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V/A - Order Ordonata 1

Guest Psychedelic Gav

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Guest Psychedelic Gav

V/A - Order Ordonata 1


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Artist: Various

Title: Order Ordonata 1

Label: Dragonfly

Date: 1994


Track listing:


01. 06'44" Dynamix : The Rezistor

02. 07'09" Arcturus : 1000 Planets

03. 06'19" Total Eclipse : Aliens

04. 05'09" The Infinity Project : Superbooster

05. 07'12" Black Sun : Sourcerors Apprentice

06. 05'48" Man With No Name : Sly Ed

07. 08'48" Slinky Wizard : Slinky Wizard

08. 06'47" Hallucinogen : LSD

09. 07'50" Prana : Voyager 3 (Voodoo Rmx)

10. 05'54" Total Eclipse : Sound Is Solid

11. 06'29" Ayahuasca : New Moon




A competently compiled album from one of the best labels in the business.

Dragonfly fly us back to 1994 - so expect a lot of oldies - classics from

Slinky Wizard, Prana, Man With No Name and of course the anthem L.S.D. by

Hallucinogen. Most of this stuff stands up really well today and this

compilation would find itself at home in most psychedelic trance fans?


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BY FAR the BEST Order Odonata Compilation (and the BEST Single CD Compilation I

own) !!! It's an AWESOME comp !!! No Bad Tracks, and ... my favourites ? Oh

... Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11 ... is it enough for you ? ;-) Tracks 2,8,10

are the best ones ... For the ones who are afraid by the unknown artists names

: Joti Sidhu And Dino Psaras are members of Ayahuasca, Arcturus are Joti Sidhu

And Paul Jackson, and Martin Freeland is a member of Dynamix ... Rating : 9/10

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A must have for every goa fan ! I also think it's the best of the Order Odonata

comps. It's old school goa, very nice and it's better than lots of the stuff

released todays. Best ones are Sound is Solid and LSD, but I also like a lot

Sly Ed, New Moon, Aliens... 8/10

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Guest man with no nick name

Simply a Classic, one of the best Goa compilations of all time, heavy,

energetic, magic.


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Order Odonata 1

Posted Image

Released on Dragonfly in 1994


1. 6:44 Dynamix : The Rezistor

2. 7:09 Arcturus : 1000 Planets

3. 6:19 Total Eclipse : Aliens

4. 5:09 The Infinity Project : Superbooster

5. 7:12 Black Sun : Sourcerors Apprentice

6. 5:48 Man With No Name : Sly Ed

7. 8:48 Slinky Wizard : Slinky Wizard

8. 6:47 Hallucinogen : LSD

9. 7:50 Prana : Voyager 3 (Voodoo Rmx)

10. 5:54 Total Eclipse : Sound Is Solid

11. 6:29 Ayahuasca : New Moon



Another fantastic early dragonfly compilation. This is up there for me with project II trance as one of my favourite releases ever and one that has lasted for many years and stayed AMAZING.


1 Dynamix - The Resistor

The album kicks off with a great track. Very old school sounds but they hold up really well today. What I love most in this track is the really subtle subtle vocal sample that you can't make out the words. This is melodius, rhythmical and trippy. Great!


2 Arcturus - 1000 Planets

This is your standard amazing old school track. Great synths, top beats, rolls, and it's spacey. I love spacey old school! It's not a particularly memorable track but it's one that I'm always pleasantly surprised by.


3 Total Eclipse - Aliens

His early work totally eclipses (hahaha I'm so funny) his later work in my opinion. This early track of his is just mind blowingly good. Great beats, synths, rolls, and nice round chimey sounds that I love so much. The sample aswell adds to another spacey atmosphere. Class!


4 The Infinity Project - Superbooster

I much prefer The Infinity Projects ambient work but this is a nice little gem. It has the same feel as all the tunes above but is different enough to be special. This track does seem to build a lot more than the previous ones but unfortunately just as you think it's going to really kick off. It ends.


5 Black Sun - Sourcerors Apprentice

A much more kicking beat here, more driving. Another short sample though connects it to the others in a spacey way. Around halfway through some old school alienesque sounds come through to add to that nice trippy atmosphere. This track builds and delivers, drops and pleases.


6 Man With No Name - Sly Ed

Another artist whose very early stuff I have much more appreciation for. This I reckon is one MWNN's best works. Quite driving like the last track with quality tunefull synths on many different layers. Quality is definately the right word for everything in this track. There is a lot going on in this track. Lots of different sound lot of synths and melodius sounds but they all go together perfectly.

A Stand out on a stand out album.


7 Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard

I never understood why slinky wizard never released an album. They definately had enough great - fucking amazing material. But they never did and unless something drastically fantastic happens in the psy world they never will. This tune is pure slinky wizard. Driving synths push the inside of you brain out through your nostrils, then more melodius sounds shove it back in. Nice stuff and the easily remembered sample "I am HIGH!" still sounds quite cool. More please. Damn. Too late.


8 Hallucinogen - LSD

I don't really thing this needs much of an intoduction. It's a quality track and it fits in really well with all the other tunes on the album. I think that it goes better in this compilation than it did in the Twisted album. More melodius than the earlier tracks but it's spacey just like the rest. I could do without the sample but that's just MY OPINION.


9 Prana - Voyager 3 (Voodoo Rmx)

Deep, driving, spacey. Once again this has just the same feel as all the other tracks but it is different in it's own special way. The sounds are different and unique. Like a piece of a great tapestry the theme is the same but it's completely different to every other part. It has great drawn out ethereal female vocals that give it a ghost like atmosphere.


10 Total Eclipse : Sound Is Solid

Another great early piece from Total Eclipse. Very Acid. Very old school melodies. They sound kind of rough at times and they feel a little out of place a touch but... they make way for cool floaty sounds over driving synths. The whole atmosphere of this track is chaotic. It sounds like it should break the feel of this comp but it actually fits in pretty well.


11 Ayahuasca : New Moon

More order to the final track than #10 a smoother flow and cleaner sounds. Another brilliant old school spacey track to finish the compilation with.



One of the great compilations of our time. Every track is great. All have a similar feel but each one is unique and different enough that the compilation never gets even close to boring. All the tracks fit together well and I guess a lot of time went into compiling this and choosing the right tracks and the right order. It has the feel of an artist album and for a comp that should be applauded.

I highly recommend this. IT'S FUCKING GREAT

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1. Dynamix - The Rezistor

This track is very atmospheric, many floating sounds and a nice kick drum that stays in the background. Great subtle tribal percussion and small clicks and sweeping effects during the whole track. Good one.


2. Arcturus - 1000 Planets

A short voice sample and then we're off in space! Straight to the point here: The kick and bass complement each other and create a marching, wonderful beat, and the melodies evolve and devolve as the track progresses. Lot's of energy in this one.


3. Total Eclipse - Aliens

Now it's time for some early Total Eclipse stuff. This is melodic and very acid. The beat is very fast, aggressive, pumping and almost hectic. This will do anytime.


4. The Infinity Project - Superbooster

It's starts off with that silly mindless kind of bass you can hear in early 90ies dance music. It's so overused and i can't see why it gained such popularity. But in this track, T.I.P. manages to turn it into something threatening, like a flock of insane elephants or something. This is music to get lost in, drowning in the sea of weird sounds and resonant acid squelches.


5. Black Sun - Sourcerors Apprentice

Very atmospheric and dark in the beginning, but later on invaded by careful, whispering trance-harmonies that never make it to the surface. I think the name somehow fits the song very well. It kinda describes the carfeullness of a young apprentice who is quite modest about his work and won't let it shine through. Yes, I am overanalyzing :)


6. Man With No Name - Sly-Ed

This track is really not that special; he's done several tracks that are much better than this one in terms of both energy, emotion, production and everything else he's good at. Even so, I can understand that it's a classic since it must have been one of his first hits.


7. Slinky Wizard - Slinky Wizard

Very good in the beginning. An atmospheric track that takes it's time to explore itself. The only thing i dislike is the guitar (or something that sounds like it) that goes a little out of tune and doesn't really fit the track that well.


8. Hallucinogen - LSD

This is a masterpiece. So mystical, so powerful, so emotional and beautiful. Everything fits in very well, from the percussion to the carefully sequenced synth lines in the climax. Musically, this tune is much more confident and personal than any other track on this compilation.


9. Prana - Voyager III (Voodoo Remix)

This track is not bad in it's own right, but appears very pale and worn out next to the colorful glorious "LSD". Standard goa, but with a typical Prana touch that is hard to identify where it derives from, but it's there nevertheless. It's a little repetitive, though, and the type of song that can give you a headache.


10. Total Eclipse - Sound Is Solid

Very acid and totally mad. You can here these guys were taking it easy, having fun in the studio while recording this :)


11. Ayahuasca - New Moon

Such a totally obvious, simple and clear melody. This just pushes and drives in it's own, quite mellow way. Not the best from Ayahuasca, but a solid song. Maybe the definition of goa with it's indian, almost random sounding melodies.


Ok. This compilation has a solid goa atmosphere, and no really weak moments (except maybe track 9). However, "LSD" by Hallucinogen is a lot more modern and unique than the other tracks.


My favorites are tracks 1, 2, 8 and 11.

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I don't like so much VA's - Compilations as this guy at the so much underground record shop I buy cds, teached me to respect an artist by his album.

This is the best ever Compilation for my point of view being released this great year.

Words here as meaningless!

All the artists being in this gem are the super heroes for me.


Arturus - 1000 Planets.

Total Eclipse - Aliens.

The (so much respected) Infinty Project - Superbooster.

Slinky Wizard - Wizard (sorry guys I didn't mean to appear that I was inspired from your name)

Hallucinogen - LSD (So much respect Simon!)

Prana - Voyager III (Voodoo Remix) (So much respect Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Nick Taylor & Andy Guthrie!)

Ayahuasca - New Moon (Just the best funky goa track! Oh there you are Dino,Joti & Steve!)

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Yeah this is a good one.  Aliens is a good track, but far from my favorite.  I really liked the depth of The Rezistor.  Great way to open a compilation.  Sly-ed hasn't held up (still good) IMO unlike Slinky Wizard which still sounds extremely psychedelic.  Also I thought Prana's track was a quite trance inducing without being bombastic. 


A few years ago if I was asked if this was essential I'm sure I would've said yes.  Now, I'm not so certain.  Not a single thing resembling filler, but maybe not as shiny as it once was.  If you're looking for a compilation that symbolized the classic goa sound then you won't be disappointed with this.

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