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Luminus - Hypnotica


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Luminus - Hypnotica


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Artist: Luminus

Title: Hypnotica

Label: HOM-Mega

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 02'17" Intro Active

02. 08'05" Hypnotica

03. 08'55" Anything Can Happen

04. 08'09" Total Consciousness

05. 07'06" End Of Space

06. 07'53" Sub Sonic System

07. 07'44" Diablo

08. 07'38" The Test

09. 06'42" One Step To The Moon




Amir Dvir is back!

your opinion about Luminus wont change here. Those who loved the first album

will love this one, those who hated the first will hate the second. the name

Hypnotica is quite representative of the tracks themselves: many nice

twisted hypnotic energetic repetitive mental melodies with a fast beat

(nksssbom nksssbom nksssbom....). The Hommega site, comparing with the

jouney into your Dreams states: "minus the cheese"...well not exactly as

there are remainings of the cheese, but this is a good work. My opinion is

just that this album should have been worked on just a little more. Globally

the tracks are good, two of them had already been released (4:Total

Conciousness, 7:Diablo), my favourites are nr: 2 (Feat Passenger as it just

sounds like Passenger..), 4, 5, 7, 8.

This is a special album, not really psytrance, not really pzatzot, something

different. The only problem is that you are fed up with listening to it

after a few times, so only 6/10

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Guest Eyal Yankovich

I have to say that compared to his first album, "Hypnotica" is by far a better,

more mature album.

Some of the tracks have "No Cheeze" at all and are being played world wide by

some very serious DJ's. And the melodic tracks on the album are also

considered quality anthems and not "Greek" ones.

DJ Eyal Yankovich.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I listened to this disc for the very first time to accompany my very first acid

trip. So no matter what else, this record will hold a special place for me.

As marsaud points out above, most tracks don't have any kind of staying power,

and are a bit lightweight, but a few are standouts. Hypnotica, End of Space

and The Test are 'real close' to being excellent. The cheesy 2 minutes after

the sample in End of Space MUST GO AWAY, other wise a stellar effort.

Hypnotica is nice and lightweight, like old 1995ish X-Dream. If he'd woven

some of the synth lines from the beginning and middle of The Test through the

latter part of the track it'd be in goosebump territory. Hmmmm - maybe I

wouldn't bother buying this disc, but I bet his next one will be phenomenal.

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  • 2 months later...

Good album ! Yes it's the same style than his first album, but with less cheesy

sounds, in my opinion ...

There are 2 very good Tracks here : Tracks 4&9 ! No Bad Tracks, if you don't

pay attention to Track 1 (which is much too short, being an Introducing Track)


3 other good Tracks : Tracks 2,5,8 ! I personally advise you to buy this album

with closed eyes if you like isreali style and if you don't own Track 4 (which


on Full On 3 for example) ... To conclude I have to say to Freak51 that Amir

Dvir WON'T release a 3rd Luminus album, so don't keep your money for his next

one !

He will release other stuff (probably still under HOM-Mega label), but the

group name and the style will be different (that's written in the cover) !

Rating : 7/10

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest AlexG

good second album from luminus. his first one was the first full length goa cd

i listened to (i heard some singles here and there before, but that was my

first complete record): i loved it then, but now of course it sounds much too

plain and cheesy. this one however is more mature, with better melodies and

more interesting sounds. my favorites are 4 (wow! what a track), 5, 7, 8, 9

(except that "man on the moon" sample really should not be used any more by

anybody! sorry, but the use of same samples by goa groups really pisses me


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  • 3 weeks later...

Véry good CD from Luminus!! Much more mature and less cheesy then his first

album!! There are 2 complete stormers on this album, number 4 (total

conciousness) is really gigantic and nr 5 is another killer!!

Other good songs are 2,6,7,8&9!! But Alex1029 has right, that sample in nr 9

Must go out!! I really can't wait to hear more stuff of Amir Dvir...!!! Bom


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  • 1 month later...
Guest mahadeva[at]poland[dot]com

When i write my opinion i listen now this album ( first time ). Now is track 6,

This album is great, Ok, i finished, i must listen last ( unbelivable ) tracks.

Now i give 9/10.

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  • 3 months later...
Guest edwin[at]3-nets[dot]com

We think that this CD is one of the best trance creations we ever heard

(specialy track 6).

Terek Family


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  • 3 months later...

Haven't heard Luminus' first CD yet but this one is really great. Melodic

Israeli trance, but not too cheesy with hard beats. One of my favourites and a

must have if you are not into minimalism....

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Guest AMP - heirofset[at]yahoo[dot]com

Good CD, with some cool musics, like Diablo. Still isnt a must, but it is good

to have a diversity of trance music. 7/10

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Guest Diepeveen

Very Good cd indeed... Far the best of Luminus! Much less cheasy than the first

album, Journey into Your Dream, wich wasen't that good! Best tracks:

2,4,5,8,9... So overall a very good release from Hom-Mega (with no shitty

tracks ;)! - 8.5/10

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Quetzalgoatl

I guess I like cheesy, cause I think his first album was better. Still this one

is also very good. Typical Luminus style. Favourite tracks : 3,4,6,7,8 and 9

I think track number five sucks!

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest ~~~SON~~~

LOVE IT!.... why cant i hear this at parties anymore.. yes i love it full on,

but i love melodic goa also.. its so good for the soul.. i reccomend for all

those psytrance lovers like me with hard beatz and plenty of psychedelic

melodies.! :)trance rules the world,

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  • 1 month later...
Guest Acidhive

This is just some old school like, great sounding melodic Psytrance with great

production skills. Most of the tracks contain samples from movies, as do most

psytrance tracks from Israel. I can't really pick any favourites, though that

great psychedelic ending from Total Consciousness does it for me everytime!!

The rest of the tracks are great too, it's just a shame Amir Dvir decided to

quit the Luminus project... I'd give this cd 8,5/10 and would recommend it to

anyone looking for some great melodic solid psytrance. (rare these days) :-)

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  • 2 months later...

Total Conciousness is a real killer!!! It's one of my favorite track ever!!!

But the other tracks on this album are just good, not great. Now, I usually

only pop this CD into my Hi-Fi just for Total Conciousness, and don't even

listen to the other tracks anymore. Too bad... 7/10

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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Goa Spirit

Luminus produces good morning music, in the great morning israeli style

(Magnetrixx etc are good for a change in the mornings, but the israelis are a

different class in this genre)... for me this one has good appeal since the 2

tracks i really like are filled with screaming melodies... Total Conciousness

and End of Space are two very good tracks and built for the floor... all in

all this one has been enjoyed to the full extent over the last year in

goa,,,,, i wouldn't say it is mind blowing, but definitely a good release...

4,5 9/10... rest 6/10// peace

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  • 2 months later...
Guest [Anonymous]

wow... very nice album....lots of influences, sometimes goa, sometimes techno,

some r fast and some gives the feel of slow...very nice for the top

psychedelic dance, but not the full on kind, very nice to play with the pitch

wile... must say that i feel it very lsdhead oriented. (more than others i




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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

I like it a lot!

Best Tracks are 3,4,5,9 and I don't like 7 and 8 that much, but overall it's a

very nice and light melodic album. Gets me in a very good mood. :-)


Tak for cden, Andreas!!!


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  • 4 months later...

Best on album : HYPNOTICA ( great track, done with Guy Zukrel), ANYTHING IS

POSSIBLE ( another great track done with Miko from California Sunshine ),


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  • 5 months later...
Guest Davidtolsn

love the melodies on this one, some of the best i've heard in goa music.

unfortunately there's a high cheese factor also, especially on track 6 (that

sample from alien resurrection.. wtf?) all other tracks are good despite some

cheese, and some are excellent (2, 5, 7). this music doesn't have a lot of

psychedelic sounds, but is really nice for chilling... 8/10

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  • 14 years later...



Artist: Luminus

Title: Hypnotica

Label: HOM-Mega Productions

Date: January, 2000


1. Intro-Active

2. Hypnotica

3. Anything Can Happen

4. Total Consciousness

5. End of Space

6. Sub-Sonic System

7. Diablo

8. The Test

9. One Step To The Moon


"A world...where anything is possible."




Bow down to your new leader the annoying orange!


Luminus is Amir Dvir otherwise known as Illumination.  This is his 2nd album (never heard the others) and I will echo a lot of the sentiments from other reviewers.  Ever eat a gluten free cracker?  You're expecting a cracker-like taste and sadly find it's mostly composed of air?  That's kind of what this is.  It's very light and bouncy without the heavy hand that you sometimes find in goa trance.  I loved the intro and Hypnotica had delicate and smooth touches similar to Blue Planet Corporation's dreamy trance style.  Anything Can Happen had a stronger goa presence and Total Consciousness was a heavier track.


End of Space...whew, end of story.  That's where I hit the ejector seat.  Little too bare boned and cheesy.  Diablo is darker and comes in with a serious goa lick.  Tasty.  The Test didn't pass it and One Step To The Moon wasn't particularly impressive.


Hardly essential and not a melodic goa machine, this still has its place.  You can tell he used a lot of the same sounds in the tracks, but 17 years ago the technology was a lot more restrictive I suppose.  Bouncy and trancey with not a lot of cheese, but none of these tracks will stay with you past lunch. 

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