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Cosmosis - Contact

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Insejn    63

Cosmosis - Contact


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Artist: Cosmosis

Title: Contact

Label: Transient

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Contact

02. Find Your Own Difinity

03. The First Step

04. Holographic

05. Inner Space

06. Supernatural

07. Weird, Sick And Twisted (Cosmosis Rmx)

08. Human Evolution

09. Skankadelic




Oh my GOD! This is so good it's almost sick. This is so...hmm...psychedelic :)

One of the best releases for a really long time. It contains "modern" sounds

but orchestred in an old way. I love it. Actually, i have only one problem

with this. And that is track number 8. It has a VERY wellknown melodie, I will

not spoil it :P

The cd starts downbeat/funky and ends downbeat/funky. Good choice. Final

Verdict: 9.3/10

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Guest 1400Miles   
Guest 1400Miles

Bilbo Bagginz, where did you dig this one from? Whereas Cosmosis may claim a

deserved place in goa history, the candle burned a bit too softly with okay

but never really spectacular albums after Cosmology imo. Until Contact, that

is. Those lucky ppl with the -Find your Own Divinity- EP already know what to

expect; pounding modern full on with loatsa spacy effects. The title track is

kinda Orbish with some nice Shponglesque voices...then the danceable

fast'n'funky stuff gets thrown in, very good and varied...the wicked party

ends with the superb remix of Mumbo Jumbo's Weird, Sick And Twisted. As if

these tracks thus far weren't surpising enough, Cosmosis gives us a somewhat

Monthy Python inspired Human Evolution track, thats all I say, and sticking

with the UK roots the album ends in style with what could easily be mistaken

for a lost Pink Floyd track. The whole affair somehow reminded me of the

superb I-Music album of Cypher but more danceable...Verdict: well, -Contact-

tops my best of 2002 list thus far so 9/10

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Guest Kristian   
Guest Kristian

I adore Cosmology and Synergy, Intergalactic is so so...


Contact: I was hoping for a comeback for Cosmosis after the not-so-good



Well, trance and Goa is my favourite but Contact is more Psychedelic and above

all downbeat/funky... It's fun for the first three-four tracks after that.. It

continues the same style! There's no tranceflow/intensitivity to get off by

here! (in comparison to Cosmology and Synergy where the track "Higher Access"

is absolutely stunning!) :)


The best tracks are the two ones from the 12" and the two last could easily

have been left out.


It's so strange when you think of the rather new 12" "Cosmosis & Shakta:

Visitors" which is infact incredible awesome! (and this hasn't got anything of

that magic at all)...


Summary: A wellproduced production but very PLAIN in sound...

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Guest Chroneus   
Guest Chroneus

Amazing album... Many good tunes mixed very well. Most of all I like remix on

Mumbo Jumbo(track 7) and I was pleasantly surprised with track 8(with nice old


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Guest Fotis Psy   
Guest Fotis Psy

Nice album by Cosmosis but the best album ever made by this band is the

historical Synergy.Best track here the first Contact!

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Guest Firestorm   
Guest Firestorm

Cosmosis never fails to deliver the top quality tunes and this album is no

different :

a great journey from beginning to end. The trip begins with ?Contact?, a nice

downtempo track featuring great samples and percussion, kinda to get you in a

psychedelic mood.

After that it?s time to move your feet & find your own divinity! :-) Some

highly psychedelic stomping tracks, lots of spacy sounds perfectly layered so


actually all makes sense + it?s very groovy. I think the way Cosmosis uses

samples on this album is very good, like in the ?Weird, Sick 'n' Twisted?


Best tracks are ?Holographic?, ?The First Step? &

?Inner Space?: will definitely get you moving and contain some fantastic

samples (?This whole physical universe is a hologram?, ?The first step is

love?love?love??love, the second is love?love??love??").

I can?t seem to wipe the stupid grin off my face when I listen to these tunes,

hell yeah!

You either gonna love or hate track 8, I actually think it?s great because it

reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, it?s called ?Human Evolution? so????also

sprach Cosmosis ;-)

?Skankadelic? is a nice way of ending this psychedelic trip through the Cosmos,

à la Pink Floyd indeed.

If you liked previous Cosmosis albums, you?ll definitely gonna love this one so

buy this baby and you?ll

get an awesome painting by Alex Grey as cover art too. Recommended, 8.5/10.

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DeathPosture    15

Ahh... Bilbo never lets us down! I've been waiting for this for ages, and now

it's finally here... ;o) I agree with Kristian: The 2 tracks from the EP [Find

Your Own Divinity/Weird, Sick, Twisted Remix] are the best ones here... Well,

so far... Perhaps some of the other tracks will outgrow 'em... So far I really

like this album - Good to see that melodic is still alive. We've had some

great melodic stompers this year... I hope it'll continue that way! Rating:


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Children    4

What can I say ... this album is very nice, better than the previous one, and

still fresh, with new sounds, more bass, more breaks than usual in Bilbo's

tracks, few vocals, nice melodies (but not too much), nice production, well

... great :-) My favourite tracks are Contact & Holographic (this last one is

outstanding), but all of them have some nice parts. All tracks are nicely

linked to each other, which is pretty interesting in an album imho, makes it

nicer to listen as a whole. Rating : 7.5/10

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seraph    14

Good album but not spectacular...Previous one was actually slightly better

cause it had more flow and psychedelic moments...Cosmosis lost his melodic

side and it is only present in one song that is the best on album - INNER

SPACE...Again, some guitars are present and I actually like them in



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Guest Antic   
Guest Antic

After two years of waiting fourth Cosmosis' CD is out and it seems this was

just what I needed. Just like 1200 Mics' album this album has a theme of it's

own, but it's not so in-yer-face obvious - most of the tracks say something

about human evolution from money & instincts-driven, self-destructing homo

sapiens to enlightened species living with other extraterrestrials in

'intergalactic community' outside our so-called reality, that is only an

illusion and holographic projection of our minds. The opening track is in

typical Cosmosis chilly style, very similar to Roswell so expect trippy

alien-themed mystical journey with lots of acid tweaks. However the track is

spoiled by false sounding whistling noises - they just don't go with other

instruments! Apart from that the track is simply brilliant and features a

great sample with alien's message to the people of Earth. It gets more intense

from there on as tracks 2 - 8 are all fast, funky and truly psychedelic. I

won't describe every one of them, but they all have typical Cosmosis

signatures that most of us just love to hear when on dancefloor or on couch

with headphones. They're filled with trippy melodies (either played by acid

synths, basses or other unidentified sounds / effects), funky bass-lines and

kicking drums loops. Though they all share the same recognizable cosmo-style

and there is a great feel of consistency to the album, they're all completely

different - some tracks are melodic, almost fluffy (reagge/dubby 'The First

Step' and beautifully melodic 'Inner Space' which could be mistaken for some

club-trance song only 10 times better - after 1,5 months I still get shivers

listening to it :-), there are rhythm-driven stomping monsters (wooshy

'Holographic' and the mysterious 'Supernatural' written with Shakta) and

others scream at you with loads of distorted acid sounds ('Find Your Own

Divinity', 'Weird, Sick'n'Twisted (Cosmosis remix)'). The most controversial

track is definitely 'Human Evolution' which uses a very recognizable melody

from 2001 Space Odyssey. The whole problem with this track is that while the

idea is brilliant, the execution lacks a little bit of craziness and fantasy I

expected from Billy - the track is combined of simple rhythms and melodic

lines and the arrangement is very straightforward and predictable. It just

doesn?t meet the high standards set by other tracks on the CD. Apparently no

one can beat 'License to Slink' by Slinky Wizard as the best psy-trance cover

of movie-theme:-) The last song - 'Skankadelic' - is great and calling it a

lost Pink Floyd track isn't far from accurate - psychedelic distorted guitars

all the way! As with other Cosmosis albums this one too features original

artwork from talented visual artists - this time it's a picture called Gaia by

Alex Grey (remember Sandman's Witchcraft cover - it's the same guy), which

very well corresponds to the album's theme. The last thing I'd like to

complain about a little is that Transient apparently fucked up the

track-listing. From the samples used in tracks it seems that 3rd should be

'Holographic (time space illusion)' and 4th - 'The First Step'. I wonder why

nobody else noticed it? Pirated mp3s, huh? What else can I say after so many

words? It's weaker than Synergy, which in fact is my all-time favorite

psy-trance album, but I think it's second best of Cosmosis' CDs to - it is

skillfully produced, but has more melodies than previous one, it?s more bright

and shiny and really feels like an album. I give it 9/10. GET IT!

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nervgaz    0

This is a great album, a strange mix of old school and new generation trance

music. It as influence of all kind in the genre.


Rate 8/10


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Guest MG   
Guest MG

It boggles my mind that this isn't in red, it certainly deserves to be. I am

still digesting what is a great release. My only gripe is that they didn't use

another of Alex Grey's work. I have one on my Windows Startup that is sublime.

I dare say it is a more subdued Cosmosis in the sense a few tracks start

really soft. It really is great and has made me very curious about new Mumbo

Jumbo album.

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SkeletonMan    3

Posted Image


Label: Transient Records

Catalog#: TRANR640CD

Country: UK

Released: Sep 2002




1 Cosmosis Contact (8:08)

2 Cosmosis Find Your Own Divinity (7:55)

3 Cosmosis Holographic (Time Space Illusion) (7:17)

4 Cosmosis The First Step (8:08)

5 Cosmosis Inner Space (8:21)

6 Cosmosis & Shakta Supernatural (8:11)

7 Mumbo Jumbo Weird, Sick 'n' Twisted (Cosmosis Remix) (7:54)

8 Cosmosis Human Evolution (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (6:14)

9 Cosmosis Skankadelic (7:48)


With this album bilbo bagginz presents a variety of sounds & styles. Mostly we venture in psytrance. I am not that familiar with Bill's earlier stuff, but in 2002 he definitely hit a good note!


What Cosmosis does best is keeping things simple and dark and then going from there. Like track 5 Inner Space. This is carried out so effortlessly and smooth, going from intro to build up over mayheem, and then back to deep trance just to start it all over again. Amazing track! And a nice album indeed. You get the impression that Bill's a real nice guy who's all about wanting to make us all move in a happy way. And most of the way steering clear of cheziness. Well, Human Evolution may be border cheesy, built on the Space Odyssey 2001 theme, it certainly comes scarily close! Last track Skankadelic also falls outside my approvable categories!


But I might just need to get my act together. Listening to track 7 built on the infamous Weird Sick'n Twisted Homer Simpson sample you got your X-dream FX elements, your full on'ish bass, and those breaks that seems to take you deeper than the musical parts. And then off course the sample to fuck your brains up the last bit!


Still, no! Human Evolution is cheese, but it's only for 6:14 ;o)


The artwork here also deserves a comment. As with his previous albums, Cosmosis has let an artist do the cover and inlay. Here it is Alex Grey doing the honours. I am not quite sure if I dig all of Grey's work, the religious elements maybe being a little over the top for me, but the artwork here certainly is appealing, even if it may promise a dark journey I don't think Cosmosis is quite delivering all the way ;o) Anyhow, nice work and hats off for including artists in the process from other genres.

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snowball    1

its good until track 7.


when track 6 finishes,i take out the cd...


oh and human evolution,very cheesy imo,i even turned the volume down to see if something else was making the melody...


very unexpected from cosmosis

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Manuser    259

I find the album pretty good and enjoyable. Except track 8 which is pointless in my opinion. But on the whole, first i was surprised by the quiet-sounding of this album, compared with Synergy (the absolute masterpiece of these guys ... well i dislike the 'masterpiece' word in psytrance, but for sure the fantastic album that was, especially with 'higher access' track), so yes i was surprised by the tracks that sound light, quiet, but yes nicely melodic (i never heard Intergalactic so i can't compare).

So, not a killer and full of crazy twisted sounds CD, but a good one, especially when you listen to it today, I think it is quality, even if it doesn't really amaze you.

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BraneFreeze    27

I was trying to figure out how to embed a YouTube video for one of the album's tracks, but couldn't get it to work and couldn't delete the post. Hence, the minimal approach. :(


I do like most of the album, except for track 8. However, Synergy and Cosmology are both much better than Contact.





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Rotwang    322

I was trying to figure out how to embed a YouTube video for one of the album's tracks

Use the plain text editor, and put [media] tags around the YT URL.

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