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Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Guest chleroux[at]nordnet[dot]fr

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Guest uforia.1[at]email[dot]com

Seems everyone is either loving it or hating it. I think it's a very nice

piece of work, but not nearly as good as "The Gathering". It's nice to see

that Erez and Amit are experimenting with their sound and incorporating new

ideas. As it is an experimental album, there are moments where the

"Classical" doesn't quite mesh with the "Mushroom" but overall, it works quite

well. Fave tracks on here: "Nothing Comes Easy", "Mush Mushi", "The Shen",

"Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom" and "Disco Mushroom" in that order. 'Disco

Mushroom' could have been the best on there, except I don't really like the

way it kinda dies off at the end. I also don't like the distorted vocal

sample in 'The Shen', although the rest of the track is brilliant and more

than makes up for that minor quibble. "Dracul" is pretty good, except I don't

like that "Da da da" singing part. "The Missed Symphony" is a nice way to

finish things off. Starts of kinda mellow and sad, then a sinister melody

kicks in half way through. Overall, a very good album, definitely worth your

money. 8/10

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Guest !_____one_sick_fuck_____!













but it's pretty good sound, and i agree with "uforia.1".....it's not nearly as

good as "the gathering".

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Guest chis[at]matrik.ndo.co[dot]uk

Pleiadians or Hallucinogen please. Because this contains electric guitar,

which turned me off completely. Back to the damn shop!

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Guest AtomicCow

When I first listened to Bust a Move I thought there was a mistake and this is

not the Infected Mushroom I thought it was but then that evil bassline came on

and I thought "Hell yeah!". Yes, the intros are silly and it gets very cheesy

in places but overall it's a very good album and you should buy it anyway

because even the people who don't like it admit that it's different and an

asset to the goa scene. This is more of an album made to listen than to dance

but the fast pace and kick drums keep it danceable. 1,4,7,8 are good tracks.

I don't like "None of this is real" though.

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this album has many weak moments... its good to see some innovation, but some

of the attempts are spoiled by irritating sounds. it's not like we aren't

open-minded, but drunken singing or funny classical insturments aren't always

what we want to hear. bust-a-move [despite the stupid sample] is an example of

this new style done totally right, major points there... but many of the other

songs are plodding, don't pick up energy quick enough, and don't keep it up

very long when it does come along. extremely over-hyped, makes you think of

this album as some sort of top 40 pop-psy affair. next thing you know, we'll

see IM on MTV... blah. i prefer the gathering... but i will give credit where

credit is due... innovative album, not always listenable, and seldom

danceable, but likely worth the purchase instead of other more formulaic

releases. 7/10!

Above is my original review, written in y2k. I think my prophecy regarding MTV speaks for itself :) I still agree with most of what I say. Good album with some weak moments... but likewise, some totally brilliant tracks here.

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Guest SpaceCowboy2002[at]hotmail[dot]c

This album is strong in the innovation department, and may appeal to a wider

audience than their last album The Gathering. Each track has something

special to offer, and no track here is bad at all. Many different instruments

are used to further the Infected Mushroom sound. Very nice touch with guitar

and piano on track 1: Bust a Move. This is probably the song on this album

that will appeal most to the music fans out there that like standard grade A

trance but are looking for something new. Well balanced super sweet stuff.

Powerful heavy guitar action on track 2: None of this is Real melded with a

light-hearted xylophone. Who woudda thought? Infected Mushroom makes it work

though. Major increase in funk factor on track 3: Sailing in the Sea of

Mushroom. Track 4: The Shen keeps it going strong. Next up, Track 5: Disco

Mushroom. I guess I could do without the ?aahh aahh aahh aahh? vocals (dare I

say cheese?), but they are short lived and do not degrade the album

excessively. The moodiness continues with Track 6: Dracul. Why do I get the

feeling that the artists are trying to scare us sometimes? Their last album

had its spooky moments too. Combined with this album it is evident that Amit

and Erez are truly master purveyors of the Halloween-like feel. But do not

pass this album up because you scare easy. Suck it up and enjoy the jewel of

an album that Infected Mushroom has created for us this time around. Tracks 7

and 8 continue the great track trend, and the last track The Missed Symphony

is a fine closing to a fine album. I give this album two thumbs up and a

major Al Pacino style ?Whoo-ah?. Nice work, men. 9 out of 10.

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Now it's my turn to announce to the world what I think of this album!! I've

had this album for quite some time now.Since ultimo February I think, and

must have listened to it well over 100 times, and I still can't help to

completely loose my mind when I listen to it. Even in small dozes. I can't

really describe it, but every time I put this album on, I transmogrify

myself to another dimension. And a quite weird one as well. All of a sudden

I see myself floating around in this mighty, medieval castle surrounded by

all kinds of weird creatures from all periods of history. Jesters,

Pokémon-figurines, Spacemen, Flying rhinos [No comparison there.], Birds,

Cliché-looking aliens, Dinosaurs, Ordinary people. And many more! I even

think I've seen Zorro and Jerry Seinfeld there a couple of times! :0) It's

all very strange and may sound like a bad trip, but it isn't. It's

marvellous, and I've become completely addicted to it. As you might have

guessed, I like this album a lot, and believe that Erez and Amit with

Classical Mushroom have created - a magical, fantastic, superb, incredible,

mind-blowing, ecstatic album. . It messes with your senses, and in 73

minutes and 48 seconds it takes you on a very emotional journey. I takes you

by the hand, and makes you both happy, sad, melancholy, scared and . ehh.

confused! :0) And I definitely don't follow those who say, that this isn't

innovative and too cheesy. To me, this is the album I'll one day pass on to

my oldest son and tell him how well it has treated me, and hope it'll do the

same for him. All tracks are amazing and should be listened to from start

to end, but of course there are highlights, and for me they are "Bust A

Move", "Dracul", "Nothing Comes Easy" And "Mush Mushi". I don't believe in

giving 10 out of 10. Because maybe they'll top this one day, so I'll give it

9.98/10 . Thanks guys, you've enriched my life in ways, that I never thought

possible in music! You have my deepest and most heartfelt respect!

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Guest cacholz[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album with no doubt keeps your head out of reality in the good way. I am

impresed by the variety of sounds

and great melody, classical mushroom will definetly keep you away from any kind

of bad trips. Thanks god for creating people capable of making such good music.

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I didn't care much for the first one...


The best trance album I have...

Tracks 1,4,7,8 are best...


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Guest Goa Sage

I don't know if you can say that one of the Infected albums is better than the

other - you can only say that they are DIFFERENT! If you like dark Psytrance

(I sure as hell do!) with monotonous bass lines and a squeaking, mad synth

lead, then "The Gathering" will probably be your favourite. If you like more

bright and melodic cheese with influences from different music styles, you'll

be amazed by "Classical Mushroom"! "Bust A Move" is my favourite track by

Infected right now; especially the last three minutes! Great piano melody!

Other great tunes are "The Shen", "Disco Mushroom" and "Dracul". Definitely

one of my best records, but their previous release is still more classic than

"Classical Mushroom" will ever be!!! :) This sound will probably be remembered

as the Y2K sound...

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Guest eevviillbbeenn[at]hotmail[dot]co

This album is a FUCKIN BOMB !!!!!!!! guitarz,voices, clavier, all in the same

track ! sometimes a bit cheezy but really good.best tracks : 1,4,6,8. is it

the future trance style ?? 9.5/10 for me.

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Guest gideon.herman[at]liwest[dot]at

Well i just came from Israel buying "Classical Mushroom"

there.I downloaded almost all of their songs from the internet before havong

the disc but i made a mistake..u HAVE to listen to the complete disc..being

concentrated from track1 to track 9 with no breakes...that does it :)

wow all those voices and sounds..hm..i guess that this one is better than the

first disc cause i really prefer that melodic style and im fucking sure that

this IS dancable too


go and BUY...wait..it must be: go and buy it NOW!

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Guest Zoltar

Quite overrated album (by the mass). Amusing/original work. Great sound

experience + quality production. Don't tell me this is 'dark' music, I mean

that doesn't awake me much. I'm just feeling relax when listening to it - not

very danceable. Piano, smooth guitar and frendly vocals? What's so innovative,

just an easy way to introduce psytrance to any newbie. I believe that 2000

will bring us many (maybe more) excellent psytrance releases. 7.5/10.

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Guest Magic Plant

Ooooveeerrraated. Overrated. Close your eyes. Whisper "overrated".


Sure, this is rather original and several songs are good, but this is not

really what I want from goa/psy.


Score: 8/10


And about giving 10 points; I won't even give it to IFO. (maybe 9.2 there) Art

is not perfect. No goa that I've heard comes even near perfection. I might

give Vangelis 1492 9.5 points though. That is the highest score that I have

given to any CD.

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Guest Ravemail10

Agreed with Magic Plant. I think the pleiadians ROCK HARD, but even IFO is not

perfect... As to this album i find it better than The Gathering as an album.

Dracul, None of this is Real, Bust-A-Move(named after a famous arcade game by

the way) kick butt. But still nothing beats Return of the Shadows from their

first album :-) And I just have to say this to the guy who is dissing the

electric guitar in None of this is Real and saying to get the pleiadians

instead: Listen to electra on IFO. THAT SONG IS BUILT ON ELECTRIC GUITAR.

Their main theme(yes there is one if you look hard enough) is played on

distorted guitar. Besides, when i've been to a live act of GMS lately he put

on an electric guitar song during the sunrise AND EVERYONE WENT F*CKIN CRAZY!

You could actually hear the "oh yeah!" shouts over the speakers :-) Cheerz!

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Guest ahc[at]goatrance[dot]com

brilliant.......although the intro melody to "mushi-mushi" totally wrecked an

otherwise great track.

I´m still not sure about the guitars in "none of this is real"...


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Guest Soothsayer

If you are not able to understand the higher consciousness of this album, you

shouldn't listen to IDM. This is some of the purest mind candy that your ears

can be offered.

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Guest daoistraver[at]hotmail[dot]com

This album belongs on top of your cd player, right next to Twisted. This is

nearly perfect. (mush mushi, disco mushroom a bit weak i think) But

fantastic.. the peaks (tracks 1,2,4,6) are SO pure and high you have to dance

to this at high volume to understand. Drugs are no longer necessary. I'm not

a fan generally of electric guitar in trance music, but they make it sound

perfect and righteous. See them live.. I did, and now they are second only to

the mighty Hallucinogen.. but a CLOSE second.. fugues, frequencies, and

harmony.. Unbelievable.. 9.8 out of 10. If you think this is not so, you are

not listening closely enough I think..

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Guest Rune.martens[at]wanadoo[dot]dk

WOW!!! These IsrAliens really have the ability to impress me. First "the

gathering" and the trip evolves, and there you go: "classical mushroom".

At first I didn't like their music, but then one day, very stoned, it caught my

attention. I was able to hear something in the music which was not possible

before. I began to listen, and see how the music was made. Everything is very

complicated, but still in harmony which makes one glad that IM excist, but

even more glad know that they excist.

I'm not saying that you have to be stoned just to listen to IM. But that

cannabis opened my eyes to the world of Infected Mushroom. You should try it,

especially with earphones on. It's quite a rush!!


-Soothsayer, you couldn't be more right!

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