy as punch with my copy it is a masterpiece - has to be entheogenic's best album !
  3. hmmm yes, the 2nd shpongle album was kinda disappointing
  4. got my copy today in la post looks great !!! has this been re-mastered ? although nothing has been mentioned on their site.
  5. agree with you there. Ultimae is for sure above average
  6. yup... have to agree with you there... Flight oF thE Urubus.. is almost up there with the best.. still growing on me
  7. would have to be Ott & Entheogenic for me :posford:
  8. only have a download version of this album.. it's worth the original though - anyone know where I can get myself a copy ?
  9. Inside out - with ears on my headphones
  10. oh yes minidisk was great - probably destroyed by philips & sony to pave way for the CD [crap disk] Vinyl is superior to everything - best full sound... eg: no frequency cuts !!!
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