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Zorba - Zorba


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Zorba - Zorba


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Artist: Zorba

Title: Zorba

Label: Shaffel

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. In Tune

02. Fragile

03. No Copys

04. Unlikeanything We Know

05. Deep

06. Zorbarag

07. Hyper Zorba

08. Day Dream

09. In And Out

10. Datora




Cheesy? No? Well...I think a little. This is kinda cool soft psytrance. Well

built melodies and good moringsounds. If you are in a somewhat cheesy mood

this is it. And I must say that the melodie in track #3 is very good! Maybe

they could have made the basslines darker. It gets better that way imo. Just

like in track #7. Anyway...this is wellstructed moringtrance.

Final Verdict: 6/10 if in the right mood 8/10

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Guest Hippo

well, the tracks are between 130 and 135 bpm (except for the last one with

150). It is a bit fluffier than what I expected, definitely pure morning sound

but I doubt it could get me on my feet and make me dance at any time of the day

no outstanding track on it, 6/10

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The album is full of nice melodies and noises in typical Zorba style but

because it's so slow it is not very danceable. At least not in a party... But

I like it a lot for home listening and if you into slower, melodic stuff you

really have to check it out.

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Guest Raash

Nice, slightly melodic psytrance for home listening... Some tracks reminds me

much of GMS, but they all have a slower beat and are less "stressed" then the

regular GMS tracks. A pretty nice album :) 7/10

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Guest Chroneus

I think it's not so cheezy; it is real trance for morning. Very nice album,

long-awaited from Bansi & Riktam. A lot of samples and the bassline is closely

to GMS, but slowly. Who said it is not for dance? So, I remember the first

time I listen Datora (track 10) in summer last year. It happened in the time

of sunrise, all of people around me wake up and became dancing like thousand

butterflies - it was unforgettable moment!

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very very nice album!!! If you're not much into GMS (like me...) then don't

worry, this sounds more like what a new Yahel album should if he continued his

trend from "For the People/ Waves of Sound", than actual GMS. Well, except for

that average production and badly-chosen synth-sounds that sound like this

music was made by some 16-year old on an Amiga rather than by professional

artists on synths... But if you can get by that, then you're in for a treat!!

Very melodic anthem-like psy and Lord knows we haven't got any of that for a

few years now... All tracks are perfect for listening in a sunny day

(preferably after a goa party...), very dreamy, very warm. Last track (Datora)

is the best IMO, I heard it at a party a few months ago and it totally blew me

away!!! The kind of melody that stays in your head all morning, it kinda

reminded me of Hyperion - Sunflower and we all know what an excellent track

that was! 8/10 (only 8 because of the bad production)

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BTW after a LOT of thinking it over, I finally realized that the beginning of

"No Copys" sounds VERY much like the beginning of Madonna - Papa Don't

Preach!!! he he he you can see why they called it "no copys"... those funny

psy artists :-D

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Very pleasant and peaceful album ! I quiet liked it but it could have been done

slightly better...They made it with not such a good production and made it

more retro...But overall it isa pretty nice some melodic trance in these

times...best on album : IN TUNE, NO COPYS, ZORBARAG, HYPER ZORBA,


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"No Copys" are one of the most grooviest trance tracks i have ever heard!

i havent heard a similar tune since that.

awesome album, i really feel like puttin it on now, and i think i will :)

its a album filled with sunshine :D

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@Anoebis Hey Anoebis, just found one track on this album (Datora) in one of your Agnetoebis sets, and I was wondering if there is the possibility that you could release this album on Classic Goa Trax? Would be fire.

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16 hours ago, Anoebis said:

Unfortunately we can't... Its hard to get an autograph of a person that is not on earth any longer :( 

Oh no, I didn't know the artist was already dead. Man, that's so sad, such a gem that he created.

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