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Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

Guest chleroux[at]nordnet[dot]fr

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Guest cosmicchild1[at]hotmail[dot]com

these people who create such sounds,who send us places in our own time,who make

us feel soooooo fuckin goood,where are they from????

and i hope,the rest of their family is on its way cause were all ready and


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Guest F-AcTivE

Mmm'Kay !!! Time to set the score on this one! This is one of my absolute

favourite psytrance albums. It starts with one of the best tracks on the

album: "Bust A Move" , twisted track with nice soft melodies.. very powerfull

at the end , track 2 : "None of this is Real" contains lots of guitar ...

everybody seems to hate this track ..becuse they don't like the guitar sound..

..but i LOVE this track ! there is a differece between bad guitar sounds and

good guitar sounds , this is really GOOD ! very nice heavy dark melodies!

Track 3: This is a good track ..but not amazing. Track 4: "The Shen" is

better stuff , Track 5: "Disco Mushroom" kicks ass...from beginning to end ,

Track 6: "Dracul" is another of my absolute fav tracks on this cd , i love

those voice sampels ! Track 7: "Nothing Comes Easy" one of many bombs on this

album ...u must like this one!

Track 8: "Mush Mushi" Love it! but not the end of the track.. , and the

albums ends with Track 9: "The Missed Symphony" A nice ending of a AMAZING

album . The only thing i didn't like in this album , was some voice sampels..

,when people say things..like in the beginning of Bust A Move , it sounds very

BAD ! but i don't care about that ..becuse this is one of the best albums in

all time !!! GO AND GET IT ! 9.5/10

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Guest sysweed

This is quite good; original sounds and good melodies,

but it lacks speed and energy, which I want when dancing.

The base drum is also much the same through any of Infected Mushrooms songs.

You can immediately hear that it is Infected Mushroom playing just by noticing

the base drum, and this is something that disturbs me. However, the songs are

weird and psychedelic which I like to listen to, so I definately recommend

this album.

Score: 8/10

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Guest slinker

To my mind i have been listening to psy trance since day one ...and to this day

i havent heard anything as dark and hauntingly beautiful as the assortment of

tracks on this album...if you leave this one out of your collection may your

soul be infected! original as youll ever hear the mad fusions of different

styles blend together seamlessly...Bust a Move and The Shen stand out...oh and

so does Dracul errmmm and Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom..ermm...actually Mush

Mushi too...oh hell all the tracks are killer!!! theres no better sound to

spend your hard earned cash on!!! miss it at your peril =^,^=

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I know one thing for sure!, My money was WELL worth spent!

And all this talk about---"Cheesy parts"!, fuck it!

There are NO such thing as "Cheesy parts"....It´s up to each one of us what we

like or not!

And this cover on "Classic Mushroom" is REALLY Spooky!

Just look in to the cover while your´e listening to for example

"Dracul"........Tou will descover a hole new world, and not to forget, a hole

new vision of the music......(My opinion)..!

I think the cover also is Syncronized with the whole album!

I agree that this is a listening album and not a dance album!........thougt

some songs are great dancing songs!

The previous album was indeed a better dance album!

BUT, I REALLY do thing you should come to "Docklands" in Sweden or "Amager Bio"

in Denmark........so we can KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS!!!

Though im gonna see u anyway at "Loveparade"......so there is no need for

me!!.........LOVE U GUYS WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!!!.........PEACE...

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Guest devotchka66[at]hotmail[dot]com

Powerful, epic stuff. So far, this album has transcended all others with the

creative ingenius effort put into it.

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Guest arbel[at]matav.net[dot]il

i arbel from israel and i love psy trance(alot)

You know.. i love infected 2

but after this albom i hate them i maen what worng with

them...OhHh mAn This so Sad .. You Know the piano

ohoho make me sick! d-o-n-t pay a 1$ for this shit

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Guest nerrahtek[at]goatrance[dot]com

I've had this album for quite some time now and I must say, the more I listen

to it, the more I appreciate every layer so cleverly placed within each song.

Despite other comments, I LIKE the samples in the songs. They add to the

uniqueness of the album. And the incorporation of piano, guitar, violin all

add to the album's beauty and creativity. Some songs may not be as full

throttle as songs from the first album, but that's not a bad thing. Because

of that there is less distraction from the subtler moods and melodies of some

of the songs. I thought the intro to 'Bust a Move' was great. The mellow,

folky guitar was a perfect contrast to the explosive bass to follow. That one

always gets me dancing. 'None Of This Is Real' used to be one of my least

favorite songs on the album, now it's one of my favorites. The whole album

takes me into worlds of different emotions and dimensions. I am eagerly

awaiting 'Dancing with Kadafi'.

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Guest Astyanax

My ratings:

15/10 The Missed Symphony (T9)

12/10 None of this is Real (T2)

10/10 Bust a Move (T1)

10/10 Dracul (T6)

10/10 The Shen (T4)

10/10 Nothing Comes Easy (T7)

10/10 Disco Mushroom (T5)

9.5/10 Mush Mushi (T8)

8.5/10 Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom (T3)



Dont just sit here reading these reviews; GO OUT THERE AND BUY THIS


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Well, I really don't know what to say about this album. I dind't like the

tracks with the electric guitars at all, but "Dracul" and "Bust A Move" are

both great. IMs style is very unique but my opinion about IM is this: They

don't have any "average-songs". The ones that are good, are very good, while

the bad ones often suck as hell.. That's what I think.. Rating: 6.5/10

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Guest dustcollectors[at]goatrance[dot]

If you like innovative psytrance, buy this. If your lookin for minimalistic

stompers leave this.

But if you're a fan of maximalist earcandy, you'll be in for a ride and

probably the best album in the genre.

There is no bad song on this CD. Only good ones or ( if you dont like the

style) bad ones.

My advice is too listen to as much different genres and stuff as possible.

Floorkillers are floorkillers and ear candy= IM :-)


Bom shankar !

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Guest phreakera[at]hotmail[dot]com

Infected Mushroom , the name said everything this guys rocks , they create a

new style of music , this album is the best release that I've heard ,

WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw them playing a Live PA , amazing , you can see a

great work in all the songs , this album infected me haha !! best tracks - all

of them , Bom Shankar

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Guest Kay-Jay From Denmark

I got Classical Mushroom as the first of their album's but when I heard it I

said to myself I got to have everything they have made therefore i went down

the music store two days after and bought The Gathering wich was just as good


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Guest .too.much.rooms.

this will FREEEK your brain on mushrooms - spastic corridors, satan's army

looking on, thank god for the geometric colours, hope someone will save my soul

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Guest [Anonymous]

Houston we have a problem. I've just listened to this and i don't think i can

get up... Why are there 3 monitors? But mommy i didn't take any drugs i swear!

Whawha senses returning, there are only 2 monitors now. Wait wait i think i

can get up now. Ok, who put the other doorhandle on my door?!? I doesn't even

work! Oh i get it! NONE OF THIS IS REAL! Back to reality. I already reviewed

this once but this shit is so good i want to do it again :-) If you still

don't have this album something is wrong with you. Only one album beats this

one and let me tell you it was a tough decision - Family of Light. My mind

might change later on about this too. Track by track rave-u(review) follows:

1. Bust A Move - Perfect cd starter! Full on, amazing work. Extremely melodic.

2. None of this is real - SCHIZOPHRENIA 101. Twisted nursery rhymes. The

vocalizing sample in the middle of the song still scares me when i listen to

this loud with the light off. 3. Sailing in the sea of mushroom - funky.

Similar to Space Cat, in a way. One of the weaker tracks on this cd, though

that means it still mind-blowing! 4. The Shen - strange. Melodic, in a way...

Weird, but i really like this one :) 7. Disco mushroom - Slower than the rest,

80s influence? Really sweet at about 4'20''. I'm not afraid any longer mommy!

6. Dracul - there are no words that will do this justice. Blooooooood!

Beautiful vocalizing in the middle. 7. Nothing Comes Easy - Similar to the

Shen. At it's end it leaves the impression as if you were flying at the speed

of sound around the earth. Beatiful! 8. M U S H M U S H I - POWERFUL MAGICAL

E-E-E-EVIL! This is the best IM track ever. Period. The emptiness in the back

emphasizes the one melody playing in the front. And the conclusion, oh the

conclusion! The CONCUSSION is more like it :) 9. The missed symphony -

melancholic beginning. IM-style evolution into a more optimistic track towards

the end. Simply beautiful

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Guest kang[at]nether[dot]net

The reviews for this CD are completely ridiculous.

This (along with with the Gathering) has got to be the most overrated CD ever

in the Goa scene. Who dared to compared Erez Aizen with Simon Posford??? If

you have ever produced Goa yourself, you'll know that Posford's music is more

complex and professional. Who said they were original? Sure, if they release

one or two songs, they might sound original. But all their songs sounds almost

the same. Just listen to the monotonic kick.


The recipe for an Infected song:


1. Begin with some dark, crazy sounds or a sample from some bad movie.

2. Start the kick and let it roll the same throughout the whole song.

3. Let some melodies come in the middle of the song.

This melodies may be "borrowed".

4. Build the melodies up for a while.

5. More dark crazy sounds.

6. End with some more melodies.


People complain that Astral Projection doesn't vary.

Astral Projections middle name is Variation compared to Infected Mushroom.

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Guest BIG Infected Fan (Swede)

The Review above is containing lots of shit... well... all of it is actually

shit. "Classical Mushroom" is The Best Album ever, all styles, and the only

thing that may beat it (and will probably do so) is their next release (aleast

i hope for a new album... No... I demand it!).

Keep up the good work, and get your asses to Sweden! (That would probably kill





Why not realese a "Lone Tracks" collection. It's getting really expensive

buying all the compilations!

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