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Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Guest chleroux[at]nordnet[dot]fr

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Guest chleroux[at]nordnet[dot]fr

Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom


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Artist: Infected Mushroom

Title: Classical Mushroom

Label: BNE

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'21" Bust A Move

02. 06'22" None Of This Is Real

03. 08'18" Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom

04. 08'33" The Shen

05. 08'46" Disco Mushroom

06. 08'00" Dracul

07. 07'26" Nothing Comes Easy

08. 07'36" Mush Mushi

09. 10'26" The Missed Symphony




People who were brainblast by the first, will be disappointed by this one. I

think that the second album of IM is not so "deeper" as "The Gathering". The

sounds and the songs melodies are more "soft". They're using instruments like

acoustic guitar, piano, clavecin and violon. But the Infected style is here and

some songs are really kick ass. Perhaps "Classical Mushroom" is a new way of

Psychedelic Trance music, i don't know... So, "Classical Mushroom" is not at all

a real Trance Psychedelic album (for me), but fans (like me) can buy it.


Note 8/10

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Guest Hexen[at]arimeron.il[dot]com

"Infected mushroom" does it again...These guys are so fuckin' talented that

they've actually combined their former style with the atmospheric spectrum of

music, which actually creates an alluring, emotionally dark album...you can't

hear this kind of music anywhere else, boys And girls, only here, in the land

of Trance, Israel...Without an inch of a doubt, this album is, atleast, 5

levels above any Trance act out there and it prooves, yet again, that

IsrAliens rule the Trance scene... nobody makes it like we IsrAliens...Best

track, in my opinion is no. 1 And 8:"Bust a move" And "Mush

Mushi"...Absolutely unbelievable..."Ten La Barosh, Achi..." Balzamon

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Guest Kvin2000

THE BEST ALBUM I OWN, and I'm not talking only about psy-trance albums. This

one is unique, different, very melodic but with no cheese. Best bass sound

I've ever heard and so many different electric sounds. This is a Masterpiece

and Infected prooves once again that they are the best thing that happened to

trance ever. It might be a bit 'softer' than The Gathering but it is actualy

better (and this is a hard thing to say because it was great as well). All

songs are great and it is hard to pick any favorites (If you'll put a gun to

my head I will have to say that the best are Bust A Move, Mush Mushi, The Shen

and the ultimate - DRACUL). 11/10.

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Guest psytrancer

This is NOT a let down unless you are mad.

This is the first, true 21st Century album and absolutely oozes talent and

creativity. These guys really should make ALMOST all other musicians sell

their instruments. I cannot express the joy this album gives me, I try to sit

and listen - they force me to my feet, eternity flows through me and brings me

to my knees.

Get this no matter what, then mail me to tell me I did not express myself




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Guest Infected Max

Incredible album!! The best of my life...for sure!! But that will change for

sure....Erez just told me they are planning something i couldn't imagine even

in my best dreams!!!

Cat On Mushroom (Space Cats + Infected Mushroom).....The album!!

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Perfect, this is P.E.R.F.E.C.T !!!!!! So many melodies, so many different

instruments, I can't understand how they can build such precise sounds in

their Tracks !!!

You loved "The Gathering" ? You think it's one of the best Albums you have

ever heard ? That was just an INTRODUCTION to show you what they can do

compared to this one !!!

Before listening to this album, I thought I would never find a group that can

make better than Hallucinogen, I was WRONG, I thought Simon Posford was THE


Take ALL that you can find about him, with Amit Duvdevani, Jörg, Yahel, Space

Cat, under Shiva Sidpao, Shiva Shidapu and Shidapu names, cause what he's

doing is AWESOME !!! But we mustn't forget Infected Mushroom would NOT be

Infected Mushroom without Amit Duvdevani, and these 2 GUYS together

make SUCH AN INCREDIBLE MUSIC !!!!!! I think we should send this album on

Voyager to make extra-terrestrials listen to it ! I'm SURE some classical

artists references (J.S Bach, Mozart and so on) must be stunned to see what

these guys can do with a computer and some synths !!!

This album is MUCH MORE VARIOUS AND MELODIOUS than The Gathering ! It uses

guitars, synths, violin, piano, and that's FUCKING INCREDIBLE to see how they

can combinate all these different instruments in a single Track !!!

My favourites are Tracks 1,3,4,8,9, but they are ALL GOOD, as usual with

Infected Mushroom albums :-) If you don't buy it, you have NOTHING !!!

I had put 9/10 to "The Gathering", and Infected Max told me the best is going

to come, that this is only the beginning ... so ... I prefer to take a little

margin by giving it 9.5/10, but, for the moment, this album is worth 10/10 for

me !!! As I said by starting the review : P.E.R.F.E.C.T !!!!!!

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This is crazy .. I *HATE* electric guitars in trance, and I mean I really hate

it. But these guys .. they prove me wrong .. even the worst trance

music-instrument there is they handle perfectly (for those who haven't heard

the album I'm talking about track 2, None of this is real). All my respects to

Erez and Amit! Love your work.

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Guest per_werner[at]hotmail[dot]com

maybe not as good as their last album but still a very smart

album. I like their experiments with classical music and Dracul is propobly

the best damn song I ever heard! Keep up the good work! Luv U! U better get

your ass to Scandinavia. People here R about to go insane!

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Guest Tequila

THANX guys for giving a new energy to the goa scenes!!U R the example that

shows that goa is still alive.Thanx also for making a successfull second

album, we were all very impatient about listening to it, but now it's done,

wow, that's so great!!!New sounds everywhere!!It's so particular..and so rich,

so complexe, so excellent...the nine trax there are in this album are

unforgetable.And these sounds...oh my God, buy it!!

first track: Bust A move nice guitare.No, no, don't think it is a fucking

guitare that is polluating the melody..no no, that's a guitare that MAKES the

melody.great.Then appears the strong kick.sounds richer.And then come the

SOUNDS.Not the simple sounds we hear in transwave music, no, the sounds of the

new millenium, the sounds of the new generation of goatrance, the sounds of

Infected Mushroom.

I describe only the first track, but I think that it is enough to make you

understand that this album kicks ass:)


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I'm lucky I have this CD already, cuz there are only 10 "Classical Mushroom"

CD's in Belgium at the moment!! (We have only 1 big Psy-Trance shop...) and I

have to say that THE GATHERING IS BETTER!! This CD is not bad at all, but

expected a littlebit more, some of the songs are not hard enough, it are not

all party-tracks, or the breaks are too long... But that's only for the first

part of the CD!! The Second part is much better!! Dracul ,Mushi Mushi And The

Missed Symphony are the best songs!! And I don't like song 3&4...

But what I have to say is that Erez And Amit made a new kinda Goa-Trance, this

is different like other Goa-stuff!!! But I like the "old" tracks of Infected

more... Bom Shankar

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On a party last week-end I met Erez, and when he asked me if this new album was

good to my mind, I just joined my hands, as if i was praying...

subtitle: outstanding mind-blowing album - the hand of God!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest Infected World Order

Classical Mushroom may raise a few eyebrowes.

Wait till you hear the next album - "Dancing With Kadafi "(No Joke).

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Guest Pit-UFO

Great album, lots of good tracks but........ this one didn't scared me the way

The Gathering did the first time I heard it. Some melodies are too similar,

listen to DRACUL and then to BUST A MOVE. OK, perfection is a very difficult

task to accomplish, these guys are getting closer. 8.8/10

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Guest Rough and Rush

The Cheese factor is very high on this one. Take guitars for Bonjovi, Synth

lines form Depche Mode and rip a few beat structures form GMS and you have

Infected Mushroom. Some of those intros are downright shite and the generally

stompyness of the Gathering is gone-no dark nonsense here. When I finished

playing this CD I put on the new Rebirth Cd from Chaos with Jaïa and I thought

now this is more like it!

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After reading all the reviews and hearing the last track on the Space Mantra /

Ganesh Propaganda comp, I expected more of a fusion between psychedelia and

baroque, with some nice harpsichord themes to tie them together. This record

has moments, and it's probably worth it just for the twisted cover art. But

overall I don't see this getting much rotation in my disc players. Maybe I

shouldn't reduce trance to a formula, BUT I think it needs more high hat. It's

not as though they don't know how to drop bass [Psycho, Over Mode, that tasty

40-second bit in the Montoya Remix], it's just that on this record they seem to

take too long to get to full throttle for long and don't maintain it for long

enough. Just when you're starting to get to enjoy it they take the flavour away

again, like laying an over-made-up suburban princess in the bed she grew up


Go ahead, get sweaty dammit! Your parents AREN'T HOME. Still, nice psychedelia

when it happens.  7/10.

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Guest inside you

nothing like "the gathering". a lot weaker for sure. way more experimental. but

hopefully their next album they bring out will be better than this one. i know

they're adventuring into new ground, but i'm sure they could've done it better

than this one. the only thing that is so fuckin cool is the sample...."the

aliens they infected us, that's why we infected THEM!!" - have u ever heard a

better sample??? it just totally blew me away, i love it so much. fuck i love


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Guest AlexG

i think that if ur looking for something like the gathering and if ur looking

for dance-floor stuff, u will not like this album (which is what happens with

many people here). but im glad to see that a lot of people here also view this

as a completely seperate piece of work which is how it should be seen...and

then it becomes absolutely brillitant! the gathering is different and just as

good, but compared to anything else, this is much better (except shpongle).

the sound manipulation here is fantastic, and the album is a pure work of art.

if ur too closeminded to accept new things well then thats ur loss and ur

missing out! infected mushroom, along with simon posford and x-dream, is the

best thing that ever happened to trance.

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Guest Generix

Damn that's one the most brilliant stuff i've never seen ! From the first

listen i already liked it , with the gathering i had to listen 2 or 3 times to

like it , and even after 10 times i was really bored . This one is completly

different , melodies are very complex and dark , much more than the gathering

, the sounds are a lot more better and original , it's more diversified , in

the gathering it was always the same scratchy silly noise synth . So what

would you ask more ?

Oh i forgot , it's better at home than at parties .

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Guest psytrancer

You may all "come around", I wish the world would.

This is a better album than The Gathering - more interesting sounds and

melodies and trippiness. And as for it not being danceable - ! - when they

played in London last month I danced like never before.

Just to start the debate... most of the album would make it into my all-time

top ten, but I think "Nothing Comes Easy" is the greatest psytrance track ever.

Bow Bow Bowbowbow! ooooooouuuuuouuuoooouuuuouuooyeahouoooououououoououou oo uu

ooo uuu...... dum dum dumdumdum dum dum dum dumdum then mad pseudoHendrix

twisting, and to top it all those haunting Eastern strings...... aaaah,


But then Mushi Mushi comes on and....Powerful Magical Eeeeevil!!!! Too many

AWESOME tracks.....THANKYOU!!!!

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Guest Vystril[at]aol[dot]com

PERFECT cd, being a pianist for 13 years i absolutely LOVE the classical

influence, and all the piano in it, even better than their first outstanding

CD, and i love where their sound has gone, the brilliant complexity... i

almost feel tempted not to compare infected mushroom with their current peers,

but to the likes of mozart and bach 15/10

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Guest AtomikElf

i guess i must still come around. i've given it some cool listens, but it

hasen't grabbed me the way "the gathering" did. i know they are into new

territory here, but i feel they could have done a lot better. i keep comparing

this to koxbox:the great unknown and shpongle, but this doesn't seem to

compete as much as i want it too. although i do find it very groovy and pretty

funki, and more mature than most albums. i guess it'll be one of those albums

that grows on me. at the moment....7/10

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