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Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Guest chleroux[at]nordnet[dot]fr

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Guest keskiverto[at]penis[dot]com

superb cd. they've found nice balance between classical and trance music. only

thing i don't like is distorted guitars, otherwise well worth your money.

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Very original album, all these classic instruments like piano and guitars fit

very well, but overall I like The Gathering a lot more. I thinks that tracks in

The Gathering were deeper, richer, faster, better. Too many (and too long)

breaks here. Bust a Move is by far the best track, but I don't really like nr.

2. The rest is good. 8.5/10 (the gathering was 10/10, of course)

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Guest Acidhive

Nothing more can be added.... This is an EXCELLENT piece of work, currently

above all other IsrAliens out there...

Best tracks for me are: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ... Oh, that means I like ALL the

tracks?? Haha, nothing more to be said. Oh yeah, one word: BUY!!!!

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Guest Mascok

well hehe, i dont wanna to say any bad words about this cd bcause i know

infected mushroom could make better stuff then this. except of bust a move, i

didnt like this albums. why?, because its the same thing as the gathering but

more dancable... same samples. same kick. same melodies style. same same same.

I WANT SOMETHING NEW!!!. i'm deeply disappointed...!. and i hope they will do

better then this in the future.. 4/10.

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I think alexg1029 above has it. The Gathering : Twisted = Classical Mushroom :

Are You Shpongled, largely. They've taken a more introspective bent on

playing with textures, etc. Very good for home listening, although several

parts are quite danceable. Still I don't enjoy this one as much as Shpongle

because Classical Mushroom still is very much a straight 4/4 release whereas

two tracks on AYS? dig into 5/4 and 7/4 tempo. Nice work overall, but I hope

they can still produce more partiful beats ... actually these very tracks

would all remix into MASSACRE danceable stuff. Anyone have the equipment?

And access to their lawyers to work out the rights?

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Guest GlobalSteez

TIME OUT!!! What's going on in the pst-trance world? A change is as good as a

rest but some of this sounds a bit pants to me. When it's good it's really

good but then they go and waste it with either kicking the arse out of an idea

till it sucks or there's an annoying (sorry but) Cheesy as hell piano or

victorian sounding harpsichord sample spoiling things big time. It's a good

attempt but for me it generally falls flat on its face. There's no way that

you can integrate fast bangin' techno with pianos 'n' stuff even with all of

todays technology, it always sounds like cheese. I also find that some tracks

lack any real solid feel of power or any subtlety. My other big gripe is that

in order to get the whole album on vinyl, I had to buy 'bust a move'/'disco

mushroom' seperate on 12"!!! I'd spent £20 just to hear the whole album and be

a bit dissapointed to say the least! Psy-trance artists can release triple

vinyl albums too, it's not uncommon. They should represent valu!

e for the expensive prices that you normally have to pay for it and they

shouldn't repeat themselves unless it's been hard to get, remixed And a

classic track. And what's this about Israel being the home of trance and

stuff? I thought it was a global thing without egos? I'm not that impressed by

hardly any of the sounds, except maybe the Space Cats, to come out of Israel.

It usualy sounds too full on and tacky with no real subtlety to its sound.

This album has its moments though, 'sailing in the sea of mushroom' is great

as is 'nothing comes easy' I don't think that 'the missed symphony' is on my

vinyl so at least that's well named! I felt short changed and I'll need to

hear their next release before I buy it anyway. 5/10

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Guest svidmar[at]hotmail[dot]com

What the hell are you doing here???? Go buy the album now!!!!!!!!!!!


10/10 (totaly fabulous album)

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Guest necromanzer[at]gmx[dot]ch

Ok boys and girls, this one kicks ass!! Classical

Mushroom just go one of my all time Favourites and is

from the first to the last track a masterpiece. 10/10

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Guest GlobalSteez

I've already given my opinion on this album a few reviews back, but I'd just

like to add that I think 'Mushi Mushi' is also an excellent track with no

cheesy elements to it at all. I'd really like to hear what the last track on

the CD version is like ('The Missed Symphony') but it's not on my vinyl

version. Judging by necromanzer's last comment, it sounds as though us vinyl

junkies are missing out again! Still don't think this is as consistent as 'The

Gathering' though and that they've gone backwards with this to some extent.

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Guest Pretty__poison[at]hotmail[dot]co

I didn't really liked 'The Gathering' but this one!

Maybe it's not music to play on parties but it grows on you. A few weeks ago I

heard 'Dracul' at a Goa-party in Belgium. After this song everyone was

singing: laala lala la la lalalalala la la. So The song did it's job:

bringing a nice atmosphere. This cd is so much more than just psychedelic

Goa-trance. I hardly can wait for the next. 9/10

Damien loves you all

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Guest "Alice D. in OneDireLand"

i think this is over-rated!! i find half of this album to be kinda cheesy with

no direction and dumb-sounding samples, but then the other half is really

stunning with awesome sounds.

when listening to this, there are times when i ask myself "what's so cool about

this anyway....why the hell didn't i put in something else to listen to", then

the scene will change and i'll be amazed and think "ohh, cool, that's why...."

so i don't know. i guess u gotta get it yourself, although i do recommend

listening to it beforehand.

as a second album from I.M., well, hmmmm. their talent is no where near that of

simon posford (ofcourse - who is???). i guess on a par with acts like

pleiadians, cosmosis, transwave.

like i said, i 100% believe this album is overrated, and i give it 7.5/10

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Guest djonanis[at]hotmail[dot]com

Almost everything has been said. This album is a master piece. Dracul

introduces a very nice darkie style, although is not that good for the

dancefloor, but mush mushie can really send you pretty far. Infected has

changed a bit from the absolute diabolic style of the gathering, whose scary

tunages blow out the mind of the trance dancers. I would give them a 9/10 for

this work

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Guest lectro[at]usa[dot]net

Insane. Mind-fucking good. Don't believe the hype that those other snobs

above are pushing. This is an excellent album. They effectively mix styles

and tools to create a sonic collage that entertains your mind and moves your

feet. Nice going!

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Guest GlobalSteez

(Inspired by the above) If you are looking for an album that effectively mixes

styles And tools to create a sonic collage etc look no further than the

'Shpongle' album. Then listen to this and wonder what 'effectively' means. I

must be one of lectros' so called 'Snobs' but if that means recognising cheesy

elements within an otherwise very entertaining album, then I'm glad to be one

of his snobs! There's only about 2 or 3 people making very justifiable

critical comments about this album above and calling them snobs for having the

balls to be honest about it? It kind of defeats the purpose of a review space

and at least they bothered to write a bit more about the music. By the way,

the term 'Hype' is best suited to when someone or group of people are saying

that something is really great when in fact...it isn't really. -Upgraded to

6/10 (since I discovered the other track that was listenable!)

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Guest ove.christensson[at]mobigym[dot]

It's defently my style - and I didn't even know my style before! But now I do.

Thanks to you Erez And Amit. Go buy the album before it's too late. It's the

greatest of all TIME!!!

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Guest Ehsanur

Honestly: When the Mushroom-guys are at their best they're brilliant. At their

worst they sound more cheezier than a pack of Jarlsberg combined with DJ

Tiesto ;-). Well,some of the tracks are great..."Bust a move" is my favorite.

Buit whats all that crap about disco-music? This is pure israeli trance,with

a wicked

bass and great melodies. I like the influence of classical

musical in the album,but sometimes they tend to get a

bit boring and cheezy.I mean,U can tell at once that this is Infected (not that

its a bad thing) . Well,thats my opinion.I guess 99% of you goa-headz will

disagree with me on the last point. Finally: Infected Mushroom

is highly listenable,but not so danceable. Try Pleiadians instead.


Bom Shankar. Ehsantrium

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Guest Trancer22

One of the greatest trance albums ever. Other people should look up to them and

make real quality melodic trance instead of that boring minimal progressive


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Guest Ehsanur

I agree 100% with Alice D.in OneDireland. You know how to put it and put it bad!


Bom Shankar-Dont stop smoking c@bis.



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Guest peterviljanen[at]hotmail[dot]com

i don't have the album, but i have heard abt. all the tracks on classical

mushroom.. they are good... and i mean really good... perhaps the album is not

so good as the gathering but still i love it... i myself like more less

melodical, and dark progressive psy-trance and i love to make it too.. three

things i want to say to amit and erez

get your asses to finland or to scandinavia!, keep up the good work!!!, when

are you coming even near finland?

btw. track 3 on gathering totally kicks ass....

it makes me think how the hell was it made.. but isnt that the general purpose

in abt. everything., to make people think "how the hell was it made...."

bom shankar to all psynauts out there....

peace, love and happiness to you isrAliens!!

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Guest Infected[at]fucking[dot]me

Bust a move is the best trance track Ive heard for a long time. This is a

fucking killa

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Much better than the Gathering. It's a very special album and one of the

greatest ever. Dracul is one of my favourite tracks. Well, I still prefer

Another World of Astral Projection! Maybe because the great parts in Classical

Mushroom are too short, even though they are awesome. Why so short?

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Guest jsbedard

The weakest work of infected mushroom. "THE GATHERING" was a masterpiece, and

this album is an experimental album. Their talent for sure but this album

isn't a killer album. Melodies are soft, quiets and don't produce any special

energy like "THE GATHERING". Also the Intelligate EP is more powerfull and

violent. Maybe infected is in a melancolic period, i don't know but i don't

like this release. On thing is sure, this is not a full-on album. 3/10

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